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With three types of EXP in Black Desert Online, it helps if you’ve got a handy break down of how it all works. Those planning to enter the world of Black Desert Online now it’s seeing a full Western release have a slight head start compared to many MMO newcomers thanks to the fact that the game has been out in other territories such as Korea, Japan and Russia for quite a while now, with the Korean release dating back to 2014. Here’s the main headline you need to know: Merely questing doesn’t give the type of Experience Points that level you up. The game essentially has three types of experience on top of traditional EXP points: Contribution EXP, Energy EXP and Skill EXP.
Contribution EXP isn’t spent to level your character or improve skills but is instead used in a variety of Black Desert Online’s lengthy side content.
In a twist, there’s also ways to invest contribution in the game for other less-immediate benefits.
Completing quests – most quests in the game, be they part of the main game path or repeatable side quests, will offer some contribution as a quest reward. Defending towns – at night, monsters can attack some of the towns and settlements in the game. Crafting & Gathering – If slaying monsters isn’t as interesting to you, contribution can also be gained via cooking, gathering, farming, or alchemy. Previously spent contribution points can be regained – so those spent on a house can be recouped by giving up the house, for instance – but that, again, will cost energy. Energy EXP feels like a strange addition that smacks a little of a free-to-play style play structure, since Energy basically restricts how much you can do in a given period of time.
Acts that require energy include things like Gathering, Crafting World Chat, Stealing and so on, as well as learning new Combat Skills away from a Skill Instructor. Resting in a bed will offer a boost to the amount of energy you naturally regain as time passes. Energy replenishes more quickly while you’re logged in, so one way to have it replenish is to simply minimize the game but leave it running and go do something else. In order to increase your maximum energy you must gain Knowledge, another key component of Black Desert Online’s systems. Skill points should be familiar to all but the greenest of RPG fans, and are used to gain access to new abilities or to level up the skills you already have.
Hitting the K key will bring up the ability menu and allow you to learn or upgrade skills anywhere – but doing so will cost you both Skill Points and Energy.
Killing enemies in combat will also offer up skill points, though at a less significant rate than via completing quests. You might notice that none of the three systems described above actually level your character up in the traditional sense; that’s because beneath those systems is a traditional RPG experience counter that rises through the experience gained by fighting and slaying monsters. Many quests will have you kill monsters, of course, but there’s also a lot of running around, chatting to NPCs and perhaps even crafting as part of that. If you obtain the complete knowledge from on field of Knowledge, you can increase the maximum gossip energy. It means the friendliness with NPC and it can be increased by greeting NPC or story exchange. When the Friendliness become high, you can do the quest, using hidden store, knowledge, node connection. To Greet, 3 Gossip energy is required and when it is done, 3 Friendliness points are increased.
1) Talk with the NPC that you want to Exchange story and then click [Story Exchange] button. 3) When Story Exchange is completed, you can obtain Friendliness points or continue to talk with NPC. With tons of feedback from players after the first Closed Beta round, Black Desert Online is switching things up by altering certain features; specifically Party Play, field boss drops and the Energy System.
On the 8th of January, thus today, the Korean version of Black Desert will receive a revamped party Play setting based on the feedback received from Closed Beta 1.
A feature exclusive to the Western version of the game is the fact that processing requires energy. Having taken feedback into consideration, however, Daum Games has decided to not include Energy Potions in the Cash Shop. More information on PvP and the Cash Shop will be shared in the second part of PM diaries, which is likely to arrive at the end of next week. We’re glad to hear that playing with your friends in Black Desert Online will no longer be a burden, as playing with friends is what makes online gaming so much fun! Trials for videogames have been around almost as long as PC gaming, but they seem to be diminishing. This week in the Tyrian Chronicle, we discuss the little things that make Guild Wars 2 feel alive and how we would appreciate more in-game events. Azeroth has been reshaped countless times throughout the years, which is why we're providing World of Warcraft History Lessons before Legion releases.
