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Can You Get Herpes From Sharing Lipstick?When you thought sampling lipstick was just sampling lipstick, but turned out to be the way you got the Herpes Simplex virus.
Most PopularNow she's suing MAC in Manhattan Supreme Court, saying: "The company should train its employees to use disposable tubes or swabs to apply the lipstick. This is going to happen over and over again if nothing is done."But while the jury is still out on whether or not she got the virus from a tester at the concert, Greenidge is right in that you 1.

But even if your skin is 100 percent intact, it's still not a guarantee that you'd be protected from getting it; there is still a degree of risk."The best practices moving forward to avoid getting a cold sore of your own?
Instead, ask the sales associate at the beauty counter to shave off the top layer and use a cotton swab to apply the lipstick to your lips.

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