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Mother Teresa Quote“The greatest destroyer of peace is abortion because if a mother can kill her own child, what is left for me to kill you and you to kill me?
That said, as a longtime vocal opponent of off shore oil drilling, and proponent of renewable energy, I wish to publicly disassociate myself from all the newly concerned voices screaming at the top of their lungs that the government must “do something” if they don’t come with concrete suggestions for what exactly can be done. Without an easy solution in sight, and with the knowledge sinking in of just how harmful this oil gusher will be to the Gulf of Mexico, its shores, its fishing and tourism and quality of life, a lot of people seem to be screaming that somebody should yell louder and point their fingers harder. Yell at yourself especially if you live in the United States, because you use up twenty times the earth’s resources as people in other countries.
Here are just a few examples of recent designs from the Keep Calm-o-Matic creative community. Actually, a whole bunch of different animal species kill snakes, including a ton of birds - owls, hawks, falcons, herons, etc. If you lived in Africa, Asia, or Europe, you would be a bit luckier when faced with snake issues and might be able to own a mongoose.
The same region of the world also has the talents of the honey badger, a carnivore that is immune to cobra venom and kills snakes by crushing their heads with its powerful jaws. Because we don’t have a natural-born snake killer like the mongoose or honey badger in North America, there is little recourse when you go to the pet store looking for an animal to fight snakes. Nature does have a way of controlling snakes; they certainly are not at the top of the food chain.
Birds are also big fans of snake meat, and an owl, hawk, or secretary bird has no issue picking up a snake and either crushing it with their talons or dropping the snake from a ridiculous height to kill it. As you can see, there are many animals out there that have a good grasp of what it means to kill a snake.
Click here for my nationwide list of 100's of professional snake trappers serving all 50 states. You know who is to blame in addition to BP and the government that allowed this oil rig to be built?
You are, therefore, twenty times greater to blame for this civilization’s addiction to oil that created the market for which BP and others went drilling in the seas. You, breeder, are twice as much to blame as the childless person because your little darling is also using up twenty times the earth’s resources as the child of other lands.
Even though I would be somewhat justified in yelling and pointing fingers at you, I’m only being tongue in cheek about it here to make a point.
In the movies, you know, the scary ones where soldiers or zombies or aliens come and kill whomever they find in their path, don’t you remember who always gets eaten first? Click through to see more designs, create your own, share designs and purchase customised products.

Mankind has chosen to live in rural areas and must accept the occasional encroachment of nature from time to time.
Cats and dogs will occasionally tackle a nonvenomous snake; however, the last thing you want is your best friend out in the yard doing battle with a deadly viper. Snakes are very wary of birds, part of the reason why serpents are so reluctant to slither through wide, open spaces like a mowed lawn.
Most of them aren’t your average house pet, and even if you could have a hedgehog running around outside, the chances that it would keep every snake out of your yard are slim. So let us examine our hearts and see if there is any unforgiven hurt - any unforgotten bitterness! Every single one of us that ever drove a car, got in an airplane, or drank from a plastic bottle (they’re made from petroleum, too). In The United States, there are no animals you can legally own that will patrol your property constantly for invaders of the serpent orientation, though there are animals that like snakes for a meal or kill snakes out of an instinct to protect themselves and others. Not only is it easily domesticated and friendly to boot, it has a natural affinity for killing snakes.
Few things can penetrate the skin of the honey badger, and this helps it in the quest to find and eat snakes. The Scottish terrier is one breed of dog that is adept at hunting down snakes, though, again, it has no immunity to venom.
You wouldn’t think this docile, appealing animal could take on a deadly snake, but it’s true. And it sure won’t plug the leak or make anyone else do it faster, because nobody has yet figured out a surefire way to do it. Regardless, keeping up with your home and yard are still the best ways to keep snakes at bay; no pet is going to do it for you. Snakes are on the menu for the mongoose, though this weasel-like animal will eat a variety of pest animals such as rodents, insects, worms, and lizards.
This breed was created for the purpose of hunting rodents and snakes, something that is now instinctually ingrained into its behavior. Snakes are their own predators, and if one serpent is larger than the other, the smaller reptile might become dinner.
Even though we have domesticated these creatures, the instinctual need to protect their legs will never go away.
And if you keep thinking that screaming at others to yell louder and share your misery aloud is going to save the earth, you and the rest of your pestilent species are already doomed.
Due to specialized acetylcholine receptors within the body, the mongoose is immune to the effects of snake venom.

In the wild, a horse that received a snake bite would not be able to keep up with the herd and would be easy prey for wolves and other predators. It is easier to offer food to the hungry than to answer the lonely suffering of someone who lacks love right in one's own family. I live in a city in a much poorer country where the per capita carbon footprint is a fraction of that of each person in the United States.
This ability, coupled with a thick coat of fur, makes it a formidable fighter when pitted against a deadly serpent. Because a snake strikes quickly and without a premeditated destination, the serpent encounters a mouthful of spikes.
This snake’s primary food is other snakes, and even though it is not venomous, it has no problem taking on rattlesnakes. Due to their indiscriminate diet, however, this critter is not allowed to be imported into countries where it’s not native. When the hedgehog thinks the snake has been debilitated enough, it will clamber on top of the reptile and bite through its vertebrae. The snake might be lucky, and the horse or cow might just run away; however, if the animal is the herd leader then the snake is as good as dead.
Serious ecosystem damage occurred in the West Indies when the mongoose was introduced to control snakes and rodents but did irreversible damage to local wildlife instead.
A natural resistance to venom helps the hedgehog survive numerous snake strikes; however, it is not immune to venom like the mongoose.
While proficient at snake killing, hooved animals aren’t the only domesticated critters that are good at this type of job. These birds like to eat snakes, and if it the serpent is small enough, they will gobble it down. Go yell at your pigs, cows and chickens then, and at the people who eat their meat, because they have huge carbon hoofprints too.
Chickens have no immunity to snake venom, though their feathers might provide a natural insulation against puncture wounds from fangs.
Or at least refrain from yelling at others over this oil spill until you’ve checked your own carbon footprint at the door and wiped the sludge off your own hands.

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