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I know that SO many of you are working hard at making healthy changes for yourself and your family. That’s why when I sat down to create this course, I decided to focus on helping families to take more steps towards putting healthy habits into place.
Because even if you feel like you still have a long ways to go, when you’re making progress in these four essential areas, you’ll get serious traction in taking you, your husband and your kids further on your healthy living journey.
I decided to interview four popular bloggers on topics they’re especially knowledgable about. This mini eCourse is 4 lessons, and each one contains a 25 minute audio file, so that you can listen while you do the laundry or dishes, drive or do errands, go for a run, or whatever works for you. We also made a companion PDF for each lesson, with all of the take-away points from the interview (so you don’t have to take notes!), a one-page worksheet to help you apply what you learned, and a full transcript to refer to (or even to read instead, if audio isn’t your thing).

Actually, even though I created the course and made up all the interview questions, I still felt like I learned a TON by talking to each of them and I walked away freshly inspired! I will give you a heads up that this eCourse was made in preparation for this year’s Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle, which is seriously the most awesome one we’ve ever pulled together (can you believe it’s our 4th one already?). There’s over $2000 worth of resources to fuel your natural lifestyle, which is a new record for us (and almost all of which are completely new, for those of you who’ve ever bought one of our bundles before). Leave your comment!Related Posts:Weekend Links 4 Simple Steps to Stress-Free Homemaking Course Being a homemaker can be a challenge!
Here at KOTH, we just love getting to encourage you and provide you with resources that will help along the way. Each of them really knows their stuff and they shared some seriously helpful tips, starting places, resources and so much more.

Hurry and sign up now because this mini course is only available until Sunday, September 6th.
Are you feeling…Easy DIY Cuticle Cream By Andrea Green, Contributing Writer Cuticles are supposed to be soft. Your interview with Kat Lee on Inspired to Action was so helpful and informative, it stands out to me still!

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