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July 6, 2014 5 Comments Mobilizing and maintaining energy plays a vital part in a writer’s success.
The creativity that derives from Tai Chi leads to integration of complementary things – left brain (logic) and right brain (intuition), form and function, and body and mind.
Finding inspiration, offering, and encouraging it through creative, and healing practices, ancient wisdom, and modern techniques, to fuel your writing, art, and life.
Rediscover how the ancient martial art of Tai Chi can improve your life focus and restore calm and balance.
Wander through any urban park early in the morning, and you're likely to discover practitioners of the martial art Tai Chi greeting the day with their graceful, slow-motion exercise.
Tai Chi is non-competitive and can be done by anyone regardless of age or physical stamina. People who do tai chi on a regular basis report an improvement in concentration as well as feeling calmer. Patience and discipline is important in studying tai chi, since it takes time to master many of the movements. Disciples of Tai Chi report feeling calmer and reaping the benefits of increased concentration. But once you're accomplished at Tai Chi, look for an increase in balance, stronger muscles and the benefit of a low-impact workout that is good for your heart, but takes less of a toll on your body than the typical aerobic pounding of other types of exercise. Sarah works as a manager for a large financial firm and says doing tai chi makes her life easier, "Tai chi improves my focus, gives me better crisis management skills and controls my asthma". Qi gong improves the metabolism of the body through simple exercises and helps you in your quest for weight loss.
Hit different parts of your body with your palm.First vigorously massage the Shoulders,arms and back-one after another.
All of the above exercises do not require special clothing and can be done even in the office or on vacation. After all, topstitching is designed to be seen, so when it’s less than perfect it shows. Any activity that generates deep breathing through your abdomen will help boost your metabolic rate. Brain boosting activities like puzzles or games can fuel your mind and help improve your memory.

If you are a senior living at home or in assisted care, you know insomnia or getting too little sleep can be a real problem as we age. If you are looking for an assisted living community that focuses on treating seniors with dignity and respect, contact us at Village at Oakwood in Oklahoma City. Tai chi teaches the Mind and Body, your instructor must know the whole story so they can translate for you.  Tai chi is one of those activities you can float across the surface or dive deep, plucking the treasures from the bottom. Three circle Qigong is so simple yet gives such great rewards for your efforts…and helps clear the sinuses as well. Tai chi has truly wonderful benefits both as a Self Defence Art and for Self Healing, if only people were made aware of the important secret ingredient – Effort.
Foam Roller Therapy is one of our Secret weapons in the Podiatry clinic for the Treatment of Foot Pain and Leg Pain. During Tai Chi practice, you are in a state of mind that allows creativity to flow naturally.
It’s not surprising that many people who practice Tai Chi are also involved in the creative arts.
Tai Chi is done in a series of movements called a form, and each form consists of approximately 60 positions. If you are practicing qi gong, there is no need to diet or spend hours in gym or aerobics classes.
For this it is necessary to make a 50-100 circular strokes on the abdomen in a clockwise direction. Place your right hand on the abdomen and use the left hand to press yuntsyuan on the right foot.Now make 100 rotational movements on your stomach in both the directions using the right palm. Get into a good habit of going to bed around the same time each night and be sure there are no distractions. I have found that Tai Chi exercises can enhance my energy while inducing a pleasant state of relaxation, and help me develop my ability to let my thoughts flow naturally. Stress is the natural outcome of our working and living in a 24-hour, seven-day world, and many people are finding relief in the rituals of a quieter time.
You learn and practice tai chi according to your own individual level and physical stamina. Make sure that you your left hand is in contact with the yuntsyuan during the complete duration of the exercise.

Here are a few ways you can increase your energy level and get more out of your senior living years.
If you are not used to exercising, start off slowly and wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes.
Try eating more high protein foods like chicken, turkey, fish, beans, nuts and seeds, and skip the products made with white flour like bread, cookies and noodles. The energy I gain from Tai Chi’s graceful movements not only can help focus my mind but also can energize my writing. If you can reduce your tension and nervousness, you may be able to experience deeper thoughts and better tap into your creativity. The body reacts differently to stress: the work of the digestive system is blocked and incoming nutrients accumulate in fat.
It’s important to shut off the computer and television an hour before you are ready to go to bed.
That is why stress is directly related to obesity, and qigong relives the stress and eliminates the extra pounds.
If you are ready to move on to other exercises, try water aerobics, dancing or using a jump rope.
Any type of lighted screen or too much lighting in your bedroom can keep your body from preparing for sleep. Check with your doctor to find out if you have any vitamin deficiencies and ask which supplements are best for maintaining flexibility and healthy bones. Exercise programs may be available for those in assisted living in Oklahoma City like those offered at Village at Oakwood.
For those in assisted living in Oklahoma City, your community may schedule events that fit your interests.
For example, the life-enrichment activities and socials held at Village at Oakwood can provide opportunity for relaxation and social engagement.

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