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In telling a new partner about a genital herpes infection, it’s common to compare cold sores – an oral herpes infection – with a genital one.
That means HSV1 & HSV2 behave similarly, but from an evolutionary stand-point, they sort of diverged years ago when humans started having sex face to face. Both the herpes simplex type 1 and the herpes simplex type 2 viruses infect the body’s mucous membranes (usually the mouth or genitals, but there are also mucous membranes located in the nose, eyes, and ears).
When the viruses become reactivated due to physical or emotional stimuli, they replicate and then travel the nerve pathways to the surface of the skin – sometimes that results in a physical outbreak, other times, it results in viral shedding.
For both HSV1 & HSV2, it is thought that at least two-thirds of infected people experience no symptoms at all or symptoms that are too mild to notice. The primary difference between HSV1 & HSV2 is where the virus typically establishes latency in the body. However, that difference is not absolute, and either strain can reside in either parts of the body while infecting oral or genital areas. Because of the euphemisms we’ve attached to HSV1, people assume that oral herpes is a mild infection, occasionally bothersome, but never dangerous. However, for some, HSV1 occurs in the eye, causing ocular herpes, and ocular herpes is a potentially serious infection that can lead to blindness.
The range and potential severity of HSV1 infections has led some experts to view the virus as more risky than usually perceived.
Herpes simplex type 2 is the most frequent cause of neonatal herpes, a very uncommon, but dangerous infection in newborns. HSV2, however, unlike HSV1, rarely causes other complications or spreads to different areas of the body outside of its original vicinity.
Since the primary difference between HSV1 and HSV2 lies in where the strain establishes itself in the nervous system, comparing the two infections can help partners understand an HSV infection while also alleviating some misconceptions. There are some obvious differences between the two viruses when comparing location of infection, risk, and social perceptions, but the viruses themselves look and behave similarly, so an initial comparison can be quite helpful. Female symptoms herpes signs, female genital herpes, Female symptoms of herpes, female genital herpes signs and herbal treatments for herpes.
Herpes simplex – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Herpes simplex viral disease caused herpes simplex virus.
Herpes symptoms, Herpes pervasive infected persons idea sexually transmitted disease. Female symptoms herpes signs, female genital herpes, Female symptoms herpes, female genital herpes signs herbal treatments herpes. Herpes simplex virus type-1 (HSV-1): commonly causes oral herpes, cold sores or fever blisters (herpes labialis). Herpes simplex virus type-2 (HSV-2): a contagious sexually transmitted viral infection primarily causing genital herpes in men and women. Herpes is a viral disease caused by both Herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1) and type 2 (HSV-2).

Botanicx has developed a a proprietary formula of homeopathic drugs and natural essentual oils for the treatment of HSV1 and HSV2. Many people with herpes will not have any visible signs or symptoms at all, or not be aware of them. It is estimated that 80% of persons in the United States has some form of herpes and 1 in 5 persons has genital herpes; however, as many as 90% are unaware that they have the virus.
Some people remain asymptomatic for life (even though they are still capable of shedding the virus and transmitting it to others).
Therefore, when you get symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve only just come into contact with the virus. When a person has herpes, the virus lays dormant (sleeps) in a bundle of nerves in the spine.
Herpes is capable of reactivating without producing any visible lesions (asymptomatic reactivation), but when signs and symptoms of recurrent outbreaks do occur, they are usually milder than with the first outbreak and clear up more quickly.
There is often an early warning tingling sensation and they may get a flu-like illness before an outbreak.
To be on the safe side, it’s best to assume the virus is active (and, therefore, can be spread through direct skin-to-skin contact) during these times. The recurrent blisters and sores are usually fewer, smaller, and less painful and heal more quickly.
Recurrent outbreaks normally appear in the same part of the body as in previous outbreaks, but in some people they may appear nearby.
Severe symptoms may last up to 3 weeks and all symptoms may return in weeks, months, or years. Most people with genital herpes have no symptoms, have very mild symptoms that go unnoticed, or have symptoms but do not recognize them as a sign of infection.
The classic genital herpes symptoms is a cluster of blistery sores — usually on the vagina, vulva, cervix, penis, buttocks, thighs, or anus.
Is HSV1 (commonly cold sores) and HSV2 (commonly genital herpes), virtually, the same thing?
That’s why a lot of their DNA is different, despite their genetic make-up remaining strikingly similar.
That is why both strains can recur and then be transmitted to others even when there are no noticeable symptoms present. As a result, it’s estimated that as many as the same amount (two-thirds) of people are entirely unaware they are infected. HSV1 usually remains dormant in the nerve cells near the base of the neck, and from there, viral shedding and outbreaks tend to occur on the mouth or face. Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware that HSV1 and HSV2 can reside in both locations (more than 30% of new genital herpes infections are the result of HSV1), and that is one of the primary contributors to the recent rise in genital HSV1 infections: the misconception that the strains are fundamentally different. In rarer cases, HSV1 spreads to the brain, causing herpes encephalitis, and herpes encephalitis is a dangerous infection that can lead to death.

Have you always wondered if there was a difference between cold sores and genital herpes as well?
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She is also proof an STI is not a deal-breaker or the end of your world; rather, it is merely an unexpected curve-ball in this interesting game we call life. The information provided herein should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. Signs of genital herpes include recurrent clusters of blisters, bumps and rashes in the genital and rectal areas. Infection with the herpes virus is categorized into one of several distinct disorders based on the site of infection. In other people, the virus may be in the body for several weeks, months or possibly years before any signs or symptoms appear. Because of those possibilities, it can be difficult for people to know when and from whom they contracted herpes. When the virus reactivates (wakes up), it travels nerve paths to the surface of the skin, sometimes causing an outbreak. The emotional and social attitudes surrounding the two infections are wildly different, and those perceptions alone can make an objective comparison and subsequent discussion quite difficult. By comparing the infections, we can help answer those questions while also beginning to understand why there is a polarizing difference in the way society views oral herpes vs. While the percentage of DNA they share is relatively low when considering humans share over 98% of their DNA with chimps, how the DNA behaves and forms into genes is more important, because they share the major segments of DNA that are needed to contribute to biological functions – the genetic material. HSV2, on the other hand, usually establishes latency in the nerve cells near the base of the spine, and from there, it recurs in the genital area.
When it infects the lips, face, or genitals, HSV1 is often quite mild and more of a nuisance than anything else. More importantly, Jenelle is proof an STI is not a deal-breaker or the end of your world; rather, it is merely part of the human experience. Oral herpes, the visible symptoms of which are colloquially called cold sores or fever blisters, is an infection of the face or mouth.
Recurrent infections (outbreaks) may occur from time to time, especially in times of immune impairment such as HIV and cancer-related immune suppression.[1] However, after several years, outbreaks become less severe and more sporadic, and some people will become perpetually asymptomatic and will no longer experience outbreaks, though they may still be contagious to others.
In addition, many people have very subtle forms of recurrent herpes that heal in a matter of days. Treatments with antivirals can reduce viral shedding and alleviate the severity of symptomatic episodes.

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