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Natural Health Supply has a wide range of Homeopathic Remedy Kits for beginners, families, students, travelers, and practitioners, in various strengths and sizes.
25 REMEDIES IN LARGE 2 DRAM GLASS VIALS IN A PLASTIC CASEBe prepared for any cold or flu that comes around this year! These are a timely and appropriate complement to the Emergency Remedy Kita„? and Household Kit. This is a twenty-five remedy kit of the most frequently used remedies in two dram amber vials. This kit consists of a total of seventy-five remedies chosen specifically by veterinarians for professional use. The Twelve Biochemic Remedies of SchuesslerThe tissue cell salt remedies were pioneered by the physician Dr. After many requests from our customers, we are pleased to now offer a LM potency remedy kit. The 50 Millesimal potencies for this kit were carefully chosen according to statistical data gathered over many years, and represent the most commonly used remedies at home and while traveling. Unless otherwise prescribed by your homeopath, the globuli are best taken dissolved in water.

Each remedy bottle contains 1 gram of size 1 globuli, equalling 500 globuli or 100 to 170 administrations. All four of our Professional Kits (100 unique remedies each) in a selected potency for a total of 400 remedies, instantly available to you. It contains the 50 remedies included in the Emergency Kit (see above list) plus fifty of the next most widely used clinical and polycrest remedies.
The remedies have been chosen from the Materia Medicas of Hering, Kent, Vithoulkas, Gibson, and Murphy. The remedies have been chosen from the Materia Medicas of Boericke, Hering, Kent, Murphy, Vermeullen and Vithoulkas.
The remedies come in a semi-hard plastic case and includes all of the remedies listed.These remedies are meant to be used for the temporary treatment of acute symptoms of self limiting conditions and should not be construed to be used for the treatment of serious medical conditions.
W H Schuessler who postulated that illness arises when there is a deficiency in the mineral salts that make up the body's cells.
Simply give 3 to 5 globuli into a glass of water, stir with a spoon until dissolved, and drink at regular intervals throughout the day until the entire contents have been taken.Make a fresh solution each day. Half dram glass vials with #10 small pellets, which can be used dry or easily mixed in water.

The case included has spaces for 100 vials, if you choose to include the 50 remedies from your Emergency Kit.
The additional 50 remedies are also available separately as an add-on kit to the First Aid Emergency Kit in 30C & 200C (order Emergency Kit Part B). Each module contains twenty five remedies in 2 dram containers in a plastic case measuring 4x4x3 inches. The cell salts are among the gentlest, most supportive remedies in homeopathy and can aid in preventing and alleviating illness. While all kinds of stresses can cause tummy ache symptoms in children, this formula is packed with worry-free potential for easing symptoms of abdominal pressure, gas, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea and minor stomach pain regardless of the cause. Unless otherwise indicated, the individuals depicted on this site are models used for illustrative purposes only. We suggest checking the NCH website, the CDC website and others for further information and updates.

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