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The Institute of Alternative Medicines & Research got affiliation under The Open International University for Complementary Medicines. The Open International University, Colombo is based in Sri Lanka (Colombo) under the Chairmanship of Prof.
The validity, legality & utility of the alternative medicine courses, practice and research in the field of alternative medicine research and treatment are in strict conformity with the Constitution of India.
For more details about the university, you may visit the website of the affiliating body or contact our office at 8A- Diamond Harbour Road, South End Trade Centre, 2nd.
ProfileHealth care being the primary need of any country, the role of Alternative Medicine is the first and the final proposition that we need to consider.
Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Medical Herbalism, Meditation, Aroma therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Gem Therapy, Reiki, Hydrotherapy, Diet Therapy, Massage Therapy and many others.
The courses we have on offer are designed to contribute something valuable to both novices and professionals and all other grades in between. Every year, there are people all over the world who vow to  quit smoking for good only to watch their resolution go up in smoke.
Many people decide to quit because of the enormous expense of a cigarette habit or are just plain tired of being dependant on a substance.
Acupuncture as an alternative approach to smoking cessation has a growing number of converts.
The acupuncture treatments will focus on the jitters, the cravings, the irritability, and the restlessness that people commonly complain about when they quit.

Promotion of high-level research, professional ethics, ensure more education and conduct of the stream among alternative medicines practitioners.
Promotion via newspaper letters, reports, discussions, publication and professional connections with higher authorities. IAMI has included all these in its course curriculum in its mission to provide cost-effective and long-term cure to the ailing humanity. Amazingly not less than 135 different therapies made their way to emerge as what we know as Alternative Medicine. It has been said before, acupuncture is not a panacea or a magic cure in the treatment of smoking. It is estimated that the majority of smokers will try to quit smoking 2 or 3 times, or more, before they finally kick the habit.
However, conventional practice, with its profusion of chemicals, is practically up in arms against global health. We welcome each one of you to our ‘World Campus’ where latest technologies and quality education are blended together to create unique learning experience. It can, however, reduce the cravings and lessen the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting. When conventional methods to quit smoking, such as nicotine gum or patches, have failed, smokers often look outside the mainstream and turn to alternative medicine.
So if your New Years resolution was to try and quit smoking and have tried conventional why not give  Acupuncture a chance to curb your cravings.

By following the objectives laid out by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION and Government of Sri Lanka, the Open University conduct training programs in alternative health care medicine other complementary forms of medicines. If there are invaders causing diseases, the body has its own defense mechanism, But swallowing so many chemicals, pills and tonics weakens our immunity day by day. Many more of such events since then have furthered our mission to hold high this age old tradition. A successful acupuncture program will include patient preparation, patient commitment, and education about what acupuncture will and will not do. That cannot be done by forcing the glands to secret hormones and giving us the desired health care results that conventional treatment offers.
The global strategy involved all the traditional and natural methods of tr eatment for public health and prevention of disease. To fulfil this agenda the Open University was established following the guidelines of World Health Organization.

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