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This is a meditation program to take you through the different stages of spiritual enlightenment. If you are reading this after your purchase, you now have some of the most powerful Brainwave Entrainment technology available today at your fingertips. First, you should be aware that headphones are not strictly required for these audio tracks to create brainwave entrainment, although they will be most effective with headphones. Because these audio tracks create entrainment without headphones, you can play them on your stereo speakers and anyone who is listening will entrain to the frequency of each track. Please do not entrain someone else without their conscious consent, even if you think it's for their own good. After you are comfortable with the Alpha Light Meditation, you can move to the Theta Meditations. If you can't spend a full hour in meditation, try the 30 minute Theta Standalone Meditation. Do this meditation once per day for one week while continuing to listen to IQ Increase and Beta Relaxed Focus once per day.
Work with this 60 minute meditation once per day if you can, but if you only have 30 minutes, I recommend that you alternate days between the 30 minute Theta Standalone Meditation and the 30 minute Delta Ultra Deep Standalone Meditation. For a little variety, you can use the 60 minute Delta Ultra Deep Standalone Meditation which takes you down into Delta and holds you there for an extended period of time. When using one of the meditation tracks in the Genius Brain Power package, take a few minutes to prepare yourself and your environment. First, go to the restroom and then drink a glass of water so your body won't be a distraction during the process. Put your MP3 player's headphones on, start your desired track and immediately pause the playback. Check your comfort level and take a few deep breaths to get relaxed, breathing deep into your stomach with each inhale. These two tracks entrain the brain to specific frequencies in the lower regions of Beta brainwaves, beneath 20 Hertz. When the pressure is on at your job and you need to get some serious work done, Beta Relaxed Focus can help you stay focused, productive and calm.
IQ Increase works at a slightly higher frequency than Beta Relaxed Focus which makes it great for working, running errands, etc.
Alpha is the next level down, between 8Hz - 12Hz, corresponding to being awake but deeply relaxed. Theta is the frequency range between 3Hz - 8Hz, corresponding to extreme relaxation, trance, deep meditation, creativity and REM sleep. Delta is the lowest frequency range of .2Hz - 3Hz, corresponding to dreamless sleep, growth hormone release, healing and ultra deep trance. Many people find that they simply fall asleep when using Theta and Delta brainwave entrainment meditations.
There are a few things you can do to help stay awake during your brainwave entrainment meditations.
Second, do your Genius Brain Power meditation well in advance of your bed time or in the morning after waking up, going to the bathroom and brushing your teeth. Another very useful application for the Theta & Delta frequencies is to keep your eyes open while listening to the entrainment recordings. This can help develop the ability to see energy fields around people and in nature, and it will also make it much easier to stay awake during your meditations. All of these tracks entrain both of your brain hemispheres to the same frequency when you are using them.
Once you begin to experience the beneficial aspects of brainwave entrainment, you may be tempted to have these tracks playing all the time during your waking and sleeping hours.
Imagine what would happen to your body if you worked out 8 hours a day, pushing as hard as you possibly could for the entire time. If you want the most results in the least amount of time, a well balanced approach is to listen to IQ Increase and Beta Relaxed Focus once or twice per day, and then use one of the 30 or 60 minute meditation tracks once during the day and again as you are going to sleep. If you think you *must* do more, Beta Relaxed Focus is gentle enough to use more than two times per day.
Brainwave entrainment stimulates your brain to operate in a highly integrated manner, creating new neural connections between areas of the brain that were previously cut off from each other. However, with this integration will come upheavals as the mind is forced to integrate areas of the brain that were previously sequestered.

