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Although the United States represents just 5 percent of the global population, it contributes to almost one-third of the world’s global obese weight, researchers from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine concluded in a study released today. The study calculated the weight of the global population at 316 million tons, and estimated that about 17 million tons of that figure is due to the growing numbers of people who are overweight. Researchers concluded that although the average global body weight is 137 pounds, there are huge differences across regions. The situation in the world today is one of fast growing demand for food products, due primarily to world population growth and growing disposable incomes in developing countries, along with changing tastes from grain based, to meat or protein based diets in those countries. World population growth projections estimate world population increasing from almost 7 billion in 2010 to around 9.5 billion in 2050 (US Census Bureau, International data Base, June 2010 Update). The global meat market for sheepmeat, poultry, pork and beef has grown exponentially from 1980 (125,000,000 tonnes) to 2010 (290,000,000 tonnes) and is expected to grow by a further 40% over the next 20 years to around 400,000,000 tonnes.
Growth in GDP and the associated industrialisation and urbanisation in Asia and north Africa is producing an increase in disposable income for these countries.
In addition to population growth, these rising incomes and changing tastes are driving a further increase in protein demand. Population growth, urbanisation and income growth are fuelling a massive increase in the demand for protein from livestock and fish in human diets. From the 1970s to the 1990s, the consumption of meat in the developing world grew by 70 million tonnes, compared with only 26 million tonnes in the developed world. Global expansion of beef and sheepmeats supply is constrained, with arable land declining around the world, and arable land available for primary production being used up for industrialisation. World cattle numbers have declined by 3.2% from 2008 to 2010, from 999,184 million to 967,589 million. Australia enjoys substantial competitive advantages in grassfed livestock production and is ideally situated geographically to capitalise on the expanding markets of Asia and north Africa and the growing demand for protein from these regions. Australia's close proximity to Asia offers it a comparative advantage to northern hemisphere agricultural producers in terms of reduced costs of shipping. Australia has a significant exportable surplus, and is a major exporter of beef (no.2 in the world) and the no. Australia produces 4% of the world's beef supply, and is the second largest beef exporter in the world (behind Brazil) (Meat & Livestock Australia, Fast facts 2009, Australia's Beef Industry).
While not the biggest producers of sheepmeat in the world, together Australia and New Zealand provide over 90% of the world's sheepmeat exports. Australia is the world's dominant producer and exporter of wool, accounting for 67% of the world's wool exports. Australia is a world leader in low-cost broadacre grazing production systems and has an exemplary record in the areas of resource management and technology uptake with beneficial effects on production. Farmers have led Australian primary industries in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by a massive 40% between 1990 and 2006. In Australia the production of beef cattle, wool and sheep meat is not dependent on government subsidies which reduces political risks to returns.
In the last few years, the demand for electric and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) has increased significantly owing to the rising crude oil prices. Governments of several nations are implementing stringent regulations to curb the carbon footprint. For the purpose of the study, the report segments the lithium ion battery market on the basis of application, material types, and geography.
Among the key regional markets, Asia Pacific led the global market for lithium ion batteries in 2012, with a 42% share in the global market. Transparency Market Research (TMR) is a global market intelligence company providing business information reports and services.

