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It appears as if the sun is covered in the storms and when the storm breaks, the sun springs forth.
The reality is, the Son is always present, it's the storms that passi»?.A Facing PainWhat is the pain in your life brining to the surface of your heart and mind? The West Valley Area Police Station, conveniently located right up the street in beautiful Reseda, CA. And if they are asked to do a little extra work for free, they act like martyrs who are doing something extremelysacrificial!A If youa€™re going to do something mighty for God, you have to throw yourself into the call of God and do what is needed, regardless of whether or not it is convenient to you.
We all have pain of some kind and it hurts whether we admit such to others or keep it to ourselves. The fact is, doing what God has called us to do must be paramount in our lives a€” more important than any comfort or pleasure. When we share in the Rawness of our pain, we deepen intimacy with humanity and create unity, as we become more relatable with each other. A  There is no Tarzana Police Department, so who was the Troll that Valerie was talking with, and where were they located?A  Only in her head, it appears.
Like the examples we see in the lives of Jesus and the apostle Paul, we must be willing to do anything required or go to any length to do exactly what God has assigned to us.A Of course God wants His people to be blessed!
When we avoid the reality of the pain we suffer and stuff it away, we become more isolated and in turn, create separation.
But a believer shouldna€™t start whining and complaining just because he runs into an attack of the devil that affects the level of comfort he is accustomed to.
I can almost understand why everyone is so sad because yes, the world IS a horrible place and it is full of horrible, ugly things.
And if hea€™s asked to do a little more than what is usually asked of him, he shouldna€™t start griping that the extra task is not a part of his job description. When a person does that, we can know that this is someone who will not do something mighty for God a€” at least not until he makes anadjustment in his attitude!A To push the forces of hell out of the way, you have to be more determined than hell itself.
One day, you will inevitably be in the position of the one you so harshly judge, as we are all human, we all make mistakes, we all meet pressure in our lives at one time or another that we can't possibly handle on our own, especially when the pressure is compounded, relentless, and in long durations with no break or no help.
Have your choices always been ones that if captured on video or photo, would paint you in a positive light?
He tells us that he has been physically beaten as he pursued the fulfillment of his God-given task, experiencing a€?a€¦stripes above measurea€¦.a€?A The word a€?stripesa€? is the Greek word plege.
We are all human, we make mistakes, we make bad choices, we make good choices - we have moments that we are proud of the world knowing about and ones we wish that even God could not see. How about we send loving energy, prayers, mercy to each other rather than judgment and criticisms? Lets pray for each other, whether it's people we see in the media or our best friends, or those who are our families, even for those who are our enemies. Release a€?ita€? to Him and He will go to work on our behalf in greater and more awesome ways than we could ever do in our own human strength and with our own human intelligence and limited power. When we let a€?ita€? go, it doesna€™t mean its not going to happen a€“ it simply means we are trusting God to work ALL out for our best, and in His perfect timing. After Goda€™s power shook the prison walls and set Paul and Silas free, the keeper of theA prison came to them to ask how to be saved.
Here we see an example of the physical beatings Paul endured.A But this incident in Philippi was just one example of Paul being physically knocked around byA opponents to the Gospel.
However, if your heart is humble, you win every time in the only way that matters.A BlessedAre you blessed? And when these two words are joined together, they depict a very powerful picture!A Imagine an archer who takes his bow and arrows to the field for target practice. ELCi»? Elizabeth L.Chalker, Author The things you can accomplish and overcome with your mind far and away exceed the greatest capabilities of your physical body.
This pictures the meaning of the Greek word huperballo.A Paula€™s use of this word tells us that he was beaten way beyond the range of what we could evenA begin to imagine. The reality is, the Son is always present, it's the storms that passi»?.A Facing PainWhat is the pain in your life brining to the surface of your heart and mind? They were cruel, severe, merciless acts of brutality.A What Paula€™s enemies did to his body wasA way over the top! But Paul never allowed even these acts of physical brutality to affect his commitment to the task God had given him.A YouA must be more determined than the forces that will try to come against you. But I do pray that you make upA your mind to be tougher than anything the devil ever tries to throw in your direction. Grant, Attorney at Law, Juneau, AK From Wedding Bells to Tales to Tell: The Affidavit of Eric William Swanson, my former spouse AFFIDAVIT OF SHANNON MARIE MCCORMICK, My Former Best Friend THE AFFIDAVIT OF VALERIE BRITTINA ROSE, My daughter, aged 21 THE BEAGLE BRAYS!
It describes a place of custody, a prison ward, or a place heavily guarded by keepers and watchmen. One day, you will inevitably be in the position of the one you so harshly judge, as we are all human, we all make mistakes, we all meet pressure in our lives at one time or another that we can't possibly handle on our own, especially when the pressure is compounded, relentless, and in long durations with no break or no help.

