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Biomass Energy refers to the total energy contained in organic material, primarily within carbon and hydrogen chemical bonds created mainly by a biological process called photosynthesis in chloroplasts of plants, that are able to use energy from the sun and inorganic matter carbohidrates, of recently living beings in a given location that can be used as energy source. Biomass energy is one of the most common energy sources in the less industrialized countries (represented by the use of wood, agricultural residues and dung) and the oldest man has used since the discovery of fire. Biomass energy is considered a renewable energy source because it can grow back in a relatively short period of time.
When an organic material is consumed as food, it returns to the atmosphere as CO2 or methane CH4, so by using biomass energy  in power generation means to use available carbon in the air for growing crops. The source of this kind of energy is mainly stored in the process of photosynthesis in plants which harness solar light and matter present in air, soil and water to transform the organic material and store this energy in the chemical bonds of carbohydrate molecules. The biomass consists mainly of carbon (50%), oxygen (40%), hydrogen (5%) and other compounds and trace metals. The most effective and sustainable sources of biomass resources will always be those available in a given region, in other words, those that should not be transported long distances but which are closer.
Usually the biomass feedstock has a low energy density (this is, energy per kilogram lower than fossil fuels). About 50% of the biomass is water, so that transportation cost is high and must be subjected to pre-processes such as drying, milling, grinding, mixing and press to increase its density. When carbohydrates undergo combustion, they return to the environment into carbon dioxide andwater, releasing the captured energy of its chemical bonds. Biomass energy can be recovered through direct combustion, gasification, pyrolysis or  chemically converted by microorganisms into fuel.
The heat from direct combustion of biofuels can be useful to drive steam turbines to provide kinetic energy to generate electricity. Biomass can also be useful to supplement the use of fossil fuels, such as fertilizer, soil treatment and even food from other organisms. There are several technology options to use a wide range of types of biomass as a renewable energy source. To select the most suitable system considerations should be taken regarding the fuel source, storage, delivery, and regulations related to systems of solid fuel heating. Biomass energy has environmental risks, which can generate unsustainable rates, damage ecosystems and produce air pollution or consume large amounts of water. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
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Let’s get to work with four easy ways that will zip up energy levels which will enable us to lead the quality of life that we aspire to. Thousands of years ago when we were likely to come up against the odd hungry dinosaur every now and then our bodies often experienced what is referred to as ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ mode.
When this occurred the stress hormones, adrenalin and cortisol would be pumped out by the adrenals; two little glands situated at the top of the kidneys. Modern day stresses however are different, and it’s unlikely that we experience life or death situations on a daily experience. This is a problem because the release of stress hormones can interfere with, and often override, the release of other essential hormones, eg, sex hormones, or those released by the thyroid gland, which can lead to imbalance in hormonal patterns so that they become out of rhythm. The best way to combat stress is to acknowledge it, then deal with the root cause and figure out ways to integrate relaxation time on a daily basis. Let’s look at sleep first …ideally we should be aiming for around 8 hours of good quality, unbroken sleep per night …some people need a little less, some a little more, but it’s a good ball park. Don’t forget, stress depletes the body’s nutrient reserves resulting in tiredness which can lead to a cycle of can’t sleep because of stress, and then feeling more stressed because we’re tired. To get out of this cycle get into the habit of winding down and quietening the mind a few hours before bedtime by taking some time to relax whether that be having a warm bath, herbal teas, reading or whatever it is that calms you.
Physical activity is not only a brilliant stress reliever, but it also energises, so if you can get yourself to the gym, out to a class, or even out for a twenty minute walk you’ll feel you have more energy, not less.

