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In celebration of Albert Einstein’s birthday today, lets look as some of the favorite quotes. Thank you for visiting Charlene's Personal Blog, and the location where we will feature Girls from across the world that are Awesome!
Bower Motorsports Media I'm Not Just a Girl is a Clothing, Jewelry and Bling line of products produced by Bower Motorsports Media. Christmas excess today means that the average person consumes 6,000 calories on Christmas day.
This is equivalent to eating 4.8kg of egg-fried rice, or 42 bananas, or 23 and a half hamburgers. Or you could think of it as eating three 300g chicken korma curries, three 300g chicken tikka curries, three naan breads and 24 onion bhajis. For those of us less inclined to extreme endurance and more comfortable with staying indoors, there is little chance we will be burning 6,000 calories on Christmas day.

Christmas dinner itself easily fits in to the recommended calorific intake for a day, says Sian Porter, consultant dietician and spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association.
To burn off Christmas day's calories alone you might need to do at least seven hours of hard exercise such as cycling.
Do not skip meals and try to eat regularly to avoid overeating in one big meal, says the English Institute of Sport's performance nutritionist Emma Gardner.
There are plenty of easy calorie-savers, such as not eating turkey skin or avoiding putting butter on vegetables. Eat vegetable crudites or popcorn, provided it's without butter or sugar, for low-calorie alternatives to crisps.
Laura says she adheres to an 80:20 principle of eating, where 80% of her diet is healthy and 20% is more indulgent. She suggests that you can boil or steam sprouts or bake them in the oven, or instead of doing roast potatoes, do Persian jewelled rice in a slow cooker.

But keeping moderate exercise up before and after Christmas can help stop you putting on weight.
As a bonus, site members have access to a banner-ad-free version of the site, with print-friendly pages.Click here to learn more. It was during this time that the young physicist obtained his Doctorate degree and published four of his most influential research papers, including the Special Theory of Relativity. It also launched him to international superstardom and his name became a household word synonymous with genius all over the world.

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