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On the physical level some people feel heat sensations during Reiki treatments either in hands-on or in distant sessions.
Distant treatments are more subtle then Hands-on ones for the obvious reason that there is not physical contact with the hands of the practitioner, but they allow a better reception as they avoid all sorts of possible barriers that may be involuntary happening during the Hands-on treatments. It is fascinating to notice how the rational scientific approach is, due to the latest discoveries in recent years, increasingly merging with the mystic and metaphysical intuitive approach thousands of years old. Also interesting is that sound which are longitudinal waves cannot be conducted through a vacuum (in outer space no one can hear you scream).
More over, the recent exact mathematic calculation of the frequencies of the 7 chakras (centers of aura energy) has been discovered to be in a musical relationship with each other forming a pentatonic (five-tone) scale, called primasounds (there is an octave relationship between the first and the six, and the second and the seven chakras).
All music affect moods thus changing human auras but the primasounds resonating with the same core essence of the chakras frequencies help clearing the biofield directly. Leading to logically being able to consider planet Earth as much alive as all its living things and as much interactive as human beings can be. Since the most ancient times Mankind have searched in the sky for answers to existential questions.
Astrology studies the movement of the planets and stars in correlation with human basic tendencies and destinies. Since the psychological attributions to the planets influences are arbitrary and abstract Astrology is not an exact science and too often it has been denigrated as superstition.
Only through years of non judgmental observation out of pure curiosity I have been amazed by the happenings of events in exact mathematical correlation with the planets transits on individual natal charts.
While the fundamental free will to actively build oneE»s own destiny is out of question and here underlined, observations have shown how the bigger planetary energies always do trigger circumstances and events on our small lives in a way that is possible to calculate and easily comprehend for a better understanding of what we really are and what is really going on in a much bigger picture. We are unique cosmic vibrational fields exposed to bigger cosmic vibrational fields that are constantly moving and changing in each unrepeatable instant. Besides since most people do not really know themselves, the Natal Chart, that is the graphic of all the planets positions at the place and moment of birth and which indicates the basic character and tendencies of oneE»s own energy, is a great tool for better knowing one own self for improvement purposes and for better understanding one another in our true essence avoiding the projection playground. It opens up to a cosmic view of a divine positive progressive general growth, from where it is much easier to smile at our small lives pains and joys, frustrations and desires, developing therefore compassion for ourselves and others putting us in prospective of a much better, bigger and amazing order of things. Childs Pendant [Pedant-Child], This Pendant is only available, an oval shape which is smaller than the adult oval.The Child Personal Pendant is designed to be worn by children from baby to approximately 7 - 9 years of age.
If you prefer not to use the cord provided, we have a specially treated titanium link to be put through the hole of the pendant and then any chain or cord can be worn.
If parents have a concern of choking for babies and young children wearing a cord, we suggest making a little fabric pocket and use either a button or velcro inside each shirt or dress. There is a lot of information available both on the internet and in books, of the bio-energy of the body and energy fields.
Disclaimer: The information contained in this website is for education purposes only and not to be taken as medical advice. Boats Accessories - Semi-detached houses   Do you have a plan to build a semi-detached house and perhaps sell one half when it is finished? Electron Stabiliser [Stabiliser], Simply open, lay the electrical cord across the unit, closeThe Electron Stabiliser is designed to soften electricity, the home, workplace. EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) is a term used to describe the invisible electric and magnetic fields that radiate from man-made alternating electrical current (AC electricity). EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) is a term used to describe an invisible form of man-made frequencies, transmitted through the atmosphere. We suggest the Stabiliser be wrapped around the electrical cord at the back of the Television and be sure to leave the power on at the wall and the standby light is visible. For those who prefer to turn all power off at night, we suggest purchasing a power board with a light on one end, place this on a power outlet (could be in the garage if preferred), attach the Electron Stabiliser and leave this switch on 24 hours and the whole home will be covered through the night and day. After attaching the Electron Stabiliser, some of the more sensitive clients feel a comfortable change (however most people will not necessarily feel change as we are all different in our makeup). The Electron Stabiliser came about becasue Nikola Tesla became aware that the alternating current (AC electric current used today) he had created would be far too strong for the human energy field to withstand in many instances. There is only need for one Electron Stabiliser in the majority of homes, the only need for another one is if there is three phase power into the home or work place, then there is a need for a second one on the other circuit.

