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The Air Force Research Laboratory, in conjunction with the Hawaii Center for Advanced Transportation Technologies, is exploring microgrid and alternative fuel technologies in an effort to move military operations toward greater energy independence.
Under the terms of a recent five-year, $20 million cooperative agreement, AFRL will manage and facilitate a microgrid demonstration project at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam. The project incorporates a number of energy-harvesting and storage technologies, including hydrogen vehicles and equipment, waste energy usage, wind power harvesting, and solar panels.
Kevin Spitzer, an AFRL program manager, said that initial design and integration efforts at the base are currently underway, and AFRL personnel are working in conjunction with Kansas City-based contractors Burns and McDonnell to identify and quantify project requirements. The Hawaii Air National Guard began initial grid engineering, with solar panels and batteries being installed or moved in preparation for integration with additional microgrid equipment and controls. When complete, the project is expected to yield numerous benefits for the Air Force and beyond.
The project will also aid the state of Hawaii in their effort to explore new and more accessible forms of energy. Eat avocados, sweet potatoes and onions, they are the 3 plant foods lowest in pesticide residues. Our comprehensive patient visits ensure personal and individualized solutions and treatments. The colon is susceptible to a continual buildup of toxic material found in the foods that we eat. Many processed foods, such as pasteurized milk, processed flour and sugar, as well as foods packed with preservatives contain toxic elements that slowly buildup in the intestine. Ascaris Lumbricoides has a world-wide distribution and is most prevalent in tropical areas. Fasciola hepatica is found in parts of the United States (view distribution), as well as in Great Britain, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, Africa, and Australia. Systematically, our body accumulates toxins without interruption during the length of our life. One of the main causes of premature aging, or early senility, is due to accumulation of toxins in the intestines.
Consuming caffeine in coffee, tea, chocolate, and colas, which dehydrate the bowel and interfere with proper digestion. Mental and emotional stress, which inhibit proper digestion, assimilation, and elimination. Daily bowel movement does not guarantee that the intestinal system is freed from sediments which slowly have become encrusted and are never expelled.
Laxatives act as irritants to stimulate the muscular walls of the colon, abnormally contracting to expel the irritant. ShankPrakShalana is a non-invasive saline natural colon cleansing program that purifies the digestive system and draws impurities out of the organs without a machine.
The benefits of colon cleansing with ShankPrakShalana is to hydrate the system, remove waste, stimulate peristalsis, rehabilitate the nerves, muscles, glands, circulatory and immune systems that form the components of the digestive system, and to reposition the small and large intestines in the most natural way available, without the intervention of machines.
The main advantages of negative ions for human body include cleansing of the blood, enhancement of the immune system, activation of cells, improves permeability of the cells, and adjustment of the autonomous nervous system. Another mayor positive effect is that it loosens old stagnation and toxins buildup through the years accumulated in the folds of the lumenal surface and it’s smaller villi of the intestines. The skin becomes soft and various kinds of skin allergies and eczema are relieved, and can even disappear completely. When the coarse tensions are removed from the stomach and abdomen, you gain tremendous energy and the body becomes light and healthy. The absorption of digested foods happens in the small intestine, mainly in its first two parts: the duodenum and jejunum. When the beneficial bacteria are not there and the absorptive surface of the intestine is populated by pathogenic microbes instead, the enterocytes cannot be healthy and cannot perform their duties. ShankPrakShalana enables the body to recover from imbalances and promotes return to natural bowel movements which prevents premature aging and assists in the maintenance of health.
It is recommended that an experienced ShakPrakShalana provider guide you through this therapy the first few times.
The phosphorylation of the transport protein causes a conformational change in the transport protein such that the ion binding sites are now open to the outside of the cell. Our ShankPrakShalana instructor Miguel Sarria has been practicing this technique and instructing internationally since 1972. In today’s modern world, the definition of fasting has been expanded to include different varieties of modified fasting. In his book Fasting Can Save Your Life by Herbert Shelton, he states that fasting is abstaining from food when a person has enough nutritional reserves to provide nourishment to vital organs. Over the centuries, fasting has been encouraged as a way of healing many health problems, as well as providing mental benefits. Many call fasting a “miracle cure” because it can be used to treat most any ailment, among them, arthritis, digestive disorders, allergies, cardiovascular disease, asthma and skin disorders. The body becomes overworked with the constant influx of food, which takes energy to process.