Exercise is a winner on so many levels because it sends oxygen and nutrients to the brain, improves circulation, stimulates release of those all important endorphins which ultimately give you that ‘Yay! What’s really important is that you include time in your day to do the things you enjoy …even if it’s doing something fun in your lunch hour, it’ll pay dividends, and the likelihood is that you’ll be so much more productive if you do. Stimulants such as nicotine, alcohol, chemicals, caffeine and sugar may provide a quick fix and a sense of temporary energy, but ultimately they rob our bodies of energy. Detoxing gives the body a chance to rest and heal because putting less stress on the digestive system allows the body to rid itself of toxins while facilitating healing. There are several detox strategies to choose from; they tend to range from one to seven days, but rather than go for one on the supermarket shelf, it’s often less complicated to limit food intake to small portions of nutrient dense foods such whole grains eg, rice or quinoa plus include unlimited vegetables (green veg is particularly good) along with nuts and seeds, berries and fruits, steamed fish and juices and broths. Additionally other elements come into play too, for instance reduction in the amount of food you intake, supplements, water, getting in touch with yourself spiritually, animal protein, breathing and getting rid of toxic relationships, all play a vital role in energy levels so these areas are well worth looking at too. It’s worth the investment because it will leave you feeling refreshed with abundant energy levels that mean that you’ll achieve more success and happiness in your life …and that is something everyone wants, right?! About The AuthorSarah Lantry is a qualified Nutritional Therapist based in Kensington, London and draws clients from across London and the Home Counties. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, leads workshops on nutrition, and offers individual health and nutrition coaching to busy professionals and families. We always advise with any conditions, ailment or health problem you take independent medical advice from your GP before considering a complementrary therapy, alternative medicine or alternative treatment.
The Court of Justice of the European Union states the UK measures could not be “regarded as having been adopted for reasons of exclusively social interest or even for reasons of principally social interest”.
Mark Bramah, Director of the Association for Public Service Excellence (APSE) Energy explains how this proposal damages the efforts to reduce fuel poverty: “Our members have already put on hold a number of projects which would help reduce fuel poverty due to previous renewable energy cuts. With the exception of “qualifying persons” and energy saving measures on social housing, there will be two different ways to calculate the tax for the installation of renewable energies. According to the forecasts of the Solar Trade Association, until 2020 the cost for photovoltaics equipment will always be lower than 50 % of the total costs for the material plus labour costs.
If the new proposal gets enacted in August 2016, installers will need to obtain evidence that their customer is a qualifying person, in most cases by asking them for certificates of living allowances or payments from the government.
Since June there have been 13 proposed and enacted policy changes with adverse effects on the renewable energy industry.
Consultation of the VAT changes for renewables has started on December 9th, 2015 and will end on February 3rd,2016.
GE is putting solar solutions from its energy startup Current, powered by GE, to work across 18 GE sites in 12 states and Puerto Rico. New equity of 70 million euros strengthens the financial capacity of the Worrstadt-based project developer Shares of Mannheim-based energy company MVV Energie in juwi increase to 63 percent. An expert group established by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum has in its report revealed that drilling costs in Norway are much higher than in other North Sea nations. Appointed in December 2011, the commission of inquiry submitted its report to petroleum and energy minister Ola Borten Moe today, 16 August 2012.
The expert group was set up by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy to study and identify possible obstacles which limit rig and drilling capacity on the NCS.
According to the expert group, one main reasons for the price gap with other countries include the need for substantial modifications to mobile units moving to the NCS to comply with Norwegian regulations. The other is the high operating costs imposed by special Norwegian arrangements on working time.
Maersk Drilling Norge AS was established in 1990 and employs a staff of approximately 1000 people. Do you attach great importance to quality and do you have an affinity with offshore projects? TTS Group ASA has identified a significant increase in cost-estimates for several projects in production. Based on data from Consumer Focus we looked at the average price per kWp based on the standard rate in the London Region. This graph is based on price per kWh on the 30th of October 2012 and includes all the price rises that have been announced by five out of six utility companies (E.ON still has to announce theirs).
Therefore, biomass energy can be considered by some people as a type of natural electrical battery that can provide a source of  indefinite energy with low carbon emissions.
It is estimated that biomass energy will be twice as expensive as natural gas by 2017, a little more expensive than nuclear energy and more expensive than solar panels.
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Well, the good news is that by making relatively small tweaks in our diet and lifestyle we can experience results quickly.
