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Still, according to NOAA, "each of the 10 warmest average global temperatures recorded since 1880 have occurred in the last fifteen years" - Link. More data available on NOAA's State of the Climate Website where you can view monthly climate reports. Additional discussion on current and potential future effects and feedback mechanisms can be found here: Effects of global warming.
An animated map of the United States showing changes in Plant Hardiness Zones that took place since 1990 due to a warming trend. And that impact should have the effect of increasing the amount of human flourishing in the world. We humans can be a competitive and jealous bunch, but we find it hard to begrudge for too long the people who’ve really made a tangible, positive impact in the world.
So I guess I bring this up mostly as a mission: I want, more than anything else to increase human flourishing in the world.
Riaz Haq writes this blog to provide information, express his opinions and make comments on wide ranging topics.The subjects include personal activities, education, South Asia and South Asian community activities, regional and international affairs and US politics to financial markets and beyond. Poverty, hunger, unsanitary or unsafe conditions and inadequate health care in South Asia's developing nations are exposing their citizens to high risk of a variety of diseases which may impact their intelligence.
Recent research shows that there are potentially far reaching negative consequences for nations carrying high levels of disease burdens causing lower average intelligence among their current and future generations.
Published by the University of New Mexico and reported by Newsweek, new research shows that there is a link between lower IQs and prevalence of infectious diseases. Looking at the situation in South Asia, it appears from the WHO data that Pakistan is doing a bit better than India in 12 out of 14 disease groups ranging from diarrhea to heart disease to intentional injuries, and it is equal for the remaining two (Malaria and Asthma). India is emerging as diabetes epicenter, according to Bloomberg: More than 50 million Indians are struggling with the same frightening predicament.
Calcutta may be heading towards a fever epidemic, says Jayanta BasuOnce the sahibs and memsahibs of Calcutta used to hold a party around mid-February every year to celebrate their survival for another year in a city where fever would wipe out thousands, as the numerous tombstones in Park Street symmetry bear witness.
Here are excerpts from a recent NY Times report on persistently high levels of poverty in India:In Mumbai on Nov. Born out of Singularity University, Matternet aims to transform how essential goods can be transported around the world using small unmanned aircraft.
In Haiti, we flew over a refugee camp, where we delivered medicines and chocolates to the kids. The ground station is a designated, preapproved and pre-identified location on the ground where the vehicle can take off and land safely.
Do you see this system working best in only certain parts of the world, or could it be adapted to more urban areas as well?
Both very rural and very urban environments are the scenarios where our technology makes the most sense.
June 1900 Part philosophical ponderings on humanity's relationship to the universe, part scientific extrapolation on what technological advancement might bring to that understanding, this long essay, first published in Century Illustrated Magazine in June 1900, is yet another example of the genius of Serbian inventor NIKOLA TESLA (1857-1943), the revolutionary scientist who forever changed the scientific fields of electricity and magnetism. The Onward Movement of Man - The Energy of Moment - The Three Ways of Increasing Human Energy.
EFFORTS TOWARD OBTAINING MORE ENERGY FROM COAL a€” "THE ELECTRIC TRANSMISSION a€” "THE GAS-ENGINE a€” "THE COLD-COAL BATTERY. Green Cross Australia is a not for profit organisation who deliver digital projects that help people in practical ways adapt to our changing climate, embrace sustainable living and build resilient communities.
When you consider what it is to be alive, I always come up with a hope to leave this place better than I found it.
Surely we can disagree about the specific of those terms — maybe a politician can qualify, maybe a soldier can — but we can’t really ignore those who pull it off. Subscribe via RSS or email, or follow on Twitter and you'll never miss another like it.
Every year, World Health Organization reports what it calls "Environmental Burden of Disease" in each country of the world in terms of disability adjusted life years (DALYs) per 1000 people and total number of deaths from diseases ranging from diarrhea and other infectious diseases to heart disease, road traffic injuries and different forms of cancer. In terms of total number of deaths per year from disease, India stands at 2.7 million deaths while Pakistani death toll is 318, 400 people.
It stands to reason, then, that if something interferes with energy intake while the brain is growing, the impact could be serious and longlasting. It shows that both India and Pakistan have some serious challenges to overcome to have any chance of meeting health-related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs 4, 5 and 6). The International Diabetes Federation in October 2009 ranked India as the country with the most diabetics worldwide. Fever, apparently, also had a role in the birth of the city as Job Charnock is said to have hopped on to the Calcutta side of the Ganges on being afflicted with malarial fever, when he was heading for Bator in Howrah, which was more developed.Though parties may be more numerous today, the city has not changed much pathologically over the centuries.
No wonder that Ronald Ross discovered the malarial parasite in the city.But what makes the city so vulnerable to fever?
