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Improving home energy efficiency helps homeowners to be more financially secure by reducing monthly utility bills. The first step on the path to improved home energy efficiency can vary based on the specific conditions a home energy expert encounters and on the homeowner's priorities.
Spray Foam Systems is a leading supplier of spray foam equipment, including ProPAK Mobile Spray Rigs and NiTROSYS, and is also a Top 20 Graco.
Air Krete insulation is fire proof, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic insulation that is free of CFC's & formaldehyde, while also being. Based in Houston, TX, Lapolla is a global spray foam insulation and roof coatings manufacturer.
You’ve heard of the 12-step programs that have been created in order for people to better themselves.
Spring is nearly here, and while you might be most excited about the warmer days and the return of a green landscape, a few of you may also be looking forward to the ritual of spring cleaning. Tidying up your home after a long winter can be a major chore, but the fresh smells and feelings order are always worth it. It takes a little extra effort to ensure your appliances and major home systems are operating at peak performance, but it can add up to big savings on your utility costs throughout the year.
The coils and vents on the back and bottom of your refrigerator are essential components responsible for expelling heat, so when they’re dirty from dust and grease, the fridge has to work harder to keep your food cold.
A word of advice – you should never let your dryer accumulate THIS much lint before you clean it. You probably clean your dryer’s lint trap with every load, as doing so maintains efficiency and helps with fire prevention. Different heating and cooling systems have different sizes, configurations, and locations of filters, and even the filters themselves vary.
Spring cleaning is an ideal time to evaluate the age, condition, and performance of your household appliances.
Ceiling fans can increase your home’s energy efficiency by making rooms more comfortable with less climate control. If you want to take your home energy efficiency even further, consider ordering a customized household energy audit, and be sure to tune up your HVAC system before the summer heat sets in. You and your friends can earn a $50 gift when they become Direct Energy customers because of your recommendation!

At the same time, homes that use less energy help to save the environment by reducing carbon emissions that cause air pollution and climate change. For example, a homeowner may elect to replace an old water heater as the first step because family members are tired of running out of hot water.
That's why most people who are serious about saving energy decide to have a home energy audit done by skilled energy technicians like those at Dr. Energy Saver, you'll also get a prioritized list of recommended improvements – not just what to do, but also what order the improvements should follow. As a result of his excellent work our heating costs so far this winter are 50% of what they were last winter at this time, despite much colder conditions. And if you’re thoughtful about your spring cleaning checklist, you can even improve your home’s energy efficiency.
Pull the refrigerator away from the wall and use a vacuum wand attachment to clean the back. Some are reusable and designed to be cleaned and replaced, while others are disposable and designed to last for intervals that vary between one and six months. If you have one due for replacement, you may be able to get a boost in household energy efficiency with the right model. When you get up there to flip the switch on the direction of your ceiling fans, you should clean them too. In winter, fans should rotate clockwise to push warm air near the ceiling into the center of the room. When it's time for maintenance or repairs, you want the most knowledgeable and experienced home services professionals.
We provide industry-leading home energy audits, as well as Free Estimates for a comprehensive range of energy-saving improvements. Building scientists, who study how houses perform, explain that a house is a collection of different systems that interact to affect outcomes such as durability, comfort, energy consumption and even health factors such as indoor air quality. Strategic placement and usage of blinds, drapes, and shades can keep sunlight out during the summer while allowing it to warm your home in the winter.
This means cleaning the filters once every month or two and checking the units on a regular basis. Use caulk and weatherstripping to seal up tiny openings around doors and windows where air may be leaking in or out of your home.

Use sealant or caulk to seal openings around light fixtures, electrical outlets, vents, and similar places. If moisture and heat gets trapped in your attic, it can raise your energy bills and even cause damage to your home itself. Make sure that your attic, walls, and floors are filled with the recommended amount of fiberglass or spray foam insulation to keep outside air out and inside air in. Dimmer switches, LED lights, and ceiling fans can help you conserve power and save money on your utility bills. More importantly, Moonworks can come to you and conduct a complete home energy audit — absolutely free!
Pull the dryer away from the wall and use a vacuum attachment to clean the entire exterior, especially the vents.
The federal ENERGY STAR program tracks the most efficient models of various household appliances, making it easy to search for the models that could save you the most on monthly energy costs. When the weather warms, they should rotate counterclockwise to create a cooling downdraft effect. Direct Energy Services has assembled a team of highly-trained home services experts to maintain your plumbing, wiring, climate control, and more.
A comprehensive energy audit involves testing, inspecting and calculating to produce a complete energy profile – everything from air leakage and insulation levels to HVAC system efficiency, lighting, water heating, appliance efficiency and more. So here are a dozen things that you can do to improve the energy efficiency of the place where you live. So call Moonworks today at 1-800-975-6666 or fill out our form and set up your free energy audit today! If you’re uncertain, consult your system documentation or call an HVAC technician for help.

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