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At the same time, using an energy-efficient lighting solution can also have a significant positive financial impact. The right solution will usually also mean significantly improved lighting comfort for users as well as a more practical solution.
Efficient ballasts for stable, flicker-free light with the maximum output from the light source, and a longer service life with a consistent illumination level throughout the service life.
Lighting and reflector technology to direct the light to the right place whilst also taking account of glare, colour temperature, etc. From your ceiling fans and outlets to your windows, there are plenty of ways to reduce your energy consumption as summer heats things up. Lindsay ListanskiLindsay is the Senior Manager of Media Engagement for Coldwell Banker Real Estate and is a licensed real estate agent.
Nearly 60 percent of the real estate agents polled said they are seeing more smart home features in listing descriptions than they did two to five years ago. Here's your all-access pass to the various beach and country club options in Ponte Vedra Beach.
We peer into our crystal ball to assess what smart home tech will emerge from the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show. Solar Shades are the hands-down window treatment choice for reducing your home’s energy usage. Solar shade fabric is manufactured with precision… both the weave and the content are important to their performance!

Cooling costs, which says add up to 6% of our home energy usage, are lowered because a significant amount of the heat never makes it into the room (that amount varies by the color of the fabric), and that is where your reduced cooling costs come from. Because solar shades are retractable, you can take advantage of passive solar warming for your home in the winter.
Solar shades can save you money in a number of ways, and go beyond weatherstripping and recycling to shrink your carbon footprint.
Innovative Openings offers energy ­efficient blinds, shades,shutters, drapes & other window treatments to Denver, Boulder & surrounding areas.
She was born and raised in New Jersey and just bought her first home in Livingston, where she grew up. We all know that they look beautiful, but what can they really do for your carbon footprint or your financial bottom line? The yarns themselves reduce both visual and heat energy from the sun at your window, absorbing some of that energy and reflecting some. When the temperature (and your energy bill) start to climb, a smart home offers several innovative ways to save.
When Lindsay isn’t busy facebooking, tweeting or instagramming she is enjoying life with her husband Joe and cat Rory.
The amount of empty space between the yarns allows a small amount of the light to pass through, which allows you to be able to see through them, which is the magical part. According to, lighting your space accounts for 5% of our home energy usage, even with our more efficient lighting types today.

We should think of them as a tool in our home efficiency toolbelt, like attic insulation or EnergyStar appliances. Some lighting sources still generate heat, too, so using less artificial illumination will also help to keep room temperatures comfortable in addition to using less electricity directly. They won’t provide nighttime privacy, but they can be part of a dual shade system for that need, or paired with draperies if nighttime privacy is needed. The percentage of the fabric that is open (also called it’s density factor) also determines how much of the harmful UV radiation can pass through, and while this does not affect how much your home heats us, it definitely affects how much your furniture or flooring fades, or how much damage is done to your skin and eyes. On a dark, cloudy day, you can roll up your solar shades all the way or just part of the way to enhance the amount of daylight in your space. No other window shade can provide you with the energy and quality of life benefits that solar shades can: heat reduction, glare reduction, UV reduction and a view to the outside! Both daylighting and having a view to the outside have many recognized side benefits related to human satisfaction and wellness, which is a nice way of saying solar shades can make you feel better!

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