In its current form Black Desert Online does not feature a Player to Player trading system, rather it includes.

Before you run off buying by bulk all types of goods that you can get your hands on, you need to take the following into account: For your trading to be rewarding you need to connect the desired areas (towns or nodes) of interest with each other. When the two towns are connected, all you have to do is to buy from one NPC and travel to the destination you wish to sell. Another way is to connect nodes across a very long distance, because when you sell items they are accompanied by a distance bonus.
The Black Spirit will appear once a character reaches a certain level, and the quest will appear on the right side of the screen. Players’ reputations can be seen by other players, and are indicated by the colors of their names.
4) If the player is caught stealing, they will be attacked by a guard and the NPC’s relationship with the player will decrease. There are two types of black stones used for upgrading an items potential value: Black stone (weapon) and black stone (armor).
Forced Enhancing is the function that has a 100% success rate to enhance, but uses more black stones and will decrease the item’s maximum durability. Certain type of crystals can only be equipped in certain region of an item, and if you remove the crystal that is already equipped, it will be destroyed.
In the case that an item’s maximum durability is deducted by failure in enchanting, it can be repaired by a Blacksmith NPC. To repair the maximum durability, you need an item that is identical to the item you want to repair. Pearl Abyss has released the newest video for Black Desert, displaying some new side features! Months ago, the developers stated that the character creation process in Black Desert will be very limited, in preservation of their base designs. Upon launching the new character creation system, there are options for a number of preset templates. Different from most MMORPGs, the advanced hair customization gives you the options to change the style, color, length, and position of your hair.
Upon beginning the face customization, it appears that you can edit every single dimension of the face, including editing facial features such as eyes, ears, mouth, and more.
Pearl Abyss has finally announced the date for the second closed beta phase of Black Desert. Pearl Abyss has also released a new interactive map of the Black Desert universe, and includes over 200 screenshots from the regions of Valencia, Mediah, Calpheon, Srendia, and Balenos. Of course, the upcoming beta is exclusive to citizens of Korea, but as insiders, we’ll be sure to update you with screenshots, videos, and news!
Between that fact and our time with the pre-launch version of the Western release of the game, we can offer up some key tips players should try to keep in mind as they go into the game.
To tell the truth, the game doesn’t do the best job of explaining this system, which is fairly different to many other RPGs, so we’re going to try to clear up the confusion here.
These all have different purposes in the game and are rewarded for slightly different things. Opening the world map allows you to put contribution ‘into’ a node, which uses up that EXP but will increase drop rates in that area. Working to defend these towns in these instances outside of the confines of a typical quest will earn you tokens that can be swapped for Contribution points – but trading them in also uses Energy EXP, which we’ll cover in a second.
Energy regenerates over time even when you’re not playing, but throughout play you’ll also increase your overall amount of energy, allowing you to do more with a full bar. Alternatively you can visit a Skill Instructor NPC, who’ll let you spend your Skill EXP without consuming Energy.
If you want to level up quickly, the wisest thing to do is actually to grind by killing the strongest enemies you can outside of the confines of a quest, which will provide a decent amount of EXP and Silver both.
Just grinding combat will leave you stifled in how many actions you can undertake thanks to a lack of Energy or Contribution Points – so a balance between the two is important. If a player jumps in on a battle you’re involved with, be advised that you’ll be rewarded EXP proportionally based on how much damage you did – so don’t worry too much about landing the killing blow – just try to do a lot of damage. Players had been getting the feeling they were penalized for playing together with friends, as the experience benefit was rather turning into a burden.
This means there’s no further decrease in experience gained per person after a third person has joined the party. Red Nose, Hebetate Tree Spirit and Bheg often times required more than 40 people to kill, and with fully developed characters, it would still take between 10-30 people to kill them, depending on your equipment and level. This may slow players down in the lower levels, and thus makes the gameplay experience less fun. A system that allows players to consult an NPC that will magically transfer your unused energy into an Energy Potion which can be sold in the marketplace is also being discussed.
