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The problem of ingrown toenails is also known as “Onychocryptosis “ or “Unguis Incarnates”.
If an ingrown toenail is not treated in time, it may lead to infection. In adverse cases, an ingrown toenail may also require a surgical treatment. You can soak the affected foot in a bucket of warm water containing epsom salt (2 tablespoons) on a regular basis to reduce the pain resulting from an ingrown toenail. It is advisable to soak the foot for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. You can create a paste by mixing turmeric powder (2 teaspoons) in mustard oil (2 teaspoons) and apply this paste on the affected toe to cure the infection resulting from an ingrown toenail within a short span of time. You can apply a mixture of tea tree and lavender oil on the infected toe with the help of a cotton swab 3 to 4 times in a day to reduce the infection resulting from an ingrown toenail. A mixture of olive and oregano oil can also be directly applied on the infected toe to obtain the desired results.
You can apply lemon juice on the infected area with the help of a cotton ball 2 to 3 times in a day to treat the problem of an ingrown toenail. A lemon slice can also be placed on the infected area to reduce the infection.
You can apply aloe vera gel on the infected toe several times in a day to reduce the pain and inflammation resulting from an ingrown toenail. You can apply crushed ginger paste on the infected toe and cover it with a cloth to cure an ingrown toenail. A mixture created with the use of ginger root oil (4 teaspoons), cayenne pepper (1 teaspoon) and sesame oil (1 teaspoon) can also be applied on the infected toe with the help of a cotton swab 3 to 4 times on a daily basis to treat various symptoms associated with the problem of an ingrown toenail.
You can create a mixture by adding camphor in coconut oil and apply it on the infected toe to reduce the pain resulting from an ingrown toenail.
An ingrown toenail (also known onychoroyptosis or uniguis incarnates) occurs when the an individual's toe nail grows within the bed of the surrounding skin.
Ingrown toenails can be treated by the individual, however, it is important to see your doctor if you are experiencing severe pain, pus, redness, or poor circulation problems, including those with diabetes. Symptoms of ingrown toenails To begin with you may not get any symptoms. An ingrown toe nail is really painful and annoying, and on average one out of five people have to deal with this condition.
Afterward, the inflamed area may start to drain yellowish fluid. If you do not treat the ingrown toenail soon, it may develop an infection. Anti inflammatory pills and over the counter medications help relieve the pain, but many claim that they may not provide total relief.

You can also put the affected foot in warm water containing turmeric powder to obtain effective results. A mixture prepared with the use of camphor, castor and cinnamon oil can also be directly applied on the infected toe to deal with the problem of an ingrown toenail. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Lift up the ingrown nail using a sterile needle and carefully put a small cotton piece under it. If you already have an infection, this part of your foot may turn into an intense red or dark blue.
It happens when a sharp edge of the toenail digs into the skin at the side or at the end of the toe. Inflammation and pain is first experienced at the spot where the nail penetrates into the skin. If left untreated for a long time, it may also lead to abscess that needs a surgical treatment.
The problem of an ingrown toenail is commonly found in adults and adolescents. Further, the problem of an ingrown toenail is usually found in the big toe. Eventually your ingrown toenail may become painful, especially if you put pressure on the area. In that case, you may wish to consult with a healthcare practitioner about your options to treat naturally. By taking care of your hygiene in this way you can say goodbye to your ingrown nail in two weeks, once the new nail grows. This treatment is often prescribed by the doctors too. It will soften your skin and help to prevent infection. Never use any soap bar for cleaning. Then soak a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide and apply onto the affected toenail.
Trim your nails in such a manner that its edges do not remain sharp, and it is necessary to trim them regularly. This will eliminate any pressure from pushing against the toe. Put a piece of cotton ball in between your skin and the affected nail.

This initial step is necessary as regular baths soften the nails, and prevent any infections. If your shoes are too tight, they can force the skin surrounding your toenail against the nail. Cutting them too short or into a curved shape is more likely to make the nail grow into your skin. A ripped nail, or a nail that has peeled off at its edge, can leave your toenail deformed and cause an ingrown toenail. These can cause your nail to become thickened or widened, making it more likely to grow into your skin. This is because your feet will sweat more, making your skin softer and easier for your nails to grow into. He or she may refer you to a podiatrist (a health professional who specialises in conditions that affect the feet). If your ingrown toenail isn’t too painful, gently lift the edge of the nail away from your skin and place a small piece of cotton wool underneath it. Replace the cotton wool every day after soaking in water until the redness and swelling has gone down. Always read the patient information leaflet that comes with your medicine and if you have any questions, ask your pharmacist for advice. You will be given advice about how to keep your wound clean when it’s healing, and your surgeon may prescribe antibiotics for a few days. Your nail bed can either be removed surgically or by applying a chemical called phenol onto the nail bed.

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