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Many people agree that Energy Efficient replacement windows create a wonderful improvement to any home. Storm windows maintain the Architectural and historic integrity of your home’s original design.
Before double-pane windows became common practice in northern climates in the 1970s and 1980s, single-pane windows were the standard. There are two primary components to energy loss through windows; infiltration and conduction. By installing vinyl Low e storm windows on the exterior of your existing windows you will create a maintenance free protective barrier over your existing windows that will reduce maintenance and increase appearance.
R-5 Window Program As a participating member of the United States Department of Energy's R-5 window and Low E storm window energy efficiency and volume purchasing initiative, we have been evaluated and accepted –meeting or exceeding the requirements of the program.
Only a select group of companies have met or exceeded the structured requirements and evaluation of the U.S. Selecting the appropriate impact resistant glass make-up is an important part of your window and door selection. Laminated Hurricane Impact Resistant Glass is comprised of two sheets of glass bonded together with a protective interlayer. Insulated Laminated Glass adds an extra single pane of glass to the laminated glass unit with a hermetically sealed air space (or gas filled space) in between. LoE Glass– LoE coatings are applied to the internal glass surface to separate heat energy (long wave) and light energy (short wave). In warm tropical climates if you are cost conscious, avoid insulated glass if not required by codes. Can you tell me the cost of the hurricane impact doors and type of windows example for hurricane level 5. Katie- We have forwarded an email to you requesting more information so we can help answer these questions for you. I recently purchased impact windows from a local company and a competitor of yours ?? they are approximately 76 inches by 30 inches. Can you tell me the thickness of your hurricane impact resistant laminate glass (not insulated) the nature or name of the film interlayer, and what wind rating is resultant from your windows? A project out or awning window is a top hinged outward opening window that protects the opening like an awning, providing ventilation even during rainy weather. Fixed windows are typically used for openings that are larger or where an opening window is not required. A designer fixed window adds a luxurious look to any room in the house while bringing in daylight.
A single hung window is a traditional style sash operable window that opens without using any interior or exterior space.

OPS were appointed to deliver the extensive refurbishment of this property, whilst adding a single storey rear extension and double storey extension.
Two key elements to the project were to maximise the views to the rear and also greatly improve the efficiency of the building. Our brochure is currently being updated to include our latest projects and will be available for download shortly.
However, replacing your home’s windows with new Energy Efficient window units is not without its drawbacks. Also, keep in mind that eventually, even replacement window insulated glass unit will fail, causing moisture, dust and dirt between the panes and the loss of the unit’s thermal performance.
The inherent inefficiency of single-pane windows due to poor insulating value, high solar heat gain, and air infiltration—combined with the large number of homes having single-pane windows—creates a tremendous opportunity to provide energy savings to a large segment of the housing stock, many of which are moderate- and low- income households.
Most of these homes had storm windows that would provide thermal and some amount of air infiltration benefit. In addition, storm windows help reduce infiltration which is common in leaky, older windows. The heat and cold energies travel thru these materials which results in increased heating and cooling costs.
DOE introduced the R-5 window Low E storm window program to offer homeowners abd contractors access to products that can substantially improve the weatherization and evergy efficiency of windows in existing homes and buildings from a reliable source and a competitive price.
Tinted glass is likely the most cost effective solution combining cost reductions with energy efficiency. The heat energy (long wave) is reflected back to the heat source and the short wave can pass through the coating. Hinged on the side, casement windows provide excellent ventilation and unlike a single hung, it has no center rail to obstruct the view. Project Out windows are suitable in nearly every style of home and frequently used in bathrooms with obscure or textured glass. The sash slides open perfect for satisfying bedroom egress requirements and is a popular style for contemporary and modern homes. Adding Vinyl storm windows with High performance Low E glass will improve energy efficiency while reducing maintenence and maintaining the architectual and historic appeal of your home! While the use of low-e coating on double- pane, sealed-insulating-glass (SIG) windows has become increasingly common over the last decade. Yet, many low-income weatherization programs have dismissed the benefits of storm windows and deemed double-pane replacement windows too expensive.
Department Energy (DOE) has stated that up to 40% of heating and cooling costs can be due to combating air infiltration in a home.
The use of non-conductive vinyl frames combined with high performance Low e glass systems in a Low e vinyl storm window reduce conduction across a window by creating a “dead air” space between the existing window and the Low e vinyl storm window.

The air or gas filled space serves as an insulator between the temperature difference that exists between the inside and the outside. Tinted glass absorbs incoming solar radiation through the glass thereby reducing the heat and light transfer into a room. If you want the best energy performance, consider insulated laminated glass with a LoE coating.
Over time, many storm windows would break or be removed for various reasons thereby reducing the benefit of the storm window.
Low-e glass incorporated into a storm window has the potential of achieving nearly equivalent window thermal performance as new windows at a much lower cost. A properly installed high performance storm window storm window can virtually eliminate air infiltration by creating a barrier outside of the primary window. Hurricane impact resistant products use a thicker sandwich of glass and special film interlayer to make the glass unit stronger. Although it is more useful in colder climates, it does improve the performance of LoE coatings and in some cases architects or local building departments are requiring its use. Gray and bronze tinted windows—the most common—reduce the penetration of both light and heat into buildings in equal amounts. We also offer a high performance coating on our laminated products with a special interlayer, rather than the standard PVB interlayer. Also, discuss with your dealer to ensure that you are in compliance with building code requirements.
For example, new windows may cost between $100 and $500 plus installation; a low-e storm window is in the $60 to $110 price range and is more easisly installed. Laminated glass also eliminates 99% of UV rays, reduces noise transmission, provides enhanced security protection for your home, and reduces the air conditioning and heating portion of your energy bill. Blue and green tinted windows offer greater penetration of visible light and slightly reduced heat transfer compared with other colors of tinted glass. PVB interlayers can absorb moisture which would corrode the soft coat and cause discoloration. Clear glass is also available, although without special coatings or tints heat transfer is not minimized.

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