Such a prison was usually a small, dark chamber in which the most hardened, dangerous, and menacing prisoners were confined. But if going to jail meant that Paul would accomplish his apostolic calling along the way, that was what he was willing to do.
Paul was ready to undergo any inconvenience, pay any price, and go to all lengths to do what God had commissioned him to do. Lets pray for each other, whether it's people we see in the media or our best friends, or those who are our families, even for those who are our enemies. They are the thoughts of a man who faced the prospect of death almost on a daily basis.A Paul never sought to live under this constant threat of murder or execution.
But rather than run and hide from imminent danger, he faced it bravely and kept moving forward to do what he was called to do.A Had Paul been less committed, it would have taken only a few of these difficult experiences to knock him out of the race. If you choose to take advantage of the power that is available to you, the Spirit of God will energize and lift youA to a place of victory over any obstacle the devil tries to throw in your way. I willA successfully push beyond each attack of the enemy because the Holy Spirit is empowering me.A I dona€™t have to be a defeated victim. Therefore, the Spirit of God will energize and lift me to a place of victory overA any obstacle the devil tries to throw in my way. Shift your meditations and the words you speak out-loud to ones of thanks to Him for all He has done and continues to do for you and in you; and, all around you on a daily basis. Was there a time in your past when you felt extremely weak, but then the Spirit of God suddenly quickened you with such divine energy that you became supernaturally strong to overcome a difficult challenge in your life?
Can you verbalize the changes that occurred in you when Goda€™s power infused you with new strength?
ELCi»?i»?__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________LoveWe as humans need to stop tearing each other down. If relationships are too volatile or painful to do so directly, then do so in your heart and in prayer.
We simply need to choose to see and acknowledge the blessings from within us and those that are all around us - everyday - all the time. Choose your spoken words with utmost care.We are each in a continual process of becoming everything we were Created to be. Until we reach the end of this human journey and our final destination, heaven (for those belonging to God), we will be in a process of growth.
As an individual, you can choose to live defeated and speak out about all of your flaws, weaknesses, unfair situations, rejections, lacka€¦or, you can choose to confess out loud all of who and what you desire to become. It is not enough to think what you want to become, you must decide to speak it as if you already are.As you speak out loud what you desire to become, something changes on the inside. We begin to change the frequencies within our cells and break generational curses, negative mind-sets, defeated attitudes that were passed down our family line and even those we created ourselves.No matter what obstacles, challenges, limitations, sin, weaknesses, lacka€¦you are living today, you have the power within to create a life of Love.
HELL'S BELLS: THE TELLS OF THE ELVES RING LOUD AND CLEAR IDENTITY THEFT, MISINFORMATION, AND THE GETTING THE INFAMOUS RUNAROUND Double Entendre and DoubleSpeak, Innuendos and Intimidation, Coercion v Common Sense, Komply (with a K) v Knowledge = DDIICCKK; Who's Gunna Call it a Draw? As an echo sends back exactly what you speak out, decide today that from this moment on, you will speak only Love out into the universe.
We each hold the responsibility for what we bring to ourselves, and what we bring and leave to this world. Jesus faced temptations we will never meet in our life-time, and He stood, not giving into them. If we do not have temptations, meaning, if we just do as we please, giving into whatever blissful moment that comes our way or that we seek, we are not tempted a€“ we are not tempted because we are numb to there being a temptation when we do as we please. When we start to feel convicted in our hearts regarding the choices we make, the behaviors we choose, our weaknesses, our sin, then our inherent a€?bada€™ that lurks within each human, is brought to the surface. When we do not see anything wrong with the choices we make or the behaviors we choose a€“ we are blind to the areas we need to improve a€“ and blind to there even being a temptation. Jesus faced temptations of every kind; He knew they were temptations, as He was without sin.
We can change this world to love; we can cultivate a humanity of compassion, strength, faith, and unity.
And, we must feed what is of love and love only if we are to change the climate of this world and of humanity - to love.A As one person we may think it impossible to change this world. In doing so, we change the world.What will your choice be today?A To all who mourn, may the God of all comfort be your peace, healing and strength.
If we dona€™t look at this life in the context of what is to come, the sadness and emptiness of this life will consume us to true non-existence. This life is a transition a€“ a passing into the next a€“ higher existence that we journey on towards. As we pass through each life, we choose to live and step higher and higher to reach what goes beyond the dream of surreal, transitory life to True life with Him, where the power and Love of the Spirit within us come forth in all of the realness of what is the only Truth.
For until we reach such oneness with and in Him, we continue in this dream of life that carries us ever upward where we reach the one True and pure hearts desire we were created with and for a€“ to desire him only.

