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Mouth ulcers are very common disease that occurs mostly in young people and people with psychological problems. Most people do not treat ulcers, as they pass quickly without any medicines (from a few days to a few weeks). However, people may experience irritation and pain during eating and constant discomfort due to ulcers in the mouth. People who have health problems such as diabetes, heartburn, chronic diseases often suffer from mouth ulcers. Unfortunately, there is still no specific ways to recognize the first symptoms of the disease. Keep in mind, that if the ulcer persists for 3-4 weeks or longer, you should consult a physician, since this may be a malignancy.
Garlic and onions are very effective, they contain substances that promote rapid cell regeneration and healing of mouth ulcers.
A strong immune system and a daily oral hygiene are the best means for the prevention of mouth ulcers. All comments are moderated so you may experience a short delay before your comment appears.
How treat mouth ulcers - body+soul, (q) whenever i get tired or run down, i develop mouth ulcers.

Mouth ulcers - nhs choices, Mouth ulcers symptom viral infection affects young children, called hand, foot mouth disease.
Medically termed as canker sores or oral sores, mouth ulcers are the white sores inside the cheeks and lips or on the gums and tongue etc.
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Home remedies mouth ulcers - treatment & cure, Read about home remedies for mouth ulcers and mouth ulcers treatments. Mouth ulcers- treatment, I moved france 3 years mouth ulcers frequents (' 3 4 times ).
Nearly a third of the world’s population suffers from this kind of problem at least once a year. After all, if you do not treat an ulcer, you can be sure that after a while it will appear again. Most often they occur because of problems with oral hygiene, its damage, a lack of vitamins.
One thing is for sure, if the disease has appeared, it will appear again without proper treatment. Do not worry, cancerous ulcers are not dangerous to human life, but must be under the supervision of a specialist, because in the later stages they can cause many problems.

But there are some recommendations for the prevention of their occurrence and for fast healing.
Use a toothpaste of the known, trusted brands and always change your toothbrush every 3 months. They are used not only to treat ulcers, but also for other infections such as tooth pain, pus in the gums and etc. They are very painful and prevent a person’s ability to speak, eat or drink properly.
Before a mouth ulcer develops, a tingling or burning sensation can be felt inside the mouth. The large ulcers are the one that, though occur as a single ulcer, but causes much pain and are huger in size. They develop because of breakage of mucous membrane or epithelium on lips that surrounds the mouth.

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