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Find out more about small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and what testing and treatment can do for you!
Practicing hard science functional medicine for many years, Dr Davies encourages you to take the functional medicine challenge! Functional medicine evaluations and orthomolecular treatment is essential in the treatment of mental health!
Integrative women's health solutions, including anti-aging, weight management, infertility and bioidentical hormone replacement.
Westcoast Integrative Health has your pain management and chronic injury recovery solutions.
Westcoast Integrative Health is North Vancouver's premium Naturopathic, Orthomolecular and Functional Medicine health facility.

I am convinced that Dr William Walsh’s biotypes of depression will become mainstream psychiatry! Life is full of challenges and unexpected changes that make each of us dig deeper into our selves for the resources to face them. It is becoming more and more apparent that inflammation is at the root of most chronic and degenerative diseases. I am very comfortable saying that, from a clinical perspective, one of the best indicators of anyone’s health is how soon they predict having a great experience. This month I am celebrating 20 years of practicing Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese medicine. Just like your Birthday, Christmas and Thanksgiving, it is nice to celebrate your life and your health with a yearly cleanse.

From microcurrent and laser therapy to acupuncture and intramuscular injections, we've got you covered! This week I want to share some thoughts on one of the most important lessons that an illness can bring. She further augmented her education by obtaining a Master’s degree in nursing as an Acute Care Nurse Practitioner in the Fall of 2008 and has been practicing in both urgent and family care settings.Desiring to develop lasting relationships with patients, treat the root cause of illness, and help patients take a proactive approach to wellness, Beth founded Integrative Healthcare Solutions. Ledda is trained to assess, diagnosis, and treat acute and chronic illnesses for patients ages 12 and above.

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