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These rapidly adaptive characteristics create opportunities for adopting transformational alternative operational concepts for bringing military power to bear at responsive speeds from long range. Specifically, the HSV technology has the potential to better balance and transform the Fleet for operation in the information age over a wide variety of missions including assuring access in the littorals. The future warfighting environment will place higher value on maneuver, sensing, signature control, speed, battlespace preparation, numbers, modularity, adaptability and risk tolerance in addition to and coupled with the robust power projection capabilities of our current force. HSV is part of a larger concept for sizing, shaping, operating, and continuously transforming the Navy to meet evolving challenges. A preeminent characteristic resident in the emerging High Speed Vessel (HSV) concept is the flexibility to modularly adapt and reconfigure to meet a number of mission profiles from a singular cost effective baseline vessel configuration. The Navy Warfare Development Command (NWDC), along with partner commands, has attempted to ensure that developing HSV concepts developing through HSV-XI Joint Venture are compatible with existing and proposed mobile units and systems.

Optimal manning with a permanent crew of 20, augmented with staff as necessary for tailored specific mission profiles.
HSVs ability to transport a battalion and its combat equipment delivered together at high speeds in one trip is a great advantage to this combatant CINC. Use of HSV has resulted in a sizable reduction in the number of aircraft flights into and out of Kadena Air Base, decreasing the noise impact on politically sensitive communities. The HSV’s demonstrated seakeeping characteristics and ability to quickly integrate modularized mine warfare capabilities would provide a more responsive, stable, seaworthy, and tailorable C2 platform for the MIWC, capable of coordinating MCM operations from the sea. Utilize the HSV as a MCM-X platform with future MCM Unmanned Underwater Vessels tasked by the MIWC.
Exploitation mission about 60 NM away from the GOMEX AOA which will be conducted between UUV launch and recovery missions.

Please try searching for the product or category you are seeking or contact us for assistance. Our future will rely on and most certainly require a mix of traditional forces along with the emerging HSV capabilities in order to successfully accomplish the full spectrum of future missions from Humanitarian Assistance, Logistic Support to NEO and Power Projection capabilities to gain, maintain and sustain access in the littorals.

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