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As a cancer that affects the tissue of the mouth, including the cheeks, lips, gums and tongue, it is relatively easy to check for symptoms of oral cancer. Change behavior, such as using tobacco and alcohol that can be risk factors that contribute to the chance of getting oral cancer.
Look for red, white or red and white patches of skin or lumps in your mouth or a lump on the neck. Notice if you have any sores in your mouth that do not heal or change in size or appearance. Know that pain or difficulty moving your tongue or jaw can also be potential symptoms of mouth cancer.
Observe any changes in your voice or cases of bad breath that could be symptoms of oral cancer. If you experience any of the symptoms of mouth cancer, such as red patches in your mouth, for more than 3 weeks, ask your doctor if you need to be concerned. Know your right to privacy when discussing your medical conditions and the release of your medical records. Noticing symptoms or believing you might be at risk for cancer can be stressful and worrisome. Many of us may see a trip to the dentist as a chance to get a quick scale and polish and perhaps a filling or two. With mouth cancer rates increasing by over 40 percent in the last decade it has become one of the UK‘s fastest growing cancers and it is up to our dentist to check for the early warning signs. Yet, results from the survey reveal only 15 percent of us believe the dentist to be checking our mouths for the early symptoms of the disease. At Blessington Dental during our routine dental check up your dentist or hygienist performs a full examination of not only the teeth and gums, but the cheeks, tongue and floor of the mouth too. New research also suggests that gum disease carries a higher risk of causing a stroke than diabetes, and its impact is nearly the equivalent of high blood pressure as a major cause of strokes. The latest research indicates that people with are twice as likely to suffer a non-fatal stroke than people with diabetes. This is another reminder of the serious impact that poor oral health poses to general health and wellbeing. Several theories also exist to explain the link between periodontal disease and heart disease.

The good news is that poor oral health is nearly always preventable and it is important that people make caring for their teeth a top priority. Next time you visit Blessington Dental ask about gum disease and oral cancer, their symptoms and how to check for them at home.
Women And Weight Charts: What’s The Perfect Weight Regarding Your Age, Height And Body Shape ? Oral hygiene is very important, and sometimes the problems that arise in this area is actually a reflection of other health problems or conditions. Although you should always see a health professional such as a dentist or doctor, people at risk should be aware of the symptoms and early warning signs of mouth cancer and check for mouth cancer symptoms themselves. Men over the age of 45, tobacco users, people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol and people with prolonged exposure to the sun are all at risk to develop oral cancer. Quitting smoking or any use of tobacco as soon as possible is an easy way to reduce your risk of getting oral cancer. Consider seeing a therapist or counselor as part of the treatment process as you determine the outcome. Have you considered that your dental treatment could diagnose Oral Cancer or help prevent heart disease or a stroke?
9 in 10 people survive mouth cancers that are caught early yet as most people are only diagnosed late in the disease the five year survival rate remains as low as 50 percent. It is vital to check our mouth for any unusual red or white patches, unusual swellings in the mouth or neck or an ulcer that does not heal within three weeks.
The data also suggests the impact of gum disease is equivalent to that of high blood pressure.
Obesity, alcohol abuse, poor diet and smoking are generally well-known risk factors which can cause strokes. Heart Disease can develop when deposits of fats and other substances in your blood begin to stick to the sides of your arteries. Regular visits to the dentist and a simple routine of brushing teeth, twice a day for two minutes, will help to remove plaque – the cause of gum disease. Feel free to join the discussion by leaving comments, and stay updated by subscribing to the RSS feed. As well as that way you can notice a disease on time, and women may notice one of the first signs of pregnancy. Bleeding gums is usually not a sign of a more serious disease, but it may refer to leukemia or disease that affects blood clotting.

This phenomenon can occur in people who are stressed and burdened or they occur because of poor bite. If you are pale, a sure sign of iron deficiency, but may also be transmitted to the heart or lung problems, as due to them the flow of oxygen into the bloodstream reduces.
In addition, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables has been linked to reducing the risk of mouth cancer. These deposits can build up and narrow your arteries, clogging them like a plugged-up drain. The bleeding of the gums may occur due to irregular oral hygiene, and various inflammatory processes.
It is particularly interesting that bleeding gums can be a sign of pregnancy, because the hormonal changes soften the gum.
Scraping teeth adversely affects the teeth because they get thinner or damaged, but also can cause headaches, muscle tension and aching jaw. In addition, it can also be a warning sign of diabetes if you have previously observed and some other symptoms such as weight loss. The reason for the bleeding may be a poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption, polluted environment. If you notice that you are creaking your teeth in a dream, contact your dentist who will probably recommend a mouthpiece that will protect them from subsequent damage.
There is a link between inflammation caused by periodontal disease and the build up of these deposits. These are all signs that you need to take into consideration and think about your lifestyle.
Researchers have found that people with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease as those without periodontal disease.

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