Philippe Rushton on IQ variations across the world:Classical anthropology often placed South Asians and North Africans in the same taxonomic group as Europeans and designated them both as Caucasoids. Unmanned Systems sat down with the startup’s Paola Santana to discuss the company’s revolutionary concept and plans for the future.

As a human civilization, we’ve been making better decisions on the kinds of technologies we use in a linear way, so we have improved our cars, we have improved aircraft, but we haven’t really done leapfrog revisions. If you think of using a car from point A to point B to move something 20 kilometers away, it is definitely not going to cost only one dollar. We know wherever there is a ground station, there is nothing else around, and the vehicle has clearance to take off and land in any given time. They enable us to execute dangerous and difficult tasks safely and efficiently, saving time, saving money and, most importantly, saving lives.
Though we may someday live in a world where the need for human effort is nonexistent, we’re not there yet. And to do that, something more is required than filling in a hole in a large organizational chart. The umbrella group of more than 200 national associations estimates that the disease will kill about 1 million Indians this year, more than in any other country. India's case detection was around 67%, while the estimated number of TB cases that had become multi-drug resistant was 99,000 in 2009. Many of the patients are treated by private doctors and the cases are not reported to the civic body,” says a state health official.
At Matternet, we?ve been thinking about whether ground transportation is really the future of access to goods and mobility for people and if the way we are building infrastructure and growing our already congested cities is sustainable in the long run. As for essential, if you live in New York, something essential might be your cell phone, which you forgot at home. They were waiting for the vehicles to land, to check what this “flying thing” was carrying. There are some risks that we are willing to take on, but the more hours we have flying, the more we become experts at doing this, the range is going to increase, the more reliable the system gets and the less expensive it gets. To actually make an impact you must do something more than your role, you must have an impact larger than yourself.
The more similar it is to the weight of the payload it is carrying, the more efficient it is as well. They now associate a vehicle with something good; a flying vehicle bringing things that they need to live. We will need to have a series of protocols in place, including having guarded ground stations if they happen to be in public space. They are less than five kilos in total, and they are flying at 400 feet, so you can barely see them. Once you understand that this system can become the next big thing for a whole industry, then where do you start? Those with no access to goods and services, health care, and other basic services can’t reach them. A senior western diplomat in unhealthy Delhi told me that at any given time, half his staff is ill with serious maladies. When it comes to the percentage of adult population living with diabetes, the new data reveal the devastating impact of diabetes across the Gulf Region, where five of the Gulf States are among the top ten countries affected. The symptoms, almost like those of dengue, have followed a pattern: very high temperature, body ache, weakness, rashes.
The nation’s eight poorest states contain as many poor as the 26 poorest African countries combined. In second place, it provides reliability and security from where the vehicles are flying to and from. If it’s a private ground station located on the roof of a building or in a private environment, then it’s up to the user and who has access to their building. Because sense and avoid doesn’t exist in a way that the FAA can totally rely on, the FAA cannot say, let’s have commercial vehicles flying around, because they know if one of those vehicles figures something is coming its way, it won’t be able to make a smart decision.
We think that it needs to start where implementation barriers are lower and the need is much more higher. We were thinking on connecting isolated communities without having to build roads, using autonomous flying vehicles.
There have been rumours on how the fever is permanently damaging organs, if it is not killing its victims.Some doctors feel that the fever is being caused by a weaker variant of the dengue virus. They do, but they also have a far better counter mechanism.The most important thing in case of an emergency is to have a proper control and command structure with roles clearly defined.
In terms of life expectancy and even gender inequality, India rates below its neighbors of Bangladesh and Pakistan. They can be distinguished from Europeans to their north as well as from sub-Saharan Africans to their south and the other Asian groups to their east. It’s something where we can have a super high impact in locations that have no other transportation alternatives. We said, let’s go to places where these could really transform the way communities are linked to the social and economic hubs in cities and towns, and let’s see what happens. I think once that is done, the FAA will be more open to try more things and regulation will be less stringent.
Imagine Mother Teresa meets “The Jetsons.” Our dream is to see every region in the world, big and small, poor and wealthy, interconnected — that the place where you were born doesn’t define the things that you have access to, be it health care or education.
Doctors say a perverse twist of science makes Indians susceptible to diabetes and complications such as heart disease and stroke as soon as their living conditions improve. However, the incidence of TB was stable, or falling in all 22 countries that have the highest burden of the disease except South Africa.
Children are found to be affected mostly by the respiratory viruses triggering fevers and often such viral attacks act as triggers for asthma. This is completely lacking in the city, especially in case of health emergencies.When something like avian flu or H1N1 strikes, Calcutta can only show a knee-jerk response.