The fact that the Energy Potions won’t be included in the Cash Shop is great news as well, as no players will be able to get a real advantage then.
Having started out playing MMORPGs at a very young age, and later making the switch to more competitive games such as SMITE, Michael has a broad knowledge of what the online gaming industry has to offer.

These NPC will spawn when Players travel while having trade-items in their inventory; their aim is to kill you!.
When the player’s level or relationship with the NPC increases, the player can access quests that require skills such as hunting, cooking, crafting, gathering, or minigames. This costs money and time, but upon completion it grants the guild rewards such as guild points, experience points, or useful buffs. However, if a player fails, the black stone and materials will disappear and the maximum durability of the item will be reduced.
In the first closed beta, we had an opportunity to test out minigames including as fishing, clay pigeon shooting, and playing instruments. Fortunately, the developers seemed to have a change of heart in light of the new character creation video!
After choosing a template, you can move on to the more advance features to give your character a more personal and unique feel. The length category includes different sliders for different sections of the hair, including fringe and symmetry. Changing the width and length of every part seems to be easy and yet expansive, and includes the choice to change your character’s age. The upcoming beta will last for 3 weeks, and includes all of the content of the first closed beta and additional, never before seen content as well. Likewise for renting items from NPCs – as such it’s actually a vital resource, but not necessarily something many players will benefit from grinding, especially early on. Though the game is still preparing for launch, the running servers will be able to enjoy the new benefits before that time.
The system during Closed Beta 1 saw a steep decrease in experience gained per person the more players were in the party, with 3 players only receiving 33,3% each, 4 players 25% and 5 players 20%. This definitely simulates players to work together to kill larger mobs and stronger monster types.
Not everyone who contributed to killing the bosses got loot in Closed Beta one though, as only a handful of players acquired a guaranteed drop.
This feature is part of the controlling mechanism to prevent the marketplace from being overflown with certain items, which destroys the actual benefit from using that feature in the first place. This will ultimately lead to a shift of energy and it allows people to collect energy overtime to utilize it when needed. If you do not have the nodes connected, you will sell everything at the 30% of its original price. You can craft trading items with simple, inexpensive materials and as a have a 100% profit of what you sell. To do that you will need to connect nodes in a long distance, for example,  Altinova in Mediah with Calpheon city.
You will need to spend some energy points to do that, and all you have to do is to balance a weight scale.
They are level 50, therefore low level players will die easily if they do not have a horse to run away fast.
Upon completing quests, NPCs may grant skill points, potions, items, knowledge, or contribution points.
The Black-Desert team will begin to explore the world beginning this Wednesday, so continue to check back regularly for updates! In the event that we are able to translate the video, you can expect another version complete with English commentary. The new system will be released in the second closed beta phase, and it features a huge array of very extensive options. You may also choose the texture, making your personalized hair style straight, voluminous, or curly. The share-range for the party bonus has also been doubled, and an indicator will be added that allows you to monitor whether you are in range for the bonus or not. For the next testing phase of the game, this drop chance has been significantly increased to reward more people that contributed to killing the monster. For example, if you have bought milk, and try to sell it  to another farm which already has cows, you will not be able to sell it in higher price since the NPC’s will not be interested for something they can already produce themselves. If the nodes are connected, you can sell the items between 80% and 130% of their original price depending on factors such as how many players sold the same item to that specific NPC and how interested the NPC is in that specific item. Despite those NPC’s, when you are level 50 and have good gear, these monsters are no challenge at all, you can by pass them even by auto traveling without the fear of death. The developers have stated that the graphics have been significantly improved, and the optimization will perform better. The inidicator will probably be implemented at the time of launch and will look similar to the WiFi symbol on your cellphone, and will gradually inidicate whether or not your party members are in range.

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