These hormones prepared our bodies for emergency situations so that blood was pumped to the relevant areas of the bodies to maximise our survival. When we’re stressed though, our adrenals don’t understand the difference between missing the 8.15am flight out of Heathrow or being chased along a track by a spear wielding savage, rather they pump out adrenalin and cortisol regardless. Yoga and meditation work really well, as do breathing exercises, a warm soak in the tub, spending time with nature, or even a cup of tea with a favourite book or film. Keeping blood sugar levels stable is critical in energy management, because rather than experience peaks and troughs in energy levels through the day, it means that we have consistent energy.
Think of what your grandmother would have put on the table 75 years ago and replicate that …food was naturally organic then, people ate seasonal produce and there was no where near the levels of refined sugars in the average diet.
They’re actually anti-nutrients in that they don’t contain any nutrients that serve the body, rather deplete the body’s nutrient reserves to actually process them.
Benefits are multiple; the liver, kidneys and colon all benefit, blood is purified, spirits are lifted, the immune system is strengthened plus we lose excess weight and water so that we look and feel great. The report states that although countries are shifting towards the use of alternative energy resources, thermal capacity is expected to increase from 3,628 GW in 2013 to 5,833 GW by 2030, at a CAGR of 2.8%.
Now the UK HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has issued a consultation on increasing this reduced VAT rate of photovoltaics, wind power and solar thermal energy to a rate of 20 %, while maintaining a 5 % VAT for oil, gas and biomass boilers.
In short, the Court reasons that the UK failed to restrict their reduced VAT to certain social groups. Firstly, if the material used is more expensive than the labour costs, 20 % of VAT will be applied on the material costs, while labour costs will keep the lower VAT rate of 5 %. We need more renewable power to meet our legally binding renewables targets and carbon budgets, which even Ministers admit are now looking challenging.
Now the British government proposed VAT increases and additional cuts of the feed-in-tariff for photovoltaic installations.
The installations will deliver roughly $70 million in energy and operating savings over the solutions’ 20-year lifespan and offset energy usage an average of 10% across the sites.
The draft budget for 2016 contains an increase in VAT for photovoltaics from currently 5% to 20%, and this may also apply to solar thermal. The not so great news though is that it’s unlikely that we’ll find a single answer, rather it’s multiple strategies that work in combination to zip up energy levels overall.
Whatever works for you really, but schedule time to switch off for whatever activity that makes you feel human again.
In 2012, it was estimated that more than 70% of Indiaa€™s power generation came from coal alone, while this accounted for 78% of Chinaa€™s energy sources in the same year.
While the British government did enact a tax lock, this does not prevent changes being made to a reduced VAT rate if that change is necessary following a decision of a binding court (i.e. Secondly, if the material used is cheaper than the cost of labour for the energy saving installation, both material and labour costs will get a VAT rate of 5 %.
These cuts would include a default degression, reducing the tariffs every quarter, as well as a (very low) maximum installation cap for PV in each quarter.
The rise in electricity prices continues to make solar panels more attractive, especially since they have decreased by more than 60% in price in the last years. Additionally, there has been a global surge in the production of gas, especially shale gas, which is being driven by the discovery of new reserves in the US and the UK. According to GlobalDataa€™s report, the natural gas capacity is expected to rise from approximately 1,416 GW in 2012 to 1,861 GW in 2020, at a CAGR of 3.5%. Enter your postcode now and see how you can become independent on future electricity price rises with solar panels.
Sayani Roy Nath, GlobalDataa€™s Analyst covering Power, says: a€?The increasing use of gas as a source of power generation has positively affected the power sector worldwide.
This discovery has not only helped reduce the import dependency of various countries, but also promoted project finance. This is thanks to countries shifting away from coal towards natural gas for power generation, and therefore requiring financing to support the development of natural gas-fired power plants.a€? In order to transmit the energy produced, countries are also investing in smart grid technologies. In 2012, the global expenditure in smart grids reached $13.9 billion, with the US and China leading in the number of installations.
However, power theft continues to be a major issue, harming the development of the power sector in many countries.

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