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It’s been a long, grueling journey attempting to cure my chronically shitty personality. Most of these cures have given me temporary relief: a week of shutting up about my perpetual singleness, two weeks of tipping my waitstaff, a few days of listening to Cheryl talk about her dead mom (rather than directing it back to me), but ultimately, my chronic symptoms of shittiness have come backA even worse.
When I heard about coconut oil as a cure-all I never dreamed how quickly the results would manifest!
Honestly, to any of my friends who doubt the existence of aA panaceaA for their shitty personality, I strongly urge you to try coconut oil as an all-natural answer to your obnoxious behavioral coping mechanisms. If miracles exist, they come in the gooey, delicious, and yes–greasy form of coconut oil, permeating and healing every pore of my immature, chronically sick personality.

Jade WatersA blogs from inside a bathtub full of coconut oil congealed with Cheryl’s tears. SportsThis Guy Watched Hockey For The First Time And He Didn’t Like It And He Turned It Off Uhh, you new to hockey, bro? I’ve tried everythingA under the Tuscan sun including the South Beach Diet, espousing weed culture, tattooing hibiscus Bill Murray on my ankle, creating a VineA series of me guzzling Icelandic alkaline water, collecting rare Neil Young vinyls, and mimicking everyone more centered and fulfilled than me. After just one week of smearing coconut oil on my dinner meats, guzzling it out of milk glasses, and dipping my face in it, I already notice many of my interpersonal symptoms of shittiness clearing up! I now have anA understanding that tipping isn’t an anti-capitalist conspiracy of the proletariat, but in fact a necessity for service workers.

She attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for writing right before the United States fully transformed into a bad 1950s sitcom. Kim Kardashian Just Broke The Internet With Her Coordinated Cyberattack On Its Underlying Architecture Yas queen!

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