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Renewable energies utilize natural resources and can be replenished in a short period of time, whereas non-renewable energies cannot be replenished in a short period of time because they take millions of years to form. About Glacial Energy- Glacial Energy is one of the fastest growing national retail energy suppliers selling electricity and natural gas to residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers in deregulated markets across the country. Wind, solar or water energies are renewable because they can be generated endlessly, when required. With many pros, the major issue with renewable energy is that sun can be used as a source of energy during the day, but not during the night or rainy season. Glacial Energy has the resources and market knowledge to provide customized quotes for your business or cost-saving opportunities for your home. To utilize wind energy, you have to rely on strong winds, therefore, you have to choose suitable sites to operate wind farms.

The sunlight falling on the United States in one day contains more than twice the energy we consume in an entire year.
They wouldn’t have to rely on foreign countries to supply them with renewable sources, as is the case for non-renewable sources. Non-renewable energy sources are available on earth in limited quantity and will eventually be depleted. Green energy sources a€” such as solar power a€” can be harnessed to produce electricity, process heat, fuel and valuable chemicals with less impact on the environment. In the long run, the price of electricity is expected to rise since ita€™s based on the price of crude oil. Coal, gas and oil are non-renewable because they take precise conditions and millions of years to be produced.

They release highly toxic and dangerous gases in the air when burnt, which are the major cause for global warming. If we become fully energy independent by using renewable sources, we will keep the money at home to help the economy.

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