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This long-awaited follow-up to the author's acclaimed New Materia Medica provides the most comprehensive information available on the most successful new fundamental homoeopathic remedies, including 36 remarkably effective new crystal, botanical, and animal remedies, all currently in use by the Guild of Homoeopaths and proven through meditation.
The New Materia Medica Volume II: Further Key Remedies for the Future of Homoeopathy ePub (Adobe DRM) can be read on any device that can open ePub (Adobe DRM) files. A Safe Non-Toxic Repellent for Snails and SlugsOrganic gardening uses no poisonous insecticides or pesticides - Agra-Homeopathy is an inexpensive and totally safe way to get rid of garden pests on your favorite plants without drenching your kids, pets, wildlife and the environment with harmful chemicals. The nosode, PSORINUM can be given to a dog to repel those fleas that are so hard to get rid of during the summer. Veterinary Materia MedicaAconitum Napellus (Monkshood)It is appropriate that Aconite should be the first remedy in the materia medica, because it is the first remedy to consider whenever the patient is traumatized or there is shock, fright or fear with trembling, rapid bounding pulse and increased respiration. Entries cover the physical and esoteric characteristics of remedies, the history of their medicinal uses, and detailed descriptions of the symptoms affecting individual parts of the body.
That means no trips to the emergency room if your child or pet eats or comes in contact with it. Even better, it also makes attacks by ticks less likely to happen; this helps the dog to fight more effectively against "tick sickness". From the standpoint of known active constituents, proven pharmacological mechanisms of action, proven clinical effectiveness through dozens of controlled clinical studies and decades of experience, and an excellent safety record, there is only one herb that can fit all of those criteria. This remedy is especially indicated when the condition has come on quickly, is associated either with intense inflammation or extreme fear. Summarized case notes show clinical evidence of efficacy and illustrate the optimal use of each cure. It also means that the plant is healthier, stronger and safer to eat.Slugs and SnailsThese relentless munchers are hard to get rid of and can destroy a garden or flowering plant in nothing flat. It is reputed to prevent the bites of mosquitos in those who are extremely susceptible to them. It is milk thistle.Milk thistle, Sylibum marianum, can be given to dogs, cats, horses and birds and is a wonderful healing herb for the liver. Hardy fleas will brave a flea collar.If your dog suffers intollerable itching and skin inflammation due to flea allergies, Psorinum may offer your pet a safe, side effect free solution to corticosteroid shots, toxic sprays, shampoos, dips and drop on chemicals. To the animal or person the pain is intolerable and the patient is driven to despair with it.Tendency to faint and severe loss of strength (Ars. Think about how popular you'll be when you share you're gardening secret with your neighbors!Homeopathic remedies aren't just being used in people and pet healthcare. Staphysagria can be so effective in repelling mosquitoes and preventing bites that it is often taken on vacations to third world countries because of the concern about Malaria.
Organic farmer's all over the world rely on Agrahomeopathy (a form of homeopathy for farm and garden) to eradicate plant pests as well as botanical diseases.
What Is A Homeopathic NosodeNosodes are homeopathic remedies that are made from the specific products of a particular disease.
There are no side effects and it can be taken by adults, or given to children or pets (such as unprotected dogs visiting in areas where heartworm is endemic).InstructionsPut two pellets in a clean bottle containing 8 oz.