Besides receiving and feeling the Reiki energy during distant treatments it is the most fascinating experience as it surely opens one to a higher awareness that is not commonly found, thus showing all the beauty and unlimited reality of the spiritual level. Often people report to feel refreshed and energized and being able to accomplish more things more easily. Transversal waves instead, such as light, can travel through the vacuum of space, which is why we can see the sun but cannot hear it. If the visible Moon, that is so small compared to Jupiter or Uranus yet closer to Earth, affects living things daily (agriculture, tides, woman cycle), then it is logically acceptable to realize that all other planets in the Solar System have a constant impact as well although invisible to our physical eyes, and even more so the bigger galaxies.
While faith is the warmest reply of all and worlda€™s religions the most helpful, there is still space for researching. Or maybe you have a friend that you would like to buy a land together with and make it to a fun project.
Sometimes we findA areas of glaring failure or areas where we know the Lord expected more of us.
Attaching the Electron Stabiliser alters positive ionization to negative ions which our body may accept happily.
This causes the electrical frequency to be more harmonious with the human body also quieter and more efficient electrical motors (fridges etc) as reported from users of the products. Eventually it all comes down to mathematic from minus to plus infinite to systematically expand our awareness. Our thoughts and feelings are cosmic vibrations too that constantly change our biofields and destinies at any time and yet for the most part weE»ll unfold following the basic soul imprinting readable in the Natal Chart.
We have specially treated titanium links to allow wearing metal chains, although most children are happy with the cord provided.
But in order for us toA see the truth about our lives the way God sees it, He requires us to lay down our pride and be honestA with ourselves.
Here the advantages of joined construction can be both good in both economic and time aspects.
Also recovering much faster from major strains (even the marathon), fatigue, illness or stressful situations. You can streamline parts of the project to the maximum, such as land jobs, foundations, electrical and plumbing construction.Consistently high material selection and good shipping scale with 3-glass windows, concrete roof tiles as well as timber panels in certain areas. If already tired one often falls asleep even briefly and usually reports waking up more refreshed then normally. The pendant, tranceiver as, now is, may educate the body to cope more readily with the chaotic frequencies created by our modern technologies.Many people are not aware of EMR, EMFs, therefore may not understand the affects to the body, we suggest researching these subjects.
When receiving a distant treatment make sure you will be relaxing and not driving or doing anything that needs your alert attention. Reiki gently re-align one to the balance center within from which all things develop smoothly and almost effortlessly.
EMF radiate from all electrical appliances, the home, office, factory, cars, trucks, buses, also overhead tram, train lines. The images here are a guide only.There is a lot of information available both, the internet,, books, of the bio-energy of the body, energy fields.
There are always some elements of a building you can take advantage of when you are building together.
ComparedA to them, we may have done well, but the real issue is how we a€?measure upa€? to the goals the LordA gave us. Do your own research, check out the biofeedback equipment to understand how they work, what they do.
High specifications with triple glazing, roof tiles and timber paneling, read more in the delivery description.
The benefits can be many of the coordination of construction as a semi-detached house offers. Then we turn our eyes to the present a€” and we begin to make the necessary corrections in order to start doing better!A When Paul was imprisoned in Rome, he had a lot of time to think, so he sat in that prison and reflected on his life and achievements. These people are, the minority however, but unfortunately the number is increasing rapidly but they often don't realise, understand the cause, that our product is possibly their answer.

Studies have shown that for the sensitive people, positive ionization from some electrical appliances, computers, TV, etc has been linked to health issues. Ia€™m sure that, like all of us, Paul was tempted to look at his life in comparison to others. Attaching the Electron Stabiliser alters positive ionization to negative ions which our body may accept happily.POSITIONING THE ELECTRON STABILISERWe suggest the Stabiliser be wrapped around the electrical cord, the back of the Television, be sure to leave the power,, the wall, the standby light is visible. Ia€™ve done more than anyone else I know!A But rather than revel in his own accomplishments, Paul used that time in prison to truthfully assess his life.
You dona€™t have to guess anymore about your situation, because a€?theA numbersa€? tell the real story.A Why did Paul use this word as he wrote verse 13? Rather than a€?guessa€? about how well he had done, Paul carefully reviewed the originalA goals God had given him.
It is almost as if Paul had written Goda€™s plan for his life on one sideA of the page and what he had actually accomplished on the other side of the page.
But Paul knew it wasna€™t time for him to leave yet because he still had so much work to do. This is why Paul went on to say, a€?a€¦but this one thing I do, forgetting thethings which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are beforea€? (Philippians 3:13). But I want you to stop and think about what Paul was choosing to forget and put behind him!A Some say Paul was forgetting his past life of sin, but he had put that behind him long ago.
Because stopping atA past victories is what keeps most people from moving into futureA victories.
They become so fixated on what they have done that they lose sight of what they need to do a€” and that keeps them from moving forward to possess new territory in Goda€™s plan for their lives!A Think of it like this: Many big corporations lost the cutting edge they once held because they spent most of their energy gloating about how big and how good they were. While they were gloating, some smaller company with dedicated people and a huge vision snuck up from behind and surpassed that larger corporation! Before the larger company knew what was happening, they had lost the leading edge they once held and were no longer the leader. They had spent so much time focusing on the past that someone else passed them by!A Paul knew he had done more than most men, and it was all right for him to cherish those memories. But dwelling on his past accomplishments wasna€™t going to get him out of jail or back in the swing of what he needed to be doing. But todayA I am turning my eyes to the future because I know You have so much for me to do. I dona€™tA want to miss anything You have designed for me, so I am choosing to turn my attention toA the vision and to run my race with all my might! God hasA called me and anointed me; therefore, I can do exactly what He has asked me to do. I haveA no excuse for failure or any reason to slow down or quit, for Goda€™s Spirit in me is ready toA empower me to run this race all the way to the finish. We at Jorntrahus are here to help you find answers to all sometimes overarching questions surrounding your building project.
How long has it been since you assessed your situation to determine the progress you are making in your life, church, or business? On these pages we bring you some clarity in the most common questions that may occur.Do you have any other questions or concerns that you didn't find your answer to? How frequently do you take time to review your situation so you can gauge your progress?A 2. Are you stuck in a rut, or are you still moving forward with the same speed and the same passion that once possessed you?

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