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Last week we shared an article of the top 10 power quality problems, and you really like dit so today here’s the top 10 ways to increase energy efficiency and performance of pumping systems.
Almost all types of industries, big or small, need pumping systems to meet their fluid, especially, water utilities.
Below mentioned are the top 10 ways following which you can considerably increase the pumping performance, which in turn can save a lot of energy and money. It is estimated that a regular maintenance of a pumping system can save up to 7% of the total electricity used for pumping purposes. The main objective of using a automated controlling system in conjunction with a pumping system is, to increase the load operation efficiency. This system is very effective, accurate and quick compared to the conventional control systems and can result in decreased energy consumption, as well as wear and tear in the pumps. If there is a mismatch between the pump’s capacity and its operating loads, the overall pumping efficiency may fall up to 25%, and in worst cases, may lead to pump failure. If a pump is operating under throttled conditions, it can be understood that the pump is either oversized or undersized for the existing demand. Oversized pump can result in an increased bypass flow rate of as high as +30% from its efficiency point. Using holding tanks during production cycles equalizes the flow rate and enhances the energy efficiency. It is estimated that parallel pumping systems can save as high as 50% of the total pumping electricity consumption. Excessive heating occurs in pumps that pump fluids other than water that are mostly used in food processing, petrochemical and paper industries. Once the blades are trimmed, the pumping energy induced into the fluids decreases and as a result, excessive heating ceases.
Pipe size and its characteristics play a vital role in saving energy that is spent on overcoming frictional losses.
Hence to keep frictional losses at minimum, care should be taken to see that a proper pipeline design is in place during system design phase itself.
Following the above mentioned ways of increasing energy efficiency and performance of a pumping system can help you go a long way. USES® Mfg is a revolutionary company that offers innovative energy management and green solutions to America's growing demand for power. Innovative businesses might have been the first group to jump on the alternative energy savings bandwagon, but now savvy homeowners are following suit and saving a bundle! Businesses and homeowners everywhere are looking for energy alternatives to lower their electricity bills.
The base of this theorey is force or weight is stationary and it can help to rotate pulleys .

Location: Ontario Here in the physics department we have a couple of acronyms for this kind of stuff. So you take a pulley that's really off balance so that it's hard to bring the heavy side up. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Here are some effective ways you can save energy in your warehouse and make warehousing operations more environmentally conscious, including the installation of industrial warehouse curtain walls.
Operating costs of machinery in manufacturing facilities and distribution centers can consume a lot of electricity. Conveyor systems alone can account for up to 50 percent of a warehouse’s electrical load, potentially measuring two or more miles long in certain warehouses. However, replacing older conveyor equipment with entirely new systems isn’t always necessary. One way to save space in warehouses is to utilize vertical energy-saving warehouse equipment. Warehouses with multiple floors are also more accommodated in dense urban areas, preventing the need to build larger warehouses in isolated patches of land. Some warehouses may have more equipment than they need, in which case property managers should reevaluate their systems and determine if they’re only using the equipment they need. The decrease in the amount of space and overall energy consumption ultimately helps companies reduce their carbon footprint.
Energy-efficient bulbs can help cut down on energy expenses significantly, while motion sensors can turn lights off and on automatically based on movement within the warehouse. For example, consider using high-performance T8 lamps and ballasts for ceilings lower than 20 feet, or a combination of T8 and T5 lamps for greater heights.
For temperature control, many companies may consider permanent wall construction, but flexible industrial warehouse curtain walls can provide the same level of temperature control without the need to stay in place on a permanent basis. Warehouse curtains are flexible enough to move out of the way when no longer needed, and they cost less to install initially. A combination of energy-saving warehouse equipment can help your facility save energy and money while improving the overall efficiency of operation. Pumping systems should be designed to be as efficient and as energy saving as possible, keeping the individual needs and future demands in mind.
Remote controlling system is mostly used when a series of pumps are connected to each other in order to be able to withstand peak loads.
This can be avoided by carefully calculating certain parameters such as the head, suction, flow rate, size of the piping system, type of impeller, etc before choosing the right pump. In such cases, impeller trimming should be considered as the best alternative to motor replacement, as the former can be a more effective power saving solution.

As a result, the need for adding an additional pump to meet the sudden increase in the demand can be delayed, if not completely eliminated. This is especially true in case of systems that operate on varying loads, but have a static head. The diameter of the pipe, its roughness, material of the pipe, length of the pipe and number of bends in the entire pipeline, are some of the factors that contribute to frictional losses. Replacing the pipelines at a later stage is not only a tedious job but is also very expensive. Also, conducting necessary checks and undertaking preventive maintenance measures at regular intervals will not only help you save some money, but will also help you in saving the most fundamental energy resource in this world – Electrical Energy. Call (860) 443-8737 or the company online to explore the possibilities this green energy leader has to offer. Heating and lighting alone can have a significant impact on energy consumption, while certain equipment can consume even more. Newer energy-saving warehouse equipment is available with high-efficiency motors, including everything from sortation units to conveyor systems.
Cutting out unnecessary machinery or entirely unused equipment that remains in the warehouse can reduce space requirements. Curtain wall products are available to divide individual workspaces, cold storage areas, large warehouse sections, docks, and more. However, ageing, improper maintenance, miscalculations while installation, selecting wrong specifications or a wrong model, can all lead to decreased pumping efficiency. Regular monitoring can help detect a lot of things that are otherwise difficult to find, unless the damage has already occurred. Parallel pumping systems are not only reliable but also are also capable of increasing the overall age of a pumping system. Now we try to rotate slowly first pulley in clockwise direction and second pulley in anti clockwise direction. Hence, a small decrease in the rate of flow can considerably reduce power consumption, as well as wear and tear in the pumps. The force or weight of plate is applied on these two pulleys in vertical downward direction.

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