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Tanya Morrell of Integrated Health Solutions by Tanya Morrell works to exemplify service excellence and was given the award for the month of November, 2010, seen here with GBEC's Advisor Val G. I am honoured to continue to be a part of Cambridge and surrounding areas, in health, wellness and fitness for my entire career and 5+ years strong at Integrated Health Solutions by Tanya Morrell. Also, very thrilled to be nominated and a recipient of the many Awards and crowned the Woman of Distinction Award for Cambridge in Health & Wellness 2012. There is a fundamental-shift taking place in healthcare and personal wellness and we’re happy to say that we are at the forefront of this change. We are proud to establish relationships we have formed with healthcare physicians, local integrated health networks, who are actively changing the current paradigm of traditional medicine to one of health education, self care and more health services and product choices. At Integrated Health Solutions by Tanya Morrell, we offer something for everyone and we know that your personal health and fitness goals are different and unique. Get ready for something completely different in personal training, nutrition & holistic wellness Cambridge Ontario! We would like to welcome you and thank you for your interest in Integrated Health Solutions by Tanya Morrell! The program is aimed at building muscle and strength while slashing fat in short order, but that’s only the beginning. Page Content?In the vanguardThe latest phase of assessment and selection for 'Forerunner' sites took place last week. April 18th marked the first day of our expansion into a 24 hour gym for full time access for our community.
IHC Fitness is staffed from 8AM - 8PM so if you are interested in doing a drop in or buying a membership, be sure to come during those hours. If you are not sure, come buy for a tour to find out more about our great new venture at IHC!
Like us on Facebook and keep up-to-date with helpful postings, sales and other great health information. In addition to brand name footwear line, Integrated Health Centre offers orthotic fitting using over-the-counter, semi-custom mold, and fully custom made options. Orthotics can be helpful in achieving proper foot dynamics and can make a great difference in the movement of your joints. Our chiropractors can assist you with custom orthotics (covered by many private health plans).
In addition, Integrated Health Centre offers a FREE Gait Analysis which can aid in your decision about whether you need fully custom or off the shelf orthotics to correct your issues. Most people are familiar with Birkenstocks which have been a staple of healthy footwear for decades, and a brand that has been recommended by us for many years. Well known for its variety of sizes and widths, the company offers a number of different shoes for walking, running, training and long periods of standing.
FitFlop is a new company but is already making their mark with sandals, clogs, boots and sneakers. Our job is to make exercise an integral part of prevention, recovery and longevity treatment. We use a wide variety of exercises and training techniques and we do not believe that the one size fits all approach to health, fitness and wellness serves everyone.

