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One of the great benefits of topical cannabis is that patients benefit from low-toxic pain relief without a head high.  Cannabis is without question the least toxic of all pain medications. I first learned about the benefits of topical cannabis from several of my patients who are ultimate fighters.

In order for patients to get the most pain relief, the best type of topical cannabis for pain contains high THC, CBD, plus high levels of terpenes. This makes cannabis a wonderful, low-toxic option for patients whose pain is not fully controlled by opiates.  It is also a wonderful option for patients wishing to reduce or discontinue long-term use of opiate medication for pain.
Neck pain Migraine headache Psoriasis Shingles pain Herpes lesions Neuralgias Neuropathies including diabetic neuropathy Arthritis Skin allergies and diseases of the skin Hives Menstrual cramps Intestinal cramps Hemorrhoids Insect bites and stings Poison oak and poison ivy Crohn’s disease associated cramping Multiple sclerosis cramps Wound healing Tension headache Back pain Knee pain Foot pain Hand pain Elbow pain Opiate withdrawal symptoms It is always best to get advice from a doctor who is knowledgeable in the area of cannabis therapeutics, as the specifics of how to treat each of these conditions can vary for each individual patient.

If you are interested in general information about how cannabis can be used to treat any of these conditions above, reply in the comment section.  Again, I cannot give specific medical advice though will be happy to provide general information.

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