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Herpes whitlow is also caused by autoinoculation of HSV into broken skin prior to an infected person developing antibodies against the virus (e.g. If someone has a cold sore and puts their finger in their mouth then a herpes infection whitlow may appear. Symptoms of herpetic whitlow include swelling, reddening and tenderness of the skin of infected finger. Although it is a self-limited illness, topical antivirals, particularly topical acyclovir, have been shown to be effective in decreasing the duration of symptoms.
There are no known cases of someone dying from herpes, either Type-1 (oral herpes) or Type-2 (genital herpes). A very sick person may be more prone to a herpes outbreak; however, their death will not be due to herpes. It is actually very unlikely that you will be able to be infected with genital herpes through contact with a toilet seat.

It can be difficult to tell when you are infected in the first place; so many people believe they obtained it and ask their doctor if herpes can be caught by just using a toilet seat. Although it’s nearly impossible to become infected this way, and can you get herpes from a toilet seat? One should never try to lance or surgically debride the lesion, as it may make it worse (cause a superinfection or cause encephalitis).
Many people believe that it is possible to catch genital herpes from a toilet seat in a public restroom. It is a sexually transmitted infection (STI) that is spread through skin contact or contact with the bodily fluids of someone that is infected. Most likely however is that they would get infected through sexual contact with another infected person.
It can enter through the mucous membranes of the body, including the mouth, anus or genitals.

Because the symptoms appear so mildly, it can seem to be nothing but a small rash instead of a herpes outbreak. Sharing eating utensils, razors, towels or drinking straws increase the susceptibility of becoming infected, but they are much less likely that direct skin-to-skin contact. This is a much more common occurrence with the HSV-1 version of the herpes virus, and not HSV-2.
It is also seen in adult health care workers such as dentists because increased exposure to the herpes virus. Even if urination is present on a toilet seat, it is nearly impossible for a person to become infected through contact with a toilet seat.

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