Birds will readily eat the tasty millet-size seeds, making milk thistle an excellent addition to the diet for any pet bird with liver problems.There is a nutraceutical extract of milk thistle called silymarian, which is a flavonoid that has an affinity for the liver.
This can be tissue containing the actual disease agents or tissue affected by those agents.
It's primarily used to regenerate hepatocytes, where it improves the flow of bile and fat to and from the liver. Some farmers spray the remedy right on the plants (being sure to get the upper and lower sides of the leaves), others find it easier to water it into the soil below the plants (this is our favorite method) with equally good results. Succuss means to strike the bottom of the bottle on a hard padded surface (like a phone book on a countertop, you will do this each time you take the remedy). Milk thistle, or silymarin, is one of the best herbs for liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, acute toxicosis of the liver and fatty liver disease. A dose of Helix tosta will have the snails moving right along before they can manage to nibble your garden to the ground.What is Helix Tosta?It's a homeopathic remedy made from toasted snail shell. It is also beneficial for bile duct inflammation and is a potent anti-oxidant.Clinical Applications1. Fevers, inflammatory and due to infectious diseases - especially the early stage of fever with malaise.
Originally this remedy was used by homeopaths to treat respiratory illnesses and tuberculosis, especially if the patient was coughing up blood. If you would rather not use alcohol as a preservative you can add 2 teaspoons of food grade glycerine instead.In case you do get bit, and are uncomfortable take 2 pellets of Ledum 30c, when required. Only recently has this remedy found new fame as a snail and slug repellent.How to Make a Spray or Watering SolutionStep 1. Skin Disease According to Chinese medicine, inflammations of the skin are basically caused by a weak liver.
Milk thistle is helpful in the treatment of skin diseases because of its positive impact on liver health.3.
Toxic LiverWhile removal of the liver disease-causing substance is important in management of toxic liver situations, silymarin is the best documented drug for treatment of liver intoxication.4. An animal in an aconite state does not like to go out into a crowd, where there is any excitement or many people, aversion to cross the street.Physical and mental restlessness and fright, are the most characteristic manifestations of Aconite. That means, strike the bottom of the bottle straight up and down, hitting the bottom of it hard on a padded surface (phone book, towel, etc.). Veterinary Medica, Therapeutic Repertories, printable Case Taking Forms, Observation Sheets and full color Anatomy Charts for dogs, cats horses and birds are included in 14 Chapters and 872 pages. If you are an avid (more than 1 or 2 cups a day) coffee drinker this remedy may not work for you.
This liter of the liquid remedy will make many bottles (about 15 liters) of spray or watering solution.Step 2. Caffeine has the potential to antidote or negate the positive effects of homeopathic medicines.When taking a remedy it is best to take the dose into a clean mouth.

Animal research has found that milk thistle extract completely negates the toxic effects of the mushroom when given within 10 minutes of ingestion. To make your spray or watering solution put 3 Tablespoons from the remedy bottle you've made into an empty 1 liter bottle, then fill the bottle up with water. If given within 24 hours of eating the deathcap, the herb significantly reduces the risk of liver damage and death.5. It may have to be repeated several times at short intervals (its effects can be seen in minutes). To be effective it must be used at the early onset of symptoms (first 24 to 48 hours).Veterinary UsesUse Aconite in the early stages of all feverish conditions where there is sudden appearance of symptoms. CancerLaboratory studies also suggest that active substances in milk thistle may have anti-cancer effects.
Silymarin has strong antioxidant properties and has been shown to inhibit the growth of prostate, breast, and cervical cancer cells in test tubes.7. This is one remedy that should be kept on hand as it can literally stop viruses and illness before they can take hold. Note: Discard any unused liquid solution (it is not harmful so there are no special handling instructions).
DetoxificationMilk thistle has been shown to increase the glutathione (GSH) content of the liver by as much as 35 percent. The repellent effects of a spray or watering application should last up to 4 weeks.Where to Find the RemedyHelix tosta 6c is not an easy remedy to find. More GSH, helps the liver more successfully process environmental toxins such as heavy metals and pesticides.
Their lab is located in the UK and their shipping is exceptionally quick - the remedy usually arrives in the U.S.
The ultimate guides to help you easily learn to use herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies and acupressure for dogs, cats, horses and birds. These doses are given two times daily, preferably given at feed time.Horses undergoing high performance routines would benefit from receiving Milk thistle, especially if the horse has been given drugs and synthetic vitamin supplements.
Herbal Dosages for PetsNo standard, scientifically validated method of dosing animals exists. Typically the herbalist or veterinarian starts with conservative dosages and carefully gauges the animal's reaction before increasing medication. It is a good idea to start out with a lower dose and increase the amount slowly until you reach the suggested amount. The one day off allows the body to clear and work on its own.To learn more about holistic treatments and natural healing strategies for dogs, cats, horses and birds, be sure to visit Pet Remedy Charts the companion animal guide to using herbs, homeopathy, flower remedies and acupressure at home.

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