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Blood is drawn from the patient (only a small amount is needed) and remited to the Genetic laboratory for DNA sequencing analysis of the APC and MYH genes. The risk of cancer will be considerably decreased by the development of each patient unique medical organization plan as from COLARIS testa€™s results analysis. Maximum patient care and increasing clinical efficiency through Improved examination and other interventions specifically to persons with a Lynch syndrome or MYH associated polyposis mutation(s).
How to contact our medical staff: If you need to speak with a trained medical professional, please call during office hours and leave a message with the office staff.

Note: We will call you with the results of blood tests or other labs ONLY if they contain critical values that need immediate attention.
Moreover, COLARIS AP can detect large relocation in the APC gene that will not be identified by gene sequencing.
Complex medical issues do require an office visit or at the least, a telephone consultation at regular fees. Due to confidentiality issues, we cannot correspond by email in regards to medical questions or concerns.

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