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A body treatment that deals with imperfections caused by water retention: cellulite, feeling of heaviness and swelling. They contribute to the absorption of localized edemas, reduce capillary permeability and improve lymphatic drainage. It reduces capillary permeability while improving its resistance, and triggers the microcirculation. Skin that is visibly more even-toned and compact, natural feeling of lightness and long-lasting well-being.
It energizes and gets the liquids in the extracellular space moving and triggers the peripheral microcirculation, increasing capillary resistance and reducing their permeability.
Japanese Hot Stone Facial Massage is an ancient facial treatment that goes beyond beauty to deeply relax the nervous system and enhance feellings  well being.Vibrant, radiant skin is achieved by moving lymph and flushing toxins while supplying facial tissue with much needed oxygen and nutrients.
Posted on November 12, 2010 by Jessie • 0 CommentsWhat a great way to celebrate Motherhood!
Cloud 9 Healing Arts also offers healing products from around the world: Herbal Compresses, Cloud 9 Facial Massage stones, Thai Foot Massage Sticks, Thai Fisherman Pants and Thai Mats and Bolsters.
During your amazing pregnancy your body will undergo changes, which can cause aches, pains and stresses physically and emotionally. All our treatments use 100% natural coconut oil whilst you relax on our bump Bag, which allows you to lie comfortably and fully supported.
This two hour Pregnancy Spa includes a foot spa to take the aches from your ankles and feet. To book a Positive Touch Pregnancy Spa Treatment call us on 0151 625 2273 or pop into our Wirral Beauty Salon in West Kirby.

If you don't quite have the time  time you can treat yourself to a Full Body Pregnancy Massage or 30 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Pregnancy Massage. The pressure of your uterus on your pelvic veins can also slow down the movement of blood around your legs, causing it to pool around your ankles. I spend time working the areas that count,back, neck, shoulders, and legs with detailed attention to hands and feet. The tightest knots and chronic tension melt away with Hot Stone Massage — a wonderful partnership of deep Swedish massage and heated smooth basalt stones. The combination of far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst quartz opens the channels for intelligent cellular communication leading to DNA repair and total body wellness. So receiving a massage can have enormous benefits to you and your baby at different stages in your pregnancy. The medical term for the condition is oedema, but ita€™s nicknamed a€?canklesa€™ because it can be difficult to tell where the calf ends and the ankle begins! I use custom made facial gem stones that are heated to the perfect temperature to reduce wrinkles , diminish facial lines and disperse accumulated tension.
Its like taking a yoga class while relaxing the entire time.You will love the way you feel during and long after your treatment !
I have advanced training in Maternity and infant masage and use my knowledge and skills to help you feel wonderful during this incredible event in your life! Followed by a mask, Decleor Facial and back massage so every area of your body feels amazing.
Although swelling will occur as a necessary side effect of pregnancy, you can prevent it from becoming a massive discomfort by making a few changes.Give those dogs a rest One of the key solutions is to alter the way you sit and lie down.

As a massage teacher and practitioner for over 36 years, you will find yourself in expert hands! Cool stones are also  used to reduce puffiness and enhance circulation.Included in your treatment is a fabulous Scalp,Neck, Shoulder, Arm and Hand massage! Each stone is extremely smooth and heated to perfection — encouraging deep relaxation and better circulation. Using body supporting pillows and cushions, you are fully supported as I work to relieve the tensions caused by pregnancy. The techniques are very different from standard facial massage, you will love how good they feel and I believe are far more effective.
Once the muscle tissue begins to relax, I am able to massage the deeper layers of muscle tissue leaving you feeling thoroughly relaxed and in a state of sheer bliss.
You can place a foot stool or a stack of books underneath your desk at work to bring some relief. This special type of hosiery distributes an even amount of pressure across the lower body.Diet and exercise are key Counterintuitive though it may seem, increasing your water consumption can actually help you retain less fluid. However, try not to spend too much time outdoors in the sweltering summer heat, which can cause further discomfort. Together we've experienced most of the ups and downs of the pregnancy journey and are here to share and help you along the way.

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