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If someone has cold sores around their mouth, they are definitely potent for the transmission of oral herpes.
Now, the virus will not live long outside the body, particularly if it is on the end of a joint or cigarette or bong. If you've ever had a cold sore as a child or in the winter or whatever, then you already have Type-1 Oral Herpes.
However, you should note that sharing bongs or joints is not the best way to transfer herpes.
Baiscally, you are much more likely to contract oral herpes from someone if you kiss them or make out with them. 100% likely you will transfer oral herpes via sharing smoking devices, it is definitely a possibility.
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It's time everyone got their answers straight on the all too common question "can you get herpes on your face".
While the mouth and lips are the most common place for herpes, they can show up anywhere on the face.
If you have a bump on your cheek, and you're not sure if it is herpes or acne, it is most likely acne (a pimple).
If you are in a hot tub or spa (jacuzzi) and someone is shedding the herpes virus, you will not contract herpes. The same reasoning applies for swimming in a pool - you will not get herpes while swimming. Note that if you are having sex or kissing in a pool or hot tub, then you can still (of course) contract genital or oral herpes.
If you have any cuts or lesions on your skin, you shouldn't be swimming or using a hot tub.

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There was a story in the papers this weekend that someone is suing Rihanna because she caught herpes from a sample of her lipstick given away at a concert. In the most common situation for this, there would be a small peck (quick tiny kiss) on the cheek. The Copyright Notice: This page on "can you or I get herpes from a kiss on the cheek" is copyrighted.

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