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Patsy James: Twice as many women are likely to contract genital herpes than men simply because of their physiological make up. It can be easily controlled, you never have to infect anyone and you can have a normal dating and sex life without fear.
The only thing holding people back is this stigma and this needs to go.eshizz89: THAT is how you get peoples attention! Your love to debate led to the creation of your own show, Debate Your Fate, a game show devoted solely to debates, in which the loser has to spin the dreaded 'Wheel of Fate.' What kind of topics do you debate on the show? If you kissed them on the mouth while they had a visible cold sore then there is a high chance that you could get them too.
As soon as you see the beginning of a cold sore you should apply a cold sore medication such as Abreva on several times a day. Cold sores are very contagious during a break out, …so don't kiss people while they have a cold sore. Don't even remember why it occurred to me to get tested for HSV but by the time I did, both myself and my domestic partner, tested positive.

I had herpes 1 as a 4 years when people kissing on u and i got herpes 2 when i had sex for the first time.
When we first got together we were tested for HIV but it did not occur to us to test for anything else. My case is not severe, but I do know that one ex-girlfriend did test positive for it while we were together, but I do not know whether she got it from me or vice-versa, or whether I got it later. It is also available as a gel or lotion, to place directly on the sore, with a clean finger, in a plastic glove. I pray the goverment just give up the cure cause this disease been here for years and years. A I came with her one time and a guy told his story ( he was really cute too) of he got herpes and the one thing he made very clear was is that he use to be the one who told herpes jokes to all of his friends and said how disgusting it was. The sores can and do re-appear when the human who carries them is under stress, in the sunlight (yes, this can trigger them) during menstrual periods, etc.
Although it is rare, another humanS CAN and do get herpes FROM you, even if you have no active sores on your body.

So, stay clean, get a prescription, use it, and do not share eating untensils, lipsticks, glosses, medicines that are used orally, DO NOT KISS, do not have sexual contact, if the sore appears anywhere else on your body. I know one day, according to statistics, I will one day contract the virus and I sure as hell am not going to freak out like some other people do. 80% of that 80% that have contracted the virus will be asymptomatic for their whole lives, will never have a coldsore, but can still pass the virus to others. I'm in my 30's and I thought I knew all I needed to know about STD's, but I still had no idea that it was this prevalent..

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