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Solar tracking has been around for quite some time; you know the mechanism by which photovoltaic panels orient themselves toward the sun at all times for increased energy production. First introduced at Madrid’s Solar Decathlon, the Casas em Movimento concept is based on sustainability, innovation and self-sufficiency. The sunflower effect is created by combining two motions: the rotation of the building itself, of 180° throughout the day, and the rotation of the photovoltaic roofing hood, to ensure an inclination of 90? of this surface relative to the sun’s position (angle that optimizes PV production). The dwelling’s solar tracking system consumes the same amount of power as six 60 watt bulbs running for a total of one hour every day. In Portugal, sunshine duration varies from 9 hours during winter to nearly 15 hours in summer. Our strategy is to continue to optimize the technology and all processes, so that we can in the future reach broader market segments at lower costs.
With several years of writing experience under her belt, Sukanya likes to delve deep into the intriguing, yet complex, world of science and technology.
For 10 years, Energy Trust Production Efficiency has served industrial and agricultural customers across the state—from food processing, semiconductors and greenhouses, to wood products, biotechnology and water and wastewater treatment.
Industrial and Agriculture Sector Operations Analyst Steven Jonas provided energy-efficiency savings trends and 2012 results during a presentation at the Conservation Advisory Council meeting in early May.
In 2012, Production Efficiency completed 972 energy-efficiency projects, a 131 percent increase over 2008.
In 2012 Energy Trust established a first-in-the-nation Strategic Energy Management pilot for small to mid-sized industries, and is currently recruiting a second cohort to start later this year. In 2012, Energy Trust also began offering Scientific Irrigation Scheduling, which helps farmers across the state save energy and water by using soil monitors and weather station data to understand evaporation rates and fine-tune irrigation practices. The full report and presentation are available on the Conservation Advisory Council web page.
The second half of 2014 Consumer Price Index for Honolulu is scheduled to be released mid-February 2015.
The Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a measure of the average change in prices over time in a fixed market basket of goods and services.
Enthusiasts believe that shale gas is simultaneously cheap, abundant and profitable thus defying all rules of business and economics.
The recently released EIA Annual Energy Outlook 2016 sparkles with pixie dust as it forecasts almost unlimited gas supply at low prices out to 2040 and beyond. The financial performance of shale gas-weighted E&P companies in the first quarter of 2016 was a disaster. Chesapeake Energy, the biggest shale gas producer in the world, had negative cash from operations. Other shale gas-weighted companies including Anadarko, Comstock and Petroquest also had negative cash from operations. On average, surviving companies out-spent cash flow by two-to-one both in 2015 and 2016 but many normally strong companies greatly increased negative cash flow this year (Figure 1).
Devon Energy has been cash-flow neutral through much of the shale gas revolution but disturbingly increased capex-to-cash flow 5-fold in the first quarter of 2016. Debt-to-cash flow is a critical determinant of risk from a bank’s perspective because it measures how many years it would take to pay off debt if 100 percent of cash from operations were used for this purpose.
There are no longer any horizontal rigs drilling in the Barnett or Fayetteville, plays that were supposed to help provide the U.S. Lower gas production along with increased consumption and exports spell higher gas prices later in 2016 and in 2017. A supply deficit does not mean that there won’t be enough gas but will require more extensive withdrawals from inventory and that will move prices higher.
The same June 2011-April 2012 price decline shown in Figure 5 correlates with a strong increase in C.I.
Since 2009, however, prices have averaged only $3.81 and that is less than the break-even price for core areas of any play except the Marcellus (Table 2). Shale gas enthusiasts have embraced point-forward economics that ignore many important non-capital costs of doing business. The EIA magically forecasts that shale gas production will increase from almost 40 Bcfd in 2016 to almost 70 Bcfd by 2030 at $5 (2015 dollars) gas prices; it will increase to almost 80 Bcfd by 2040 at prices below $5 per mmBtu. The prices in Table 2 are for the core areas of the plays–much higher prices will be necessary to produce the marginal areas needed to support supply after core areas are fully developed. Capital may continue to flow to shale gas companies but most of it will be used to repair balance sheets. Of all the different kinds of renewable energy available today, solar and wind are the two most popular ones favored by homeowners due to their relatively easy implementation and wide range of suitable sites. In simple terms, we are trying to get the biggest rectangle to fit under this so called IV-Curve, the bigger rectangle we can fit, the more power we get. Figure 3 - 5 illustrate the power gain in different weather condition with MPPT compare to a non-tracking inverter that locks voltage at 17.5V.