Doctor Gabriel Cousens, a doctor of psychiatry, family therapist and doctor of holistic medicine probably sums it up best. Tagged Axiom Health Care Marketing, benefits of fasting, body's ability to heal itself, Dr. There is a lot of information floating around lately about the health benefits of eating a vegetarian diet. Those who practice alternative therapy choose to use only holistic medicine when caring for illness, and excluding any kind of modern medicine. Heart disease is a major killer of people in the US, and according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, it is what kills one in four people in the US every year. In cases where a person’s heart disease is caused by blocked coronary arteries, they have coronary artery disease.
If the proper blood flow isn’t restored to the heart, the person could end up having congestive heart failure, which means they could have a heart attack and possibly die. Before someone undergoes heart bypass surgery it is likely the doctor will check out the heart using tests like an echocardiogram to check the heart, plus any needed blood tests or other tests. You may also be asked to change your diet so that your health will improve either before or after the surgery.
Heart disease is not something you want to have and in some cases it can be very hard to treat. Mammograms are a special kind of x-ray procedure used to scan the breasts and take a picture so that it can be read by a radiologist to check for breast cancer or other types of breast problems. Health providers encourage women to get mammograms for several reasons, most especially if a woman has found a lump while doing monthly self-breast exams. A woman or her doctor won’t be able to feel a lump until it is at least a few centimeters in size, and once that occurs, the breast cancer has already gotten to stage two out of the four stages of cancer.
Women who are post-menopausal should also get mammograms at least every two years, as this procedure works well in detecting breast cancer in this type of women.
A study done in Sweden showed that 29 percent of the women who got annual mammograms in their 40s, and 10 percent over 50, were able to have breast cancer detected early and at a stage where it could be successfully treated.
While studies have shown that mammograms may be valuable for women over 40, it is not certain how valuable they are for women under 40. The American Cancer Society says that women ages 20 to 40 should do monthly breast exams to check for lumps or other signs of breast cancer. All women should follow a nutritious diet and exercise program and talk to their doctors about whether or not they should get an annual mammogram.
To learn more about how to eat right and attain health and wellness for your body and mind, contact Dr. Not getting enough sleep can affect your life and wellbeing in many ways you may not realize. According to the interpretation of the I Ching-Eight Trigrams, from a Chi Kung medical point of view, each element (trigram) is associated with various aspects of the phenomenal world and the animals, all of which are perceived to resonate together due to their proportions of Yin and Yang energy. They are thus able to regulate the flow of energy maintaining a state of balance and health. All extraordinary vessels are in some way connected to the Kidney Organ Network, which in Chinese Traditional Medicine is considered the root of the physical body and the immune system (protective Chi). It is destiny that the Meng Main chakra (Gate of Destiny) is located between the kidneys as a pumping station and as the captain of the energy ship. The Eight Extraordinary Vessels provide the link between the body’s Six Extraordinary (Curious) Organs (Brain, Bone, Marrow, Blood Vessels, Gall Bladder and Uterus) and the internal energy flow of the primary Yang organs (Gall Bladder, Small Intestine, Stomach, Large Intestine, Urinary Bladder and Triple Burner), in addition to the Kidney Organ Network. This is why the Eight Extraordinary Vessels have been of special importance to Medical Chi Kung practitioners for thousands of years.
Each of these extraordinary vessels are revealed in the I Ching - The Book of Changes, symbolically as elemental trigrams and animals. One of the major purposes of the Thrusting vessel is to connect, to communicate, and to mutually support the Conception vessel. The Thrusting vessel is considered one of the most important and decisive vessels in successful Chi Kung training, especially in Marrow Washing. The second reason for the importance of the Thrusting Vessel in Chi Kung training is that this vessel is connected directly to the spinal cord and reaches up to the brain. In terms of medical I Ching divination, the Creative, is associated with diseases of the head, brain, spinal cord, and the central nervous system. Some of the training processes is to stimulate the testicles in order to increase the hormone production and increase the conversion of the essence into Chi.