60 Days to Fit program is built around the idea that a truly great training program needs to be more than the end result it produces. The process began when NHS England's Five Year Forward View (5YFV) set out the need to speed up the development of sustainable new care models for improving population health and wellbeing, patient experience and value for money. From a health perspective, taking care of your feet is important to good health in the rest of your body.
As you age, the muscles in your feet can weaken, and just as glasses help your vision, orthotics can support your fallen arches.
They keep your feet warm up to -40 Celsius and they keep your feet the perfect temperature while working in the garden.
Keen footwear is for the outdoors types and transfer perfectly to the schoolyard, workplace and more. Finn shoes are meticulously handcrafted in Germany and are renowned for their legendary durability, supreme comfort and orthopedic support.
This company includes styles of varying widths and the Waves line is highly recommended by our chiropractors for improving gait mechanics.
The company uses micro-wobbleboard technology, inspired by physical therapists to support rehabilitation and post-injury muscle strengthening. The footbed is designed to give a neutral alignment, allowing the feet, ankles and legs to dynamically function correctly. We are working to bring exercise to the forefront of healthcare and give fitness an opportunity to take the lead in all facets of wellness-from preventative care to injury recovery, quality of life, and longevity.
We opt for a realistic and holistic approach to help you change your life and reach your goals. We’ll be here every step of the way as you set off on this exciting adventure, and our resources will help you transition to a permanent healthy lifestyle. Because plateauing with any given program is unavoidable if you don’t change things up or move on to another plan entirely, you’ll always be at the mercy of finding a new program—unless, of course, you learned to program for yourself, which is exactly what you’ll learn to do here. Through the New Models of Care Programme, individual organisations and partnerships, were invited to apply to be 'vanguard' or 'forerunner' sites. Integrated Health Centre has really good shoes by professional brands that look good, feel good and will do your feet some good as well. After 20 years in business, our health and wellness programs, products and services are some of the best available — to take you to the next level. Our clients come to us to improve their lives; whether your goal is health and wellness, flexibility training, sports specific training, nutritional consulting, motivation or weight loss, we have the services to make your goals a reality. Our Physiotherapists are well trained to assess and treat any muscle and joint condition including back pain, neck pain, sport and work injuries. This figure includes 21 from Kent, Surrey and Sussex, including some in which KSS AHSN feature given our ability to impartially support collective system leadership development and our measurement and analysis capabilities. Physiotherapy PodiatryPodiatry, is another medical field which we strongly focus on and we offer our podiatry services at four of our clinics.
Forward moveSamantha Jones and Dr Sam Everington were recruited to take the process forward. Our Melbourne podiatrists are expert health professionals who assess, diagnose and treat feet and foot related problems.

They were charged of generating interest when the NHS was facing the daily challenge of winter and media spotlight on A&E performance. Podiatry Clinical PilatesClinical pilates uses the principles of pilates and knowledge of the physiotherapist to assess and treat your condition. They took the view that they should not divert NHS E regional teams from their priority focus on in year operational delivery and instead have sought help from the Improvement Bodies (principally NHSIQ and the AHSNs) to capitalise on the bottom up energy for transformation. Integrated Health provides clinical pilates at Camberwell, Carrum Downs, Clayton, Glen Waverley, Narre Warren, Bayswater and Rowville.
Onward spread The success of the sustainable new models of care will have a major impact on local health and social care systems' ability to meet the needs of a growing and ageing population.
Clinical Pilates Pilates ClassesPilates is a full-body exercise system that emphasises core stability, body alignment and awareness. We offer both group classes for the experienced Pilates enthusiast & one-on-one classes tailored to your pace and needs. While people everywhere can identify powerful possibilities in this area, most of these possibilities remain unrealised. Pilates Classes HydrotherapyHydrotherapy is the union of aquatic exercises and physiotherapy. We'll explore what's possible for Kent, Surrey and Sussex, and how to turn the possible into reality. It is a therapeutic approach that uses aquatic exercises designed to aid in the rehabilitation of various conditions. Hydrotherapy Strength TrainingStrength Training classes are designed specifically for people over the age of 50.
This program is based on proven research and can improve your strength, mobility and balance, maintain and improve bone density, and help you to better manage diabetes & arthritic joints. Our strength training classes are offered at Glen Waverley, Camberwell and Bayswater clinics. Strength Training MyotherapyMyotherapists assess & treat pain, injury and dysfunction arising from our muscles and the connective tissues surrounding them to restore the normal integrity of soft tissues and to increase flexibility, efficiency and strength of the musculoskeletal system.
Myotherapy DieteticsAccredited Practising Dietitians (APD’s) are recognised professionals with the qualifications and skills to provide expert nutrition and dietary advice. Dietetics Remedial MassageContent coming soon… Remedial Massage 15 years of experience.
John Luwor joined the group in 1997 as Integrated Health grew to encompass clinics in Carrum Downs, Rowville and Glen Waverley.Learn more about Integrated Health »8 locations across Melbourne. Our physiotherapists have a strong emphasis on manual therapy and exercise to help you recover and return to your normal lifestyle.View our eight Melbourne Locations »Melbourne Marathon Sponsorship We are providing Physiotherapy services at the Melbourne Marathon in 2014.

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