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The fact is that most homeowners waste more water and energy using their washing machines than what they should. Have you ever left clothes in the washing machine so long that they began to develop mildew and a funky smell? Some appliances, appliance manufacturers and service areas have a $39.95 Service Call that is Free with Repair.
Samsung Electronics announced the launch of an expanded range of ecobubble™ washing machines, building on the already successful introduction of this technology in 2010.
The 12KG load capacity ecobubble™ washer has the biggest wash size available in Europe in a standard  cabinet.
All functionality, features, specifications and other product information provided in this document including, but not limited to, to benefits, design, components, performance, availability and capability of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation. If you're washing just a few articles of clothes, then it would be beneficial to keep the load size setting low. When this occurs, you're usually forced to re-wash the load, wasting twice as much energy and water.
If you only wore a t-shirt for an hour or so and didn't get anything on it, then you can probably hang it back up and wear it later. These soap rich bubbles penetrate deeper and dissolve faster into fabrics, so you can save on energy but still get great results.
In previous generations of hand-washing, people used to create large quantities of rich and soapy foam for their laundry day, helping the detergent to penetrate and get absorbed deeply. Just as the wash cycle begins, the generator uses an initial water intake, creates a concentrated detergent solution and sucks large quantities of air into the flow, pumping this mix rapidly up into the wash drum.

Popular modern fabrics are sometimes so delicate that they require cold washing with very gentle mechanical action, but people still want the convenience of automatic machine washings rather than hand wash, and they want to get great results. The washing machine reduces the number of cycles needed per week for larger families, allowing them to stay ahead of the laundry pile, and not spend so much time doing their washing.
Thankfully, there are a couple of things individuals can do to reduce the amount of energy and water wasted by their washing machine. However, you could possibly save even more energy and water by saving up your clothes until you have enough to wash a large load. To avoid this, get into the habit of immediately transferring your washed clothes to the dryer after the last cycle is complete. Samsung applied this traditional wisdom in their bubble based washing system, to make the tiresome chore of cleaning clothes much easier and more convenient without energy waste.
Low temperature washing that does not compromise wash performance, and even benefits from the soft foam cushion during the wash phase, is a benefit. With soap-rich bubbles, cold water can wash your clothes just as well as the hotter 40°C water that so many people use these days, reducing the energy requirement for heating. Of course this isn't always an option, as some people need their work uniform or outfit washed in a timely manner. Samsung even has evidence that this foam cushion and gentle action has a measurable improvement on garments such as outdoor and water resistant fabrics, allowing them to keep their coating in good condition and keeping out the rain for longer. You can gain an energy saving of up to 70% in a cold wash (Super Eco cold wash at 15°C) compared to a conventional 40°C cotton wash. The bottom line is that you need to be aware of what setting your load size is set to on your washing machine and change it as needed.

Make sure you have a laundry basket or some other designated area for storing your dirty clothes in. These special bubbles soak into fabrics quickly, deeply and evenly, and then thoroughly rinse out.
Thanks to the new Digital Inverter Motor, you save even more energy while also benefiting from a robust technology backed up by a 10 year component warranty. The sensor detects how much load is inside now and calculates how much water and energy are needed to clean it. When your clean clothes come out of the dryer, fold them and place them where they go to prevent them from falling in with your dirty clothes.
The bubble generator even works against leaving residues or soap stains as the detergent is dissolved more consistently. It is the powerful motor driving Samsung’s front-loading washers and moreover, it reduces noise from the washing machine, so you can do your laundry with a minimum of disruption in the home, maybe even enjoying a bit of sleep while the washer goes to work. Moreover, new color LCD on the front shows which washing program is most energy-saving and optimizing the use of resources. Owing to all of these advanced technologies, ecobubble™  washer is delivering the best rated energy use available with A+++ in spite of its biggest capacity.

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