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You can add this blend to other mixes if you want to extend the growing period and add more attraction to another mix. The name of the game is misleading as you can hunt a LOT more than just deer – including even endangered animals, which has brought some controversy to the game. Max out on the upgrades, and always have the right guns for the type of hunt that you are doing. Experience levels are important because they allow you to unlock new weapons and other goods.

If you lose, you will still get some experience points, but it's far tougher to level up when you lose all the time, so try to win every time that you hunt. Finally, the only other way to get more energy is to wait for it to refill when you run out.
Because this blend sprouts and grows rapidly, you can also use it as a cover crop over a perennial mix.
Club hunt permits allow you to go on MMO-style hunts with your friends and total strangers (similar to the previous games' stampede levels).

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