In 2008, when we designed the first generation inverter, what we had in mind was an inexpensive device to allow the public to have a chance to test out renewable energy production and promote the green movement at an affordable price range. In this generation, we have utilized better surge protection components to shield against potential energy surges during connection or disconnection to the grid. Nominal 12V AC or DC wind turbine installations with battery will require respective charge controllers and dump loads.
Connect the included cable to the inverter, and then connect the other end to a wall socket. We will warrant this unit against any manufacture defects or workmanship for 1 year from the date of purchase. Now, a team of architects from Portugal has designed a series of innovative homes that utilize the same technique of solar tracking to harvest substantial amounts of energy from the sun. Apart from rotating solar panels, the house itself is designed such that it is capable of turning in the direction of sunlight. As Silva points out, the rotating movements of the structure’s roof hood also help optimize the effects of light and shade, reducing solar gain during the summer months. The residence’s movements can be manually controlled by the home owner, which on an average takes around 12 minutes to complete. Our long-term objective is to reach the same price for square meter as conventional buildings. Since 2008, Production Efficiency increased savings dramatically and earned national recognition for its technical services and incentives that help customers continually improve energy management in their facilities. Nearly one-half of the savings were from large industrial customers completing custom capital and operations maintenance projects. The program is also recruiting a sixth cohort for Industrial Energy Improvement designed for large customers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics publishes CPIs for two population groups: (1) a CPI for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) which covers approximately 88 percent of the total population and (2) a CPI for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) which covers 29 percent of the total population. Exuberant press reports herald a new era of LNG exports that will change the geopolitical balance of the world and make America great again. That means that oil and gas sales didn’t even cover operating costs much less capital expenditures like drilling and completion.
Similarly, Southwestern Energy has had an excellent record of near-cash flow neutrality but doubled its negative cash flow in 2016. The average debt-to-cash flow ratio for shale gas companies increased almost 4-fold to more than 7, up from less than 2 in 2015 (Figure 2).
Gas prices below $3 cannot be sustained without damaging the balance sheets and income statements of even well-managed companies.
This means that it would take these companies an average of 7 years to pay down their total debt using all cash from operating activities. That threshold increased in recent years to about 4 but 7 years to pay off debt is clearly beyond reasonable bank exposure risk. Latest data from EIA corroborate the impending late 2016 supply deficit that I wrote about last month (Figure 5). During the last supply deficit in 2013 and through much of 2014, Henry Hub spot prices increased from $2 at the peak of the previous surplus to more than $6 per mmBtu and averaged $4.05. That was because there was a supply deficit as conventional production declined before shale gas supply increased to replace it. That is the difference between the break-even prices in Table 2 and lower estimates found in many analyst reports. Although I respect EIA’s work and do not hold them to a very high standard on long-term forecasts, this view of the future of shale gas is not helpful. The Barnett and Fayetteville plays that were supposed to last 100 years are dead at current prices.
Prices will gradually increase and financially stronger companies with core positions in the Marcellus and Utica plays will survive.
However, these green energy sources do not come with a plug to connect to a wall socket (the grid).
With our latest developed micro grid-tie inverter Grid Power 3 feature the popular plug and play function, you will be connecting your renewable energy sources into the grid and join the green movement in no time.
Well, by reaching the 3rd generation, we have again improved the power output by incorporating Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) technology to harvest more solar energy.
While 17.5V is randomly chosen, it does show what would happen in real life when there is not MPPT. As people's environmental awareness increased over the years, the demand for bigger systems also increase. Voltage spikes in night time or stormy weathers are eliminated with higher grade electronics.
