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Scalp Therapie , a Hair Fall Solution, with a Unique Root Healing Complex, is a blend of proteins, vitamins, herbs and minerals. Coconut oils are the secret of long healthy indian hair that are in demand all over the world. Hair loss results in baldness which is very embarrassing at times and is one of the major reason of loosing self confidence of a person.
For decades Indians in India and around the world have used and relied on coconut oil for their hair hair and body massage.
As a result the indian hair are usually very healthy and long and are mostly well nourished.

This reduces hair fall, makes hairs healthy and free from split ends.Onion and garlicYou can also massage your scalp with fresh juices of onion and garlic.
Wash your hairs after an hour thoroughly.RosemaryRosemary for hairsIt is a type of herb which is rich in strong antioxidants which are beneficial for hair growth. Use warm water for hair wash.Green teaGreen tea is regarded as one of the best herbal treatment for hairs. Apply warm green tea leaves thoroughly dipped in hot water on your hairs and Massage gently for 15 minutes.
It is a natural antibiotic which prevents hair fall to a greater extend.HennaIt is a natural hair conditioner used widely by many persons for hair coloring also.

Pure henna leaves are very beneficial for hair massage as well as enhances hair growth.Henna for strong hairsMeditationOne of the major cause of hair loss is stress or depression which straightly affects hairs. Through meditation body attains relaxation and peace of mind which is very important to reduce stress and ultimately reduce hair fall.

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