It was described in the Su Wen that both the Conception and Thrusting vessels control the life cycles every 7 years for women and every 8 years for men.
Li, the Clinging, corresponds to circulatory diseases and cardiovascular conditions as well as diseases of the small intestine, tongue, and eyes. From the way that the Yang Heel vessel intersects with other Chi channels it regulates the Yang channels, such as the urinary bladder, the gall bladder, the small intestine, and the large intestine. Most of the training that relates to this vessel is considered Yang, and specializes in training the Yang channels.
Kan, the Abysmal corresponds to the water phase and diseases of the kidneys, bladder, urogenital system, bones, blood, and body fluids, such as edema.
From the point of view of Chi Kung, the Girdle vessel is also responsible for the strength of the waist area. Xun, the Gentle, corresponds to the wood phase within five phase theory and wind diseases of a gentle and penetrating nature.
Zhen, the Arousing, corresponds to sudden diseases, movable diseases, pain in the nerves, illnesses of the sensory system, motor system, the sympathetic nervous system, the lower extremities, the tendons, gallbladder, and liver yang. Gen, Keeping Still, corresponds to diseases of the head and skull, upper back, neck, and shoulders in particular and the joints in general.
The Governing vessel is also responsible for nourishing the five ancestral organs, which include the brain and spinal cord. To the ancient Chinese, a marsh exemplified a place of joyous life with water, plants, fish, birds, and other animals. Human life must ultimately follow the history of the structural change in the unity of the Dao, for the implicit nature of the Dao forms the foundation of our journey from birth to death. The Kojosho method of Chi Kung and Martial Arts follows the path from the Posnatal Bagua, returning to the Prenatal Bagua. Traditional Chinese Medicine and Chi Kung are based in the understanding that human life is the result of two opposing but complementary energies conceived from Heaven(Yang) and Earth(Yin). The Prenatal Bagua and the Elements in Kojosho follow the same path: Heaven, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning, Mountain, Lake and Tao (Dao) which is the container where all other elements exist. When complete, the project is expected to enable the Hawaii Air National Guard base to function independently of the power grid for extended periods of time. It builds upon a previous cooperative agreement with AFRL that established advanced hydrogen production, and hydrogen-powered vehicles and equipment at the base. Spitzer said if everything progresses according to schedule, this installation and integration will begin next summer.

For the 154th Wing of the Hawaii Air National Guard, which flies F-22 Raptors out of JB Pearl Harbor-Hickam, a separate microgrid ensures continuous flight and test operations even in the event of a disruption to the traditional power grid. When you consume foods that irritate your stomach and intestines, the result is inflammation.
Nutritional deficiencies and parasitic infections can also lead to food allergies by disrupting digestion. We work with labs that utilize ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay technique) to measure serum antibodies in the blood. Time is invested to make certain a complete history and understanding of your life is gathered and understood. Of course you take care of the outside: You shower, brush your teeth and wash your hair on a regular basis, but do you clean yourself inside? Viscous and slimy mucus form as a layer or layers covering epithelium cells in various hollow organs, especially all the organs of the alimentary canal, acting as a health threat by reducing the absorption of nutrients and impairing digestion. This slow build up of toxins causes a hard impacted film to form within the intestines decreasing the body's ability to absorb nutrients, thus lowering metabolism rates and possibly causing unhealthy weight gain. On a worldwide basis, however, Ascaris Lumbricoides ranks #1 infecting more than 1,000,000,000 people (25% of humans).
Every cell produces toxins for which nature has provided elimination channels—the skin, the kidneys, and the lungs.
This is caused by the poisonous elements that filtrate through the walls of the intestines.
This may create putrid fermentation whose toxins spread gradually 24 hours a day throughout the body. Laxatives also create dehydration in the body, so layers of old, dried feces remain in the colon, and only the more recent feces are pushed through the center and evacuated.
Colon irrigation only flushes the length of the Large Intestine with an enema like-machine that plugs to your rectum. Did you know that 90% of your digestion and absorbtion takes place in your Small Intestine? The outflow of water removes excess gas, mucus, feces, and toxic material directly to the sewer line, helping to balance the intestinal flora. The walls of these parts of the digestive system form tiny finger-like protrusions, called villi, to increase the absorptive surface. These cells are born at the base of the villi and through the course of their short life travel to the top of the villi, slowly getting more mature on the way.
