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Probably each of us at least once faced with red wrinkled skin of the mouth, tingling, itching, appearance of sick bubbles that eventually burst which creates yellow scabs, and then the wounds heal in about 7-10 days.
There are several ways for removal of herpes, the most common medical choice is Aciclovir (in the form of fat), but we offer natural recipes that would save you from this unpleasant phenomenon. Fast treatment of herpes enables precisely kitchen salt, which is necessary supply in every home. We’ve all heard about the beneficial effects of garlic, used in various diseases, and again without exception in treating herpes.

Very small amount of salt should be put on the affected area and repeat several times throughout the day. It is possible to occur a slight tingling, but after two days you will forget about this problem. For example, a lung abscess may form following a bout of pneumonia; a brain abscess may form after a penetrating head wound (an injury in which the outer covering of the brain is pierced), etc. For a skin abscess, this involves a small operation to cut the top of the skin and allow the pus to drain.

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