TMR’s data repository is continuously updated and revised by a team of research experts so that it always reflects the latest trends and information. Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a system that integrates complex machines with high-end software programs and sensors for analyzing data to increase productivity and reduce operational time and costs. Infrared thermography (IT) is a technology used for producing an image of infrared light, which is invisible to naked eyes. Most of the nations worldwide are trying to raise their electricity production in order to complement the increasing industrialization and urbanization. Urban Built Environment, Cities, and Traffic: Sources of Heat-Island Effects, Increasing Energy Demand and Air Pollution, Causing Public Health Hazrad, and Degrading Quality of Life. The heat-island effect is often observed in cities where green, wooded, and open spaces have been replaced by a jungle of built surfaces of asphalt roads, concrete structures, and buildings. Research at the University of Mississippi: My current research and previous graduate research work of Dr. The White House Initiative: Some months ago First Lady Michelle Obama invited families to participate in planting and gardening activities on the White House grounds.
Adverse Impacts of Heat-island Effect: Key points follow from my presentation on the subject made at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board of the National Academies.
Both in 1990 and 2003, California, Texas, Florida, New York, and Pennsylvania had with the highest emissions.
Warming of 2.2 °C (4 °F) could increase ground-level ozone (O3) concentrations by about 5%.
EPA estimated (June 15, 2004) that 126 nonattainment areas for the 8-hour ozone criterion included 474 counties which were home to 159 million people. Increased demand of energy by large urban areas causes more carbon emissions and consequently more adverse impacts on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Increased ambient temperature in a city causes extra usage of electricity and an increased demand on power consumption. Mortality and morbidity rates due to urban air pollution are significant and cause substantial societal costs related to public health problems and lost productivity.
Example of Madrid, Spain: In my previous post about the 2012 European Green City Award given to a Spanish city, a video link shows how Madrid has converted concrete and asphalt roads to a park by moving a segment of city traffic corridor underground. I am a thought leader and expert in software solutions and management training to help public and private sector leaders and organizations leverage next generation preventive and sustainable infrastructure development and disaster related emergency management by combining remote sensing, GIS, life cycle economic analysis, computer simulation and nondestructive evaluation. DisclaimerThe contents of these blog pages are provided free and can be used with due reference to this blog page. Increasing levels of fatness around the world will threaten future food security, since current levels of obesity could have the same impact on global resources as an additional half billion people. This decline is expected to accelerate in 2011 because of a continuing fall in numbers in Argentina and the US.
Furthermore the fundamentals underpinning rising protein demand from Asia (growing population and GDP) are strong. This is Australia's leading greenhouse gas reduction contribution (Australian Government Department of Climate Change, National Inventory by Economic Sector 2006).
Australia is politically stable, has a sound economy and strong currency, a widely respected legal system, and mature investment markets. Agricultural commodity supply will be a critical challenge for the foreseeable future and it appears demand will only increase.
If the estimates hold true, the global market for lithium ion batteries will exhibit a CAGR of 14.40% between 2013 and 2019. Since these vehicles are powered by lithium ion batteries, growth of the market for HEVs will subsequently boost the market for lithium ion batteries.

The consumer electronics sector emerged as the largest application segment in 2012, trailed by the automotive sector. Increasing demand for lithium ion batteries in Japan and China aided the growth of the market in the region. The company’s exclusive blend of quantitative forecasting and trend analysis provides forward-looking insight for thousands of decision makers.
With extensive research and analysis capabilities, Transparency Market Research employs rigorous primary and secondary research techniques to develop distinctive data sets and research material for business reports.
Contrary to what is commonly thought, this effect is present in both large and small cities. Kanok Boriboonsomsin in the mid 2000’s has demonstrated that the heat- island effect is present even in the small rural town of Oxford, Mississippi.
I wish this great enthusiasm and initiative of the First Lady to promote sustainability practices in our own backyard would become a national campaign.
The Karachi part area landuse map was mapped for surface temperatures using my temperature prediction model. Waheed UddinFormerly United Nations expert, I'm a professor, consultant, researcher, author of global infrastructure asset management books, and contributor to a climate change mitigation handbook. The opportunities for the poorer communities in developing countries to benefit are considerable. This should provide opportunities, across the whole supply chain, for companies that are seeking to overcome the global inefficiencies in feeding the world" (Bill Barbour, Deutsche Asset Management, Australian Financial Review, 22 November 2010). Apart from the automotive industry, the report also cites lucrative prospects for lithium ion batteries in the consumer electronics sector. This is also the primary reason behind low adoption of these batteries in the automotive, electronics, and other industrial sectors. The report stated that high demand for smart gadgets, electronic devices, and electric vehicles fuels the demand for lithium ion batteries. Furthermore, the launch of hybrid buses in China is also expected to give a boost to the lithium ion battery market in the Asia Pacific region. TMR’s experienced team of analysts, researchers, and consultants use proprietary data sources and various tools and techniques to gather and analyze information.
As the following tweet indicates even NASA claims to understand the impact of heat-island effect and is studying big cities (New York and Los Angeles examples) and expending research money to mitigate these effects where damage is clearly visible. Unfortunately to my knowledge, this initiative was not followed by EPA, department of education, and other federal and state agencies, non-profit organizations, public leaders, and media. This resulted in very high density growth and poor air quality due to the lack of attention paid to increased traffic congestion and the reduction of open green areas. This type of surface temperature map is a vital indication of heat-island severity and extent. Lithium ion batteries are nowadays increasingly being used in devices such as tablets and smartphones, since they ensure slow battery discharge and high lifespan. The chances of lithium ion batteries exploding when exposed to high temperature also inhibits their adoption across industries. The addition of these green spaces and encouraging citizens to grow their own plants and vegetables will help increase the likelihood that the general public will join in heat-island mitigation and promote a more sustainable healthy life style.
On the other hand, the green city “Abu Dhabi” was developed just 120 km away where the former ruler’s love of greenery and biodiversity led to sustainable urban development with lots of green spaces.

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