Animal research shows that in the absence of good bacteria enterocytes change their shape, their travel time to the top of the villi becomes too long which can turn them cancerous. It is the only way in any Detox process to cleanse the complete digestive system allowing all your organs to release in a complete way. Once you learn and master it , you will be able to do it on your own for the rest of your life without any additional cost. The three Na+ ions leave their binding sites and the binding sites change so that they are less likely to bind Na+.
The energy for the active transport comes from the ATP molecule which is used to phosphorylate the transporter. Modified fasting permits the addition of certain foods such as fruit juice or broth, or other healthy food.
Starvation begins when a person’s reserves are exhausted and vital organs begin to suffer damage.
Your body can be its own internal medicine doctor through holistic medicine and integrative medicine practices.
Jorge Bordenave at Miami Integrative Medicine and learn what a difference alternative treatments can make to your health and life.
Living in any large area such as downtown Miami, fresh fruit and vegetables are easily available. Here at Miami Integrative Medicine, we choose to keep options open to both traditional and modern medicine for patients from Bal Harbour and other cities. It also costs the US more than 100 billion dollars in health care, medicine and lost time from work. Some of these are due to blood vessel problems such as atherosclerosis, when a substance called plaque forms in the blood vessels it can clog them up. A cardiologist may need to create a new pathway for the victim’s heart through heart bypass surgery. So, the heart bypass operation, which is actually very common in the US, is done to prevent this possibility. They must also make sure that the body is strong enough to withstand the rigors of heart surgery.
This alternative therapy will help to get your arteries unclogged through eating a nutritious and healthy diet and limiting things like too much fat, which can cause a rise in ‘bad’ cholesterol.
However, if you end up having to get heart bypass surgery, this operation can help to save your life. Also, it is a good idea to get mammograms if there is a history of breast cancer in the woman’s family, as this can make her more prone to getting breast cancer during her life.
A mammogram, however, can find a lump long before this and so the woman would have better odds of surviving breast cancer as a result of the medical information gotten from the scan. They should also continue to do breast exams every month as part of her health and wellness activities.
Integrative medicine is a proponent of regular mammograms, especially for those with a family history of breast cancer.
Jorge Bordenave today at Miami Integrative Medicine and set up an appointment for a health care consultation. If you’re living in Key West, some mild exercise can work wonders, as well as eating foods known to help promote heart health, like whole grains.
The trigrams represent the Eight Extraordinary Vessels (energetic reservoirs) storing, circulating, distributing and linking all of the Yin and Yang energy utilizing the fascia as the vehicle.
Fascia is the very thin connective tissue which has electromagnetic properties that surrounds every muscle, every muscle fiber, every organ, and every bone ― every component contained in our body. They reside within the energetic strata of the human body, and are the formative energies of the body. When the Extraordinary Vessels become full, the energy overflows into the center channel or Taiji Pole. At this advanced stage of transformation, Chi Kung doctors receive more quality Chi, therefore, increasing blood quality, by focusing on the development of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels. Training the human body following the flow of the 18 Postures, aligning the energy of the 8 Extraordinary Vessels, is an important step of implementing self-healing, thus acting as preventive medicine.
Because of this mutual Chi support, both can effectively regulate the Chi in the kidney channel. The major goal of Marrow Washing Chi Kung is to lead the Qi into the marrow and then further on to the head, nourishing the brain and spirit (Shen).
Therefore, one of the major sources of Chi for this vessel is the conversion of the kidney essence into Chi.
At the same time, you would learn how to lead the Qi in this vessel up to the head to nourish the brain and spirit (Shen). It also occasionally suggests water diseases and typically is associated with chronic, slow moving illnesses.
The Conception Vessel is connected to the Thrusting and Yin Linking vessels, and is able to increase the Yin energy of the body. It is the changes taking place in these vessels at those intervals that promote the major alterations in our lives. This vessel also plays an important role in the distribution of body fluids in the abdomen. It suggests inflammation, fever, and redness of the skin caused by capillary congestion, and also problems with the metabolism. For millions of years, man has been walking on his legs, which perform much more strenuous work than the arms.
