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Rudi Verspoor has two decades of extensive clinical experience in treating complex and chronic illnesses.
Rudi Verspoor has been studying Hahnemann’s medical system for more than two decades and has acquired extensive clinical experience, particularly relating to complex and chronic cases, in the application of this system.
Rudi Verspoor has written several books providing new insights based on his research and clinical experience and has lectured widely in Canada, the US, the UK and Europe. He helped to found and is still active in the National United Professional Association of Trained Homeopaths (NUPATH) and the International Heilkunst Association (IHA).

6) Relief to the Suffering in times of Famine, Flood, Drought, Earthquake and Other Natural Calamites. 3) Small Scale Industry on Vermicompose Woolen Work, Mat Making By Machine, Food Processing. His abiding interest in history and philosophy has led him to undertake continual research into various problems and issues that have arisen in traditional homeopathic treatment.
He served as the Director of the British Institute of Homeopathy Canada from 1993 to early 2001, and developed their Homeopathic Practitioner Diploma Program.

This research has led to the development of a systematic dynamic approach to therapeutics that is now being offered in a comprehensive form to others through a five-year program. Part of his time is spent advising the Canadian government on health-care policy and in working for greater acceptance of and access to homeopathy and Heilkunst amongst policy makers and the public.

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