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The test developed by SISCAPA Assay Technologies is cheaper and more accurate than traditional tests used to detect disease.
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Creator Terry Pearson, a professor emeritus at the University of Victoria, hopes it will usher in a new era in personalized health care.

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The technology is already in use at two of the world’s top diagnostic facilities, the Mayo Clinic and ARUP Laboratories, which provides diagnostic services to hospitals across the United States.“People have been looking at blood for many years, it is the primary fluid used to conduct diagnostic tests and with good reason,” Pearson said. The test carries the awkward acronym SISCAPA, for Stable Isotope Standard Capture with Anti-Peptide Antibodies.
Pearson has led efforts to commercialize the method for the past 13 years from his lab at UVic.There are many billions more of the common healthy proteins in the blood than the proteins that are indicators of disease.

The search for bad proteins is equivalent to looking for a single person in the human population of Earth, Pearson said. Contact The Owner Heidi DisclosureWe receive all review products free from the sponsoring company, some posts are also compensated monetarily.

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