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Vegan Protein Blend, Advanced Integrative Medicine’s proprietary blend of highly digestible pea protein concentrate, pea protein isolate, glycine, taurine, rice protein concentrate, and L-glutamine, is the cornerstone of Fit Meal Complete. Protein is required for cell and tissue repair, hormone and enzyme synthesis, and a variety of metabolic functions. While pea-based protein provides a satisfying and versatile source of protein, it also supports cardiovascular health. Artinia® Chitin-Glucan is incorporated into Fit Meal Complete to support antioxidant activity and cardiovascular health. Wheat, gluten, yeast, soy protein, animal or dairy products, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or artificial preservatives.
References*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. After a long, frustrating search for a primary care physician, I feel I have found 'The One'. NeuroScience has observed that five capsules of AdreCor, taken daily over the course of thirty days, led to significant increases in urinary norepinephrine and salivary cortisol levels. AdreCor supports adrenal function and the synthesis of the adrenal neurotransmitters and hormones with a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients. Doctors who practice this way realize that health is on a "spectrum." At one end, we have optimal well-being. When organs dysfunction, we get a whole host of symptoms that doctors see so often in their practice. One of the most important things that integrative medicine has taught us is to understand the concept of epigenetics, which is starting to be recognized by conventional medicine as well. In one important study, it was estimated that if every woman in America increased her levels of vitamin D, we would reduce the incidence of breast cancer in our country by 50 percent! This is why in my practice, I recommend that everybody in America take a vitamin D pill every day throughout the year, and less in the summer if they are getting some direct sunlight that will create vitamin D with their own skin. In my book, The Vitamin D Revolution, based on many scientific articles, I recommend that the average American adult take 2,000 IU of vitamin D per day if they are otherwise healthy. In integrative medicine, physicians have very sophisticated tests to evaluate organ function in the gray zone that I discussed before. This list fits very well with a recent study that was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. I think adding vitamin D, as I do in my list, to the above study would further lower the risk of getting chronic degenerative disease. In summary, I think the increasing recognition of integrative medicine and the role of lifestyle in our health will play a more and more prominent role in the future of health care in our country. Is it just me or has something drastically changed with the practice of medicine in the U.S.? I realize that medicine has transitioned from a most noble profession to a business, but it is mind boggling to notice such a wide diversity of expert opinions that differ and contradict each other. If this isn’t concerning enough, two months later, the new BP Guidelines from JNC-8 were released. A serious problem arises for all of us when the recommendations by one medical group are not recognized or accepted by another medical group.
When there is disagreement and opposition among the members of the guideline panel that releases recommendations anyway, then in my opinion we have a severely damaged and broken system. We have experts that can’t agree on much and the patients and physicians who don’t know what to believe in or who to trust. It seems that in medicine there are too many “experts” giving too many recommendations that only cause confusion. I am still waiting for the day that guidelines are published, that deal with the cause of chronic disease instead of the treatment. Despite all the guidelines published and the increased use of statins, we spend $60 billion a week in healthcare and all we have to show for it is being in 46th position in healthcare outcomes and quality, behind Iran and ahead of Serbia. It almost goes without saying that everyone knows that eating a healthy diet is paramount to health and wellness. If there was a magic ingredient easily found in many foods that is not only inexpensive, tasty, can help you lose weight, avoid dangerous diseases and live longer, would you want to use it every day? The magic ingredient is fiber, and 80% of us make the mistake of not getting the recommended amount of fiber each day.
New research published in The American Journal of Medicine (AJM) in December, reports on a study of 23,168 people who were monitored for their consumption of fiber. Those who ate the least amount of fiber had a much-increased rate of risk factors for heart disease. Metabolic syndrome is described as a group of medical disorders, that when they occur together, increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by double and quintuples it for diabetes. This group of disorders includes an increased blood sugar levels, abnormal cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, and excess fat around the belly.
Something that most everyone knows about fiber is that it is good for the digestive system and helps to avoid constipation and diarrhea by keeping food in the intestines moving along in a normal fashion. The AJM study showed that most people get less than half the recommended daily amount of fiber each day.
Perhaps part of the problem with getting enough fiber is translating grams of fiber into the food items we eat. Maintaining an inner peace is just as important to your health and wellness as the food choices you make. If you are looking for the benefits of an exercise program that doesn’t involve running, weightlifting, or intense aerobics, look into tai-chi. Tagged Alternative Medicine, Alternative Therapy, Alternative Treatments, AXIOM, Axiom Administrative Services, Axiom Internet Healthcare, Axiom Internet Healthcare marketing, Axiom SEO, Dr.
High blood pressure, or hypertension, is often called “the silent killer.” Because it presents no obvious physical symptoms, many people who suffer from it are unaware of their condition or the risk it poses to their health.
In recent years, nutritionists and medical researchers have discovered a great deal of new information about the nutrients in food and how they can influence our health. The proof of the effectiveness of the DASH plan comes from two studies sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI). The second study focused more specifically on the role of dietary sodium in conjunction with different diets.
