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You must attribute the work in the manner specified (but not in any way that suggests endorsement). Starting about 1998-2000, a few "lucky" hosta growers began finding what appeared to be new, interesting sports of otherwise common hostas. Hosta Virus X affects different hosta cultivars in different ways, so it is impossible to give a definitive description of symptoms. I have found that the texture of the leaf is often a sign of infection just as often, if not more so, than coloring.
To make matters worse, some hosta cultivars don’t seem to show any visible symptoms of being infected with HVX and it may take a year or more for symptoms to show after a plant has been infected. The most obvious way for Hosta Virus X to spread is by sap from an infected plant being mechanically transferred to another plant.
One study concluded that HVX could be transmitted through seed, but at the 2010 American Hosta Society Convention Dr.
Early research suggested that some hosta varieties were resistant to being infected with Hosta Virus X. The best way to prevent Hosta Virus X from infecting your collection is to simply not grow infected plants.

A decontamination protocol for tools has yet to be developed, but whenever you are dividing or trimming plants, always clean your tools between each plant. A few interesting hosta varieties show the mottled pattern that is common in virus infected plants, but are in fact free of Hosta Virus X. Visual symptoms can provide an initial diagnosis, but hostas can sometimes be virus free, yet show virus-like symptoms. Hosta Virus X infected plants will not recover, so they must be prevented from spreading the disease to healthy hostas. Hosta Virus X was originally thought not able to survive in the soil after all infected roots had decomposed. The reputable wholesalers and growers take this problem very seriously, but there are unscrupulous growers who do not.
There is still much to learn about Hosta Virus X, but we already know enough about this virus to make a difference.
Hosta Virus X Flier - revised November 8, 2010 (This file may take several minutes to open. Hosta Virus X - A Clear and Present Danger - Bill Meyer tells about his first encounter with HVX and explains how threatening this virus is.

Hostas with Odd-Looking Leaves May Have A New Virus - A pdf file describing Hosta Virus X and how to prevent spreading it. Differential Response of Hosta Cultivars to Infection by Hosta Virus X Potexvirus - A Basis for Practical Disease Management - Dr. Hosta Virus X - A new threat to one of our favorite shade perennials - Basic information and pictures of HVX. Ben Lockhart, of the University of Minnesota, discovered the cause of this mottled coloring: Hosta Virus X (HVX). Lockhart gave a key note presentation on the current findings of his AHS sponsored research.

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