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In damp places such as bathrooms and kitchens seal up cracks and crevices using a filling material.
While not harmful it can still be quite stressful to discover the presence of silverfish in your property. Panther Pest Control helps London property owners with a wide range of pest extermination services at competitive prices. Their favourite food is starch, cellulose and sugar so they might turn up in books, wallpaper, carpets and food stuffs such as coffee, sugar, pasta and other leftover food. Bathrooms and kitchens are most vulnerable to an infestation of this type because it’s damp and there are lots of crevices where they can make their home.

And if you spot tiny holes in your clothes or paper, or yellow stains then they’ve definitely moved in on your home. Surprisingly these kinds of products contain different types of carbohydrates which silverfish love.
An infestation of these little insects can also cause quite a lot of damage if they’re left unchecked. Compared with mosquitoes, flies and cockroaches they do very little harm but can infer a poor standard of hygiene. Catching them individually using a glass is one method of removal but you might find it takes rather a long time.

Following our advice should help you keep their numbers at a minimum but if things get out of hand better ask for professional assistance.
A more effective way is to call for the help of a pest control company who specialise in silverfish removal.
They have been around for millions of years and have developed a method of reproduction that is unique.

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