The DASH diet requires no special foods or supplements, nor does it require any additional preparation than a standard diet.
6-8 servings of whole grain (1 serving = 1 slice of bread, 1 ounce dry cereal, or ? cup cooked cereal, pasta, or rice.
As mentioned earlier, the DASH diet has its greatest benefits in lowering blood pressure when you limit sodium intake as well. If you have been diagnosed with hypertension and are looking for a natural way to control your blood pressure, taking up the DASH diet is a good place to start. Tagged Alternative Medicine, Alternative Therapy, Alternative Treatments, anti-inflammation diet, AXIOM, Axiom Administrative Services, Axiom Internet Healthcare, Axiom Internet Healthcare marketing, Axiom SEO, Dr.
Learn all about the initial visit to an Integrative Medicine specialist and find out what you can expect in Integrative care.  Read the full article here. The staff at Miami Integrative Medicine would like to wish everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Miami, Florida- Integrative Medicine is a medical field that is focused on treating each patient on an individual basis. This dedication to helping his patients take charge of their healthcare is what has turned Dr. Tagged Alternative Medicine, anti-inflammation diet, AXIOM, Axiom Administrative Services, Axiom Internet Healthcare, Axiom Internet Healthcare marketing, Axiom SEO, Complementary Medicine, Dr. Chia is extremely rich in Omega-3.  In fact, they are one of the “richest plant-based sources,” even above flax seeds and salmon!
The high essential fatty acid content found in Chia seeds is excellent for improved cognitive performance, concentration, mood, and overall mental health.  It is a great study tool for all of you students out there!
Tagged Alternative Medicine, Alternative Therapy, Alternative Treatments, anti-inflammation diet, AXIOM, Axiom Administrative Services, Axiom Internet Healthcare, Axiom Internet Healthcare marketing, Axiom SEO, Chia, Chia Seeds, Dr. Check out our latest newsletter!!  Gain some insight on yoga therapy and the dangers of sleep deprivation by clicking HERE.  Enjoy your weekend!
Read our latest ARTICLE on how sleep deprivation can cause serious health issues.  You are just a few lifestyle changes away from a healthier you.

Tagged Alternative Medicine, Alternative Treatments, Axiom Administrative Services, Axiom Internet Healthcare, Axiom Internet Healthcare marketing, Axiom SEO, Dr.
It only makes sense that when your doctor tells you to get plenty of rest when you are ill, to at least get an average amount to stay well, right?
Chronic sleep deprivation negatively modifies our metabolism.  According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, “Sleep helps maintain a healthy balance of the hormones that make you feel hungry (ghrelin) or full (leptin). While it is difficult to completely change bad sleep habits over-night, we can at least start by making simple lifestyle changes. Tagged Alternative Medicine, Alternative Treatments, anti-inflammation diet, Axiom Administrative Services, Axiom Internet Healthcare, Axiom Internet Healthcare marketing, Dr. If you are dealing with high blood pressure, a change in diet may be just what the doctor ordered.
Tagged Alternative Medicine, Alternative Therapy, Alternative Treatments, anti-inflammation diet, AXIOM, Axiom Administrative Services, Axiom Internet Healthcare, Axiom Internet Healthcare marketing, Axiom SEO, Complementary Medicine, Dr. If you’ve tried conventional treatments for pain, fatigue, anxiety, depression, or headache without success, consider acupuncture.
You’ve probably seen quite a few stories in the media in recent years about the health benefits of a group a foods that some people have labeled as “superfoods.” But just what makes a food “super,” and which foods really deserve this label? The immune system is perhaps the most important body system when it comes to maintaining health and living a vibrant, active lifestyle. Here is an link to a video showing the treatment of trigger points which are a cause of myofascial pain in dogs.
Just back from doing a weeks internship at the University of Tennessee with their animal rehab program. This is a link to a National Geographic News article on animal acupuncture that was published a while back. It is especially important for maintaining lean body mass during increased physical activity. Artinia is a purified, insoluble, gluten-free fiber ingredient composed of chitin (N-acetyl-D-glucosamine) and beta(1,3)-glucan chains.[12] Artinia has been researched for its effects on maintaining oxidative balance and artery health, key components of cardiovascular health. Individuals taking medication should discuss potential interactions with their healthcare practitioner. Furr has a wonderful way of relaxing his patients and putting them at ease, sometimes telling a joke, always a smile and a caring manner!