It also suggests the lower abdomen, the marrow, the nose, ears, gums, hair, and eyesight, toxins such as bacteria and viruses and poisons which have accumulated within the body and are stagnant within the system, and cold conditions.
It also suggests liver yin vacuity, liver wind, the thighs, the parasympathetic nervous system, respiratory and intestinal diseases, gentle or mild illnesses, prolonged recovery, or latent fevers. It is associated with birth, growth, and development and tends to describe diseases which are painful and which progress quickly, including the possibility of quick recovery.
It also suggests the male genitalia, diseases which are stuck and do not move, stubborn and immovable obstructions, stoppages in circulation, tumors and constant swellings, loss of resistance, and injuries.
The Governing Vessel governs all the Yang channels, which means that it can be used to increase the Yang energy of the body. Its quick and ubiquitous circulation keeps the fire going in the body and controls the loss of body heat.
Dui, the Joyous, corresponds in the realm of health and medicine to diseases of the mouth, oral cavity, the digestive system, and reproductive system. Through observation and study, Chinese masters correlated each element to an animal and the Great Void to the Bear. The interaction of these polarities manifests time and space as we know it, while also providing a path through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies back to the original life source. Scott Fitzner, of the AFRL Materials and Manufacturing Directorate, inspect the spoke wheel medium wind power system, one of a number of energy-harvesting technologies being installed as part of the five-year, $20 million cooperative agreement with AFRL that will establish a microgrid demonstration project at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii. David Ige recently committed the state to a 100 percent renewable energy standard by the year 2045 with the signing of four separate bills. We receive a comprehensive test that lists allergens and indicates the degree of reaction obtained. Waste products remain sitting in the small folds of the intestines, around which tensions arise, binding energy and affecting ones well-being.
It is essential to keep the integrity of these organs because if they do not complete their natural functions impeccably our body becomes poisoned, slowly but surely. This creates the need for an intelligent diet, but more so, the importance of having a clean intestinal system. These sediments may also evolve into hard stony masses of feces, which can obstruct the appendix, leading to appendicitis.
The fluid is pumped periodically and the process will be repeated multiple times during the course of a treatment. The process opens both the pylorus and ileocecal valves allowing the water to flow in the same natural direction as the digestive systems intended, without compromising your health. Diseases caused by Enterobius vermicularis, Giardia lamblia, Ancylostoma duodenale, Necator americanus, and Entamoeba histolytica occur in the United States.
When they reach the top of the villi they are shed off, because by then they have performed so much work that they have become old and worn out. But most importantly, they become unable to perform their jobs of digestion and absorption of food. Your only commitment is to practice ShankPrakShalana 7 times before you guide any one else.
At the same time, the K+ ion binding sites become exposed so that K+ ions are free to bind. The first session takes approximately 3-5 hours to complete, thereafter, the time is gradually reduced until you reach only 1.5 hours. There are different kinds of fasting, but the one thing they have in common is the exclusion of selected foods or liquids for a specific period of time. While fasting, the body does housecleaning and rids itself of toxins, repairs cells, and produces new healthy cells. He observed that after four days, the participants’ concentration and creative thinking appeared to improve, insomnia stopped, depression and anxiety lifted, and the mind became more calm and the spirit more joyful. Since these vessels are what carry nutrients and oxygen throughout the body, when they are clogged, your body will be starved of those vital components.

This means that a special type of surgeon who studied in cardiology will redirect the blood flow of the heart areas that are restricted and may have to put a graft into the heart to restore good blood flow.
The graft for the heart sometimes is taken from a blood vessel in the victim’s legs or arms or even their chest.
This contributes to the build up of plague in your arteries and causes heart disease and cardiomyopathy, which is another word for heart attack.