This limited warranty specifically excludes damage caused by improper installation, accident, misuse, abuse, improper storage, or any unauthorized disassembly, repair, or modification.This warranty is not transferable.

Inspired by the movements of sunflowers, architect Guilherme Silva has constructed spectacular rotating homes that follow the sun throughout the day, generating five times the power they actually consume. This setup, according to Silva, drastically increases the quantity of solar power absorbed, resulting in the production of over 25,000 kWh of electricity per year. Lover of classics of all kinds, she can be found spending her days reading and rereading To Kill a Mockingbird, Crime and Punishment and The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Additional customers installed smaller streamlined projects by accessing custom-calculated incentives and rebates for equipment and lighting.
The CPI-U includes, in addition to wage earners and clerical workers, groups such as professional, managerial, and technical workers, the self-employed, short-term workers, the unemployed, and retirees and others not in the labor force.The CPI is based on prices of food, clothing, shelter, and fuels, transportation fares, charges for doctors' and dentists' services, drugs, and the other goods and services that people buy for day-to-day living.
There is certainly no shortage of supply in that play but low prices and related delays in pipeline commitments have taken their toll on production. Capital in search of yield continued to flow and over-production pushed prices below $2 by the end of 2015. Even if they do, there are different parameters for each type of renewable energy and interconnecting with the grid would present a challenge. The inverter has also utilized better surge protection components to shield against voltage spikes and energy surges. When trying to characterize the output of a solar panel mathematically, it can be represented by an IV-Curve (shown below). Studies have shown, by making use of MPPT, there will be an average of 30% increase in power production. The GreenergyStar SolarWind Hybrid RX is designed to work with our grid-tie inverters for solar and wind applications. The circuit board has been completely redesigned to accommodate to the UL 1741 Standard and the status of our UL application is currently pending. In the event of a claim against this warranty, the seller's obligation, and the claimant's sole remedy, shall be replacement of the product, repair, or refund of the original purchase price excluding any shipping and handling fees. The opposite happens in winter, during which the mobile hood aligns itself along the same axis as the building’s upper section, thus enhancing solar gain.
Currently priced at approximately $6,917 per square meter (about € 6,387), the rotating homes will soon be available at much lower costs. These smaller projects made up the largest number of transactions and represented 25 percent of electric savings and 43 percent of natural gas savings. Holden noted that this latest six-month increase was influenced by higher prices for food, electricity, rent of primary residence, and recreation.
Each month, prices are collected in 87 urban areas across the country from about 4,000 housing units and approximately 26,000 retail establishments--department stores, supermarkets, hospitals, filling stations, and other types of stores and service establishments.
However, the down side is, most inverters available in the market today are in the high output (1000W ~ 5000W) category. In addition, this inverter will work with our SolarWind Hybrid RX charge controller to allow wind energy input. Because solar panels are still quite expensive these days, and the increased power output will directly affect our return on investment (ROI). Since the maximum power point is a variable, we have implemented a tracking algorithm that utilizes the micro processing power of our inverter to calculate the optimum voltage and current to maximize our energy harvest.
The program’s annual savings rounded out from customers engaged in Strategic Energy Management.
A possible temporary price drop in September would be consistent with previous periods when ample winter storage levels are reached after the U.S. During the past year, he made more than 25 keynote addresses for energy conferences, boards of directors and professional societies.
Their prices range in the thousands and it is just too much of an upfront cost for anyone interested in green energy generation. Savings from Strategic Energy Management increased by nearly 50 percent in 2012 compared to 2011.
Each point on the curve is a possible combination for output power and our goal is to find the best combination to obtain maximum power. He is a Director of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil, and has served on the boards of directors of The Houston Geological Society and The Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists. Because the sample size of a local area is smaller, the local area index is subject to substantially more sampling and other measurement error than the national index. As a result, local area indexes show greater volatility than the national index, although their long-term trends are quite similar.

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