AdreCor contains an extract of the adaptogen, Rhodiola rosea, a source of biologically-active rosavins, which have been found to decrease the effects of stress and fatigue . Doctors who specialize in integrative medicine study conventional medicine and realize its benefits. At the other end, we have chronic disease, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes that we see so much in our society. Vitamin D is not really a vitamin, but is actually a type of hormone called a secosteroid hormone, which acts similarly as steroids but with a slightly different structure. Women who had higher vitamin D levels at the time of diagnosis of breast cancer did significantly better over the ensuing 10 years than women who had low vitamin D at the time of diagnosis. But getting your vitamin D from the sun is a tricky business, because too much sun can obviously contribute to skin cancer. Newborns should be started on 400 IU of vitamin D at birth, and children over 1 year old should take 1,000 IU of vitamin D every day until they are of adult weight. However, I realize that not everybody can afford or wants to go to an integrative physician, who is usually a fee-for-service type of doctor. People in that study who had all four of these factors (below) had a 78 percent lower risk of getting any chronic degenerative disease, including diabetes, heart attack, strokes, and cancer. The current system of spending so much money on pharmaceutical medications for problems that would be best addressed by lifestyle factors and natural therapies puts us on a course of self-destruction. I hope with this transition we can truly migrate from a disease-care system to one of true proactive health care. Raising of target BP to a systolic of 150mmHg and the elimination of previous target systolic pressure of 130mmHg in diabetics and those with chronic kidney disease. Forget about the recommendations, and forget about the reasons why so many experts are in disagreement. What’s worse is that very few physicians individualize the recommendations as they should, instead applying them equally to all patients, in a “one size fits all” model. When all medical organizations, health groups and wellness stakeholders can unite in agreement demanding better quality and a more affordable food supply for the entire U.S.
Although eating a healthy diet doesn’t always translate into living disease free because outside forces such as environment and genetics also play a part.
These risk factors included chronic inflammation, obesity and a group of disorders called metabolic syndrome.
Any one of these symptoms may increase your chances of heart disease or diabetes however, having them all together increases your risk significantly more. It can significantly improve your intake of fiber when you know how much of what will help you meet your daily requirements. Learning to focus your mind on goodness will bring healthy benefits to your life; Peace and wellness are a healthy partnership. The slow and controlled movements of this Chinese martial art have been shown to amazing health benefits and can burn as many calories as skiing.
Many studies have drawn connections between hypertension and diet – excess consumption of sodium, for example, is linked to elevated blood pressure. One result of this work is the creation of a diet that has proven to lower blood pressure significantly without the use of medication.
The first study included 459 adults, evenly divided between men and women, of whom 27% had high blood pressure. In this study, 412 individuals were divided into two groups: one on a typical American diet and one on the DASH plan.
It emphasizes the importance of eating foods that contain nutrients that researchers have linked to lower blood pressure, including potassium, calcium, magnesium, protein, and fiber. Because the DASH plan includes lots of foods that are naturally low in sodium, such as fruits and vegetables, your sodium intake will likely decrease just by adopting the diet.
The principles behind this specialty focuses on not just healing a patient’s ailment, but also helping the patient by helping them invoke change. Bordenave knows that prescribing medicine is just one way to help treat illness, but he believes that patients rely too much on medications alone. Bordenave is a physician who is trying to promote change, both in the medical community and with his patients. Bordenave has been ahead of the curve when encouraging patients to take a more active approach to educating themselves about their own healthcare. This is definitely an advantage to any vegans or vegetarians out there scrambling to get more protein in their diet!
When you don’t get enough sleep, your level of ghrelin goes up and your level of leptin goes down. And how do the positive attributes of these “superfoods” help contribute to good health and longer life? Protein supplementation has been found to be a determining factor in increasing fat-free mass and exercise-stimulated fat oxidation. An open label study to determine the effects of an oral proteolytic enzyme system on whey protein concentrate metabolism in healthy males. Protein intake induced an increase in exercise stimulated fat oxidation during stable body weight. The effects of high protein diets on thermogenesis, satiety and weight loss: a critical review.
Release of satiety hormones in response to specific dietary proteins is different between human and murine small intestinal mucosa.
Hypolipidemic effect of dietary pea proteins: impact on genes regulating hepatic lipid metabolism. Effect of the combinations between pea proteins and soluble fibres on cholesterolaemia and cholesterol metabolism in rats.
Fungal chitin-glucan from Aspergillus niger efficiently reduces aortic fatty streak accumulation in the high-fat fed hamster, an animal model of nutritionally induced atherosclerosis. Chitin-glucan fiber effects on oxidized low-density lipoprotein: a randomized controlled trial.

Greater fructose consumption is associated with cardiometabolic risk markers and visceral adiposity in adolescents.
Fructose consumption: considerations for future research on its effects on adipose distribution, lipid metabolism, and insulin sensitivity in humans. Selective uptake of glutamine in the gastrointestinal tract: confirmation in a human study. The role of glutamine in maintaining a healthy gut and supporting the metabolic response to injury and infection.
But they go on to study natural modalities of therapy including herbs, diet, acupuncture and homeopathy as a complement and supplement to traditional medicine. What they have not told us in conventional medical school is that there is a "gray zone" in the middle, where organs are not sick or diseased yet. Some examples of these problems are digestive problems like gas and bloating, migraines and other headaches, neck aches and backaches, and menstrual problems, including premenstrual syndrome.
Epigenetics is the science that studies how environmental influences, which include diet, pollution, herbal medicines and drugs, affect genes and turn them on or off to either help or hurt our health.
Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy and early childhood is now linked with our triple epidemics of juvenile diabetes, childhood asthma, and autism.
In fact, the