He can discuss with you ways to improve your heart health and general wellbeing using natural methods whenever possible. However, some people question if getting these tests are really needed annually and if the radiation danger warrants not getting them that often. If any woman in their family was diagnosed with breast cancer, then the women in that family should get screened for breast cancer annually, unless otherwise recommended by their doctors. On one hand, women under 40 have breasts that are denser than older women, therefore a mammogram might not work as well on them as it will on an older woman. They recommend starting at 40, to get a mammogram, but if there is cause for getting one prior to this age, such as family history, it should be discussed with their doctors to see if the risk of radiation from the mammogram is worth the possible risk of breast cancer. Bordenave at Miami Integrative Medicine and he can give you advice on how to get a good night’s sleep. The total system functions like a great tree: the kidneys are the roots, the extraordinary vessels form the trunk, the main meridian systems are the limbs and branches, and the essence is its sap.
Their function is vast and dictates the growth and cycle of the physical form, much like the blueprint for a building. This stimulation of the Taiji Pole expands consciousness and increases perception and intuition, the Shen. These vessels are the most important distribution channels connecting to the meridians and functioning as the optimal energetic blue print for the human body. The kidneys are the residence of Original Chi and are considered one of the most vital Yin organs. The first reason is that this vessel intersects two cavities on the Conception vessel: Huiyin (LI-l) and Yinjiao (LI-7). In Fire path Chi Kung, the emphasis is on the Fire or Yang Chi circulating in the Governing vessel and therefore strengthening the muscles and organs. As far as psychological states are concerned, this trigram indicates extreme mental and emotional states. This is the most Yin in nature among all eight trigrams  symbolizing the receptive or earth, and it intertwines with the movement of the Tiger teaching us Courage. It is believed in Chi Kung society that the other major Chi source is the essence of the external kidneys (testicles). This vessel nourishes the uterus (one of the five ancestral organs) and the whole genital system. In general, this trigram relates to the fire phase and all that that phase connotes in the realm of Chinese medicine. As evolution proceeded, the legs gradually developed these vessels to supply Chi support and regulate the channels.
The Chi filling this vessel is supplied mainly through exercising the legs, which converts the food essence or fat stored in the legs. It is a symbol of the gentle or wind, and it intertwines with the movement of the Dragon giving us Wisdom. In addition, because the kidneys are located nearby, this vessel is also responsible for Chi circulation around the kidneys, maintaining the kidneys' health.
It represents the arousing or thunder fire, and it intertwines with the movement of the Hawk teaching us Courtesy. It is the symbol of keeping still or mountain, and it intertwines with the movement of the Monkey teaching us Trust.
Thus it symbolizes joy, a lake, or a marsh, and it intertwines with the movement of the Crane teaching us Discipline and Patience. Guardian Chi is also inextricably linked with the fluids that flow outside the channels, in the skin and flesh. It also suggests chronic diseases, a slow onset, and long-term pathological condition resulting from a disease, injury, or other trauma, as well as diet, nutrition, and sexual factors playing a factor in the patient's case. They bestowed the Bear with this honor because of it’s wisdom and loyalty to The Way of Nature. When food is consumed, and is not completely digested due to the irritation of the stomach and intestines, some partially digested proteins will pass through the intestines into the blood.
Typically when one or both parents have allergies, there is a high probability that their children will develop allergies. When the intestines are rinsed, the residue and tensions are removed, as well as any Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).
Constipation is the origin for multiple diseases, and may be indirectly, the reason for all our health problems. Consider that the constant irritation of the intestinal could be the cause of numerous cases of cancer, or at least, an irritating thorn in its origin. The rinsing water stops at the ileocecal valve, which separates the Large Intestine from the Small. In a 40-year old, most of the gallstones in the deepest part of the gallbladder are 20-30 years old. These are the cells which absorb our food and pass it into the bloodstream to nourish our bodies. This process of constant renewal of enterocytes is ruled by the beneficial bacteria, which live on them. Your responsible dedication will give you the experience to master the technique, therefore, helping yourself and others. Once three Na+ ions enter the transport protein and bind to their binding sites, the transport protein can react with ATP and the transport protein becomes phosphorylated.
The binding of two K+ ions causes the hydrolysis of the covalently attached phosphate such that the phosphate is removed from the transport protein.
Note that for every ATP molecule used, three Na+ ions are pumped out of the cell and 2 K+ ions are pumped into the cell. Please go to Ongoing Events or contact Miguel for healing therapy, classes and training information. It is also a practice that has been practiced for thousands of years, and was often prescribed by the ancient physician, Hippocrates.