While this can be an uncomfortable process, the rewards far exceed any temporary pain experienced in this healing process. The combination of the Self-Clearing System and Genius Brain Power is extremely transformative. Sign up below to be informed when new radio shows, articles, videos and audio tracks are published.
This website, Level 1 of the Self-Clearing System and other free audios are my gifts to you.
If this site has increased your frequency and you wish to continue circulating abundance by giving back, I humbly accept with gratitude. All articles and artwork on this site may be distributed in unedited form wherever you wish.
All marriages struggle, but if you have children, they deserve to live in a home free of conflict and anger. Cosmic energy is referred to as the life force and the energy that maintains the balance of the entire cosmos.
If you want someone in your life to experience the benefits of brainwave entrainment, talk to them about it and get their permission first. First, you can begin with the 30 minute Alpha Light Meditation, then do the 30 minute Theta Deep meditation that is in the same folder with the Alpha track. If you can stay awake during this entire time, you will have some amazing meditative experiences. Choose a quiet spot and make sure no one is going to disturb you for the 30-60 minutes that your chosen track will last for. After 20 seconds of deep breathing, press play on your MP3 player and allow your breathing to gradually slow down.
Most people are operating in a stressful brainwave frequency above 20Hz during their days, so listening to these tracks while you work, commute, run errands or anything else during your waking day will help you maintain a calm, yet active state of mind.
If you're stuck in traffic, it can help you achieve a state of relaxed alertness to reduce your stress levels.
It increases neural electric activity which can increase your mental abilities, increase the blood flow in your brain and gradually make you smarter and more focused. Any more and your beta-thought centers can have TOO much energy in them, causing you to feel like you are on a stimulant. This frequency is also great for healing, as it stimulates the brain to release endorphins into the bloodstream, along with a host of other beneficial peptides. If this is happening to you, keep practicing with the 30 minute Theta Deep Meditation until you can stay awake the entire time, then move on to the 60 minute Theta & Delta Deep Meditation. Do not meditate after a large meal when your body is pulling blood away from your brain and sending it to your stomach. Your brain is still receiving many of the benefits of entrainment while you sleep through the audio tracks. Simply pick a spot on the wall and look beyond it as if you were looking at the view beyond the wall. The real magic is that over time your brain will become trained to operate in an optimized, balanced state most of the time. This track more than any of the others stimulates tremendous neural electrical activity and increased brain blood flow which can fatigue your brain if used too much. Your brain needs time to form its new neural connections and get used to operating in a more holistic manner.
This is due to a variety of factors including: unhealed childhood traumas, repressed memories, worry, anxiety, stress, over-stimulation, dehydration, distractions, etc.
This results in a much higher functioning brain and a greater sense of calm within a person. Repressed memories and unpleasant emotions from the past will often rise to the surface of the mind to be processed and healed.
These tools put you in the driver's seat of your consciousness, allowing you to take a quantum leap in your evolution. Vastu shastra is based on various energies that comes from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. My Anwser is Yes 100% Vastu Effect Your Foreign Tour Vastu shastra is based on various energies that comes from atmosphere like solar energy from sun, cosmic energy, lunar energy, thermal energy, magnetic energy, light energy, wind energy. You will still both be the same people who entered into theMarriage and will continue your personal dysfunction in your life apart unless you do some personal work in therapy.

This is also referred to as 'therukuthu' in Southern states and 'veedhi shula' in the 'Northern states.
One light year for Walkr!Hop aboard the fantastic Walkr spaceship and start your adventure across the boundless cosmos.
I recommend that you begin with the 30 minute Alpha Light Meditation for a few days as your meditative component. This is the most gentle way to introduce yourself to the Theta meditations, as these two tracks are designed to work with each other.
If you have a full hour, definitely use both of these tracks together, starting with Theta Deep Meditation first.
Get into a comfortable seated position (don't lay down) so that you will be able to stay awake for the whole process. Some people may only be able to listen to each track once per day without feeling over-stimulated. Anything above 20Hz comes from being highly alert, but also anxious and experiencing stress. Meditating in this state is very relaxing and most people find it very easy to become entrained in this frequency.
By inducing a predominantly Delta state in the brain while remaining awake, you push your brain to operate in a truly unique state that literally forces greater neural adaptation and cross-connection between the regions of your brain. In fact, many people report better, more restful sleep when they use brainwave entrainment to help them fall asleep.
Doing the meditations with your eyes open is a serious step up in exercising your brain, so go slow with that technique at first.
Remember, brainwave entrainment is exercise for your brain so your brain will need to rest and integrate the new changes that your entrainment regime is creating.
For some people, too much of the increased blood flow from IQ Increase can actually cause a mild headache.
These energies can be balanced with the help of vastu to enhance peace, prosperity and success in your life. On a rocket built by an 11-year-old genius, you’ll use your “walking energy” to fuel the ship, allowing you to discover more than 25 fascinating planets, like Caramel Apple, Octopus Cavern, Heart of Flames, and more!
Also listen to IQ Increase and Beta Relaxed Focus one time each during your day as you work, commute, run errands, etc. This Theta track must be used after the Alpha track, because it begins with the same frequency where Alpha ends. The combination of these two tracks is extremely powerful and will give you maximum benefit to your mind, body and emotions. Use a comfortable chair instead of sitting up in your bed, as your mind is conditioned to equate your bed with being asleep. However, I recommend that you do not go to sleep with your brainwave track set to repeat, as that can be too much stimulation for the brain. Throughout the universe, you’ll also encounter delightful lost space creatures who will need your help along the way. Perennial temperatures on this chilly world remain below 5 degrees, with sudden blizzards regularly hitting the entire planet. HoneycombFilled with honey bees and honeycomb, this planet is home to worker bees who travel to distant floral planets to gather nectar before returning for a rest in their sweetly fragrant hive hideaways.Fossil FernThe native ferns of this planet are covered in curls, their floating spores exuding a soft light. Against the darkness of the galaxy, they create a beautiful starlit sky.Ventricular MachineThis entire planet is a well-oiled machine, a factory filled with highly skilled robots happily working around the clock. No one knows where in the universe they get their ceaseless energy.Coral ReefA planet made of interwoven red coral. Coral is the perfect natural sanctuary for sea life, and the interior of Coral Reef is filled with schools of cheerful fish.Nurture cute creatures & expand your galaxyHelp Cute Space CreaturesThese adorable lost space creatures need your help to find their way home! To help him on his adventure, Collins is accompanied by Doggii, his Shiba Inu chief officer, who has an IQ of more than 130.ExplorerWhile gliding through space, Explorer conducts automatic galaxy detection, and searches for nearby planets with mechanical or biological entities. The more you walk, the faster Explorer can reach new planets.DFRThe Dynamic Food Replicator was invented by Collins.

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