Belonging to God, A Divine Destiny to Fulfill.I heard a sermon preached about rockets taking off relating to our life of faith. This sparked thought from my heart about my own life and the things I use my energy for and where my focus tends to go. God uses the circumstances of life to serve as a training ground to equip us with all that is necessary to fulfill our divine purpose.There are key moments in our lives where God wants to take us to a new level of greatness, for His glory. However, many times we are the hindrance to receiving the blessings He has in store to give.
Such consumes our energy, our time, our resources and therefore, our ability to receive the blessings He is waiting to shower in and through us. When we choose to allow the distractions of life to take center stage, our divine purpose and destiny is put on pause.When sitting in a rocket that is getting ready to launcha€¦ ones focus is on the task at hand, on the mission. With no measure or testing of faith for whatever may come as you lift off or as you go through the mission to completion?
No, you would no more get in a rocket, or be allowed to for that matter, without the properA  training, practice, clearance, approval, for such a mission.
Nor would you be permitted to get into that rocket and launch without eliminating all of the distractions, or with no support. Furthermore, you would not get in a rocket that wasna€™t properly built, inspected, checked and re-checked for safety and proper functiona€¦nor would you go without a safety plan for mishaps that may be encountered on your missiona€¦nor would you go alone.You would not go through all of the prep, education, pruning, refining, grind, hard work, sacrificesa€¦to get in the seat with the countdown going and then be pondering all of the hurt in your life, all of the things you do not have, all of the people who did you wrong, all of the things that were taken from you, all of the pain you may be suffering. Such would be ludicrous in light of sitting in the seat of a rocket, clothed in the equipment to take off, armed with the knowledge, wisdom and expertise to guide the rocket on the mission you trained for, alongside your team. No, your focus would be on the mission onlya€¦on last checks of your equipment, on the navigation of where you are headed and the reasons, on your team and all of the functions working together for the purpose of the mission, of the call. None of the other stuff of life would even be on the radar of your thoughts, actions or feelings. Your mission too important, the focus needed too vital to your very life and to that of your team and many others.Such is a parallel to life. Your divine destiny, your mission that you were created for, is in your heart, it is in your power to fulfill, with Goda€™s help.
Everything you have been through up until this very moment, even your own mistakes, are all God preparing you to step into your divine destiny and to fulfill the purposes He created you for. Or are you going to choose to remain on the launch pad, engines rumbling, at a standstill, wasting fuel and time on distractions while your divine destiny awaits? Delaying blessings waiting to be delivered to you, and therefore many others as the ripple effect goes? A Leave the critics, the lack, the pain of losses, the disappointments, the suffering and all you could focus on that will keep you tied downa€¦behind you, as you take off into another realm, into the land of divine power, energy, fulfilled purpose, abundant blessings and love.Like a rocket taking off into space, the earth becomes a pin dot in view and eventually, not seen at alla€¦the focus becomes new, onto where the rocket takes youa€¦ and your heart is filled with all of the things you encounter on your mission. Leave all behind and move into 2013 in a self-choice to take only the training, growth, wisdom, humility, perspective, strength, love and those vital to your divine destiny with you into the New Year. Do not choose to stay on the launch pad with your engines rumbling, blessings delayed, divine destiny halteda€¦ any longer. Choose instead, to take off and soar, as you were created to do.Your future, from this moment forward, is in your hands to determine. As Your timing for him to return to You in heaven for eternity has come, we trust that You have ushered him home with You safely and that he is now in full glory, breathing effortlessly.
He pray and trust that he is safe in the arms of Jesus Christ, forevermore.Uncle Franklin, we will see you once again, when Goda€™s timing for each of us comes and we are ushered Home. I will cherish those memories until I see you again.May we each focus on the love shared, and honor you by continuing on in life with kindness, service, and love. May we also incline our hearts and thoughts heavenward and be ever mindful that this life is not the end. May we continue on our journeys keeping the things of eternity at the core of our choices and rejoice knowing that we will one day be reunited with you, and forever with Him.I pray and trust that as you passed from this life to your eternal one, the Lord came with His angels to safely bring you on home to your heavenly mansion, created just for you.
May you release any ties holding you here to this earth, and flow in the full and absolute freedom of heaven.
He recalls your work on earth, for His glory, He remembers even the secret things you did in love that none other knows of. May you be crowned with every good gift the Father has for you and may you know *the peace that surpasses all understanding, in which He is.There is no more struggle, sorrow or pain. As long as there is breath going in and out of our lungs, we have something that someone else needs. We can nurture a pity party - or - we can do all we know to help ourselves, leaving the details of the outcome to God and at the same time, show love to another. Everything you have been through is a test of your faith and is necessary training for you to receive the incredible, hugely magnificent moments, blessings, favor.

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