He believed that the act of fasting allows the body to rid the brain of harmful toxins that inevitably leads to clearer thought processes.
During your fast, you may experience flu-like symptoms, as when you have the flu, your body is working to heal itself. It all depends on how bad the heart is clogged and how much of the existing blood vessels are blocked or ruined.
If you find out you have an enlarged heart, this shows that your heart has been working too hard and the tissues have stretched out in an attempt to be able to pump all of the required blood throughout your body. As the foundation of the body’s energy flow bridge the Prenatal Energy with our Postnatal Energy.
The vessels ultimate function is to store, circulate, distribute and link all of the tree’s life energy. The form and structure of the body begins and matures together within the biorhythmic patterns of our energetic life.
From a health and longevity point of view, the raised spirit will be able to efficiently direct the Chi of the entire body and maintain your health. The Ren Mai, Sea of Yin channels, originates from the center of the Lower Dantian, arising from the space between the Kidneys. It is said in the Nei Jing that the Conception and Thrusting vessels contain both blood and essence (Jing), and both flow up to the face and around the mouth.
It symbolizes the abysmal or water, and it intertwines with the movement of the Leopard teaching us Honor. The Dai Mai energetic function is to bind, join, and control all of the channels of the body, exerting an influence upon the circulation of the body’s Governing and Conception Vessels. Most important of all for the Girdle vessel is the fact that the Lower Dan Tian is located in its area. The Yang Wei Mai serve to maintain and communicate with all of the Yang channels (urinary bladder, gall bladder, triple burner, small intestine, and stomach) on the exterior portion of the lateral aspects of the body.
The Yin Wei Mai are responsible for moving the Yin energy, regulating the Blood, and regulating the internal parts of the body and all Yin channels.
During the development of the embryo, the Du Mai, the sea of Yang, is responsible for the formation of the medulla oblongata and cerebrum.
Consequently, through the breathing (under control of the lungs), Guardian Chi is responsible for the opening and the closing of the pores, and also controls sweating. But what happens is that even people who are not constipated, or believe they are not constipated, have a constant source of toxins in the large intestine. If during the Colon irrigation procedure the ileocecal valve opens, allowing in material from the Large Intestine, the potential for contamination presents a serious health risk. The beneficial bacteria ensure that enterocytes are healthy and capable of performing their jobs.
The phosphorylated transport protein has an inorganic phosphate ion covalently attached to the protein.
The removal of the phosphate causes another protein conformational change such that the ion binding sites are again open to the inside of the cell. All of these can lead to someone having heart disease and possibly needing heart surgery to repair their heart. The Chong Mai originates in the Lower Dantian arising from the space between the Kidneys traveling upward to the head and face, and down to the feet. However, the Fire path can also cause the body to become too Yang, and therefore speed up the process of degeneration.
They contain more blood than essence in men, and thus promote the growth of the beard and body hair. It is believed in Chi Kung that, since this vessel is also connected with your brain, certain leg exercises draw Chi downward from the head to the leg muscles and relieve the pressure in the head. In order to lead Original Chi from the kidneys to the Lower Dan Tian, the waist area must be healthy and relaxed.
It is also responsible for nourishing the brain and the spinal cord, and consolidating the energy in the kidneys. Our human body is only a reflection of this universal energy (Chi) contained in our Solar System, and manifested upon the Earth beings, and all other life forms. These antibodies cause damage in the body by causing inflammation as they attack other tissues.
Nutritional supplements will be included to soothe the irritation of the digestive system and speed healing.
It loosens and purges years-old debris, allowing to be flushed out and away along with all the old emotions. Because women lose blood with their menstruation, they contain proportionately less blood, therefore no beard or body hair.
The kidney is considered the residence of Original Essence (Yuan Jing), which is converted into Original Chi (Yuan Chi).
This uses the Water path, in which Chi separates from the route of the Fire path at the Huiyin cavity (LI-l), enters the spinal cord, and finally reaches up to the head.
Avoided food allergens may slowly be reintroduced at this time and symptoms will continue to be monitored.
The Water path teaches how to use Original Chi to cool down the body, and then to use this Chi to nourish the brain and train the spirit.

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