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Headache and cold cough herbal medicine, View headache medicine, Topic Product Details from NISSIN PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Covonia Cold And Flu Formula liquid provides a triple action medicine to give effective relief from cold and flu symptoms. A poultice is a soft material that’s applied directly to your horse’s body – usually his legs or hooves – to relieve soreness and to reduce or prevent inflammation. Warm poultices, or liniments, intended to heat up the muscles come in gel or liquid form and often include ingredients like menthol, mint, and capsaicin.
To poultice a horse’s leg after a workout to minimize inflammation, purchase a clay-based poultice which has a cooling effect.
Liniment can serve as a nice after-exercise treat for your horse to help cool down and soothe his tired muscles. Setting up a horse refers to applying liniment to all four legs and then wrapping them overnight. Poultices and liniments can help prevent soreness and stiffness in your horse, and can reduce swelling and inflammation. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

Poultices can provide both cold therapy and heat therapy, depending on what type of poultice you use. Apply the poultice liberally to the horse’s leg, then cover it with a layer of wet heavy brown paper – cutting up brown paper grocery bags works well. Removing the bandages and letting the poultice air dry can make it easier to remove, and much of it may flake off on its own.
Generally such poultices are salt-based, but you might speak with your farrier about what he or she recommends. The thought is that the heat provided by the liniment prevents stiffness that a horse may feel after having been exercised heavily. Here’s some information about poultices and liniments and why you might consider them for your horse. If your horse will be in his stall during the night then a poultice can be left on overnight to provide longer-term heat or cold treatments.
The use of cold therapy minimizes inflammation and can help reduce pain associated with an injury.
Heat therapy in the form of liniments can be used before a workout to warm up muscles, or after a workout to ease sore and tired muscles.

Some grooms prefer to use a layer of saran wrap to help the poultice retain its moisture, but be aware that saran wrap has the potential to shift and bind around the horse’s leg during the night. Pack the poultice into the sole of your horse’s foot, then cover it with cotton padding, vetrap, and a layer of duct tape. Towel him off a bit and then rub liquid liniment over large areas of his body, including his neck, shoulders, and hips. Wearing gloves during their application may make the task a bit less messy for you, while allowing your horse to enjoy the benefits of liniments and poultices. Cold poultices are popular for use on the lower legs, especially after a hard workout or show. Read the directions carefully, and be sure to dilute the product properly if it is in a concentrated form.

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