What is going to be really critical is when the vehicle is taking off and landing, because it will be closer to the ground and to people. As a decade of 7 percent average annual growth lifts 400 million people into the middle class, bodies primed over generations for poverty, malnutrition and manual labor are leaving Indians ill- prepared for calorie-loaded food or the cars, TVs and computers that sap physical activity. Six million lives are being saved annually as compared to 1995, thanks to improved detection and treatment.
Some of these, with common cold and cough are said to be triggered by a combination of viral and bacterial infection. The problem, as Anirudh Krishna, a political scientist at Duke University in North Carolina, and the author of a remarkable new study on poverty, put it to me, is that “poverty in India has become very resilient. Lynn reviewed 37 IQ studies from 16 countries such as India, Pakistan, Turkey, Iran, and Iraq and found an IQ range of from 77 to 96 with a median of 84. Out of all the parasites, the diarrheal ones may be the gravest threat—they can prevent the body from getting any nutrients at all". Researchers are finding the pattern begins before birth: Underfed mothers produce small, undernourished babies with metabolisms equipped for deprivation and unable to cope with plenty. He reviewed 13 studies of immigrants from those countries in the UK and Australia and found a median IQ of 89.
Sonar’s mother, a widow who spent her life in a village and raised seven children by doing farm work, was active and healthy into her 70s, Sonar says.
Chikunguniya has invaded the Salt Lake area for the first time.Though fevers can be treated if detected early, viral fevers and influenzas may get complicated with secondary infection. The laboratories, apart from a few like the National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Diseases (NICED) in Beleghata, lack modern facilities. He reviewed 18 further studies of South Asians and North Africans in Continental Europe and found a median IQ of 84.
He reviewed 9 studies of South Asians in Africa, Fiji, Malaysia, and Mauritius and found a median IQ of 88. We were able to fly over the cities of Santo Domingo and Port-au-Prince and over other rural areas and small towns. Finally, Lynn reviewed 13 studies of select South Asian and North African high school and university students and found a median IQ of 92, eight points higher than that of general population samples. At that point, our range was only 10 kilometers, but we wanted to know if this short distance would make a difference, and we figured that 10 kilometers could help a lot.
Lynn’s finding of an average South Asian IQ of 85 has been corroborated by Jan te Nijenhuis and colleagues in Holland, who analyzed thousands of respondents including nationally representative samples. WHO estimates that the largest number of new TB cases in 2008 occurred in the Southeast Asia Region, which accounted for 34% of incident cases globally. I feel the change in the climate in the last few years, the warming up is making it conducive for the viruses to thrive as well as turn active from dormant conditions.
They found an average IQ of 81 for first generation Turks and Moroccans living in the Netherlands.
However, the estimated incidence rate in sub-Saharan Africa is nearly twice that of the Southeast Asia Region, which has recorded over 350 cases per 100,000.
They found an IQ of 88 for the second generation, who spoke Dutch and had been educated in the Dutch school system. In the DR, the support was 100 percent, getting the Institute of Civil Aviation backing our operations and providing the first experimental permissions.
Over-the-counter treatment does not help.Some epidemiologists feel that the city may be heading towards an epidemic. They published their results in the 2004 European Journal of Personality.Another finding of a low South Asian IQ came from a review of studies on the Gypsies (or Roma as they are now often called).
The risk to conduct these flight tests was high, but the government understood that the rewards and benefits were higher. This South Asian population migrated to southeastern Europe from northwest India between the 9th and 14th centuries and currently number between 4 and 10 million.
The four countries that had the largest number of estimated cases of MDR-TB in absolute terms in 2008 were China (100,000), India (99,000), Russia (38,000), and South Africa (13,000). There is limited disease surveillance — both the CMC and state government have just an elementary monitoring structure in place. Their average IQ in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, based on a review of 10 studies by Petr Bakalar, is below 80. By July 2010, 58 countries had reported at least one case of extensively drug-resistant TB (XDR-TB). The absence of mechanisms to detect the ever-changing viruses quickly, insufficient awareness of its citizens and, above all, an overstressed and inadequate health delivery infrastructure make the condition worse.It is very important to begin treatment at the earliest. Krishna found that while 14 percent of households escaped poverty, another 12 percent became poor. His review was published in the 2004 Mankind Quarterly.I too have confirmed the very low IQ for the Roma. Overall, there was a 2 percent reduction in the poverty rate, but 26 percent of households had seen their status change. My colleagues and I individually tested 323 16- to 66-year-olds over a two-year period in three separate communities using the Raven’s Matrices, a widely-used, culture-reduced, non-verbal test of general intelligence, and four other tests usually given to children. Krishna’s research highlights the major role played by illness in pushing people over the edge.
But what is most persuasive about this book is less the policy prescriptions than the nuanced and rich portrait of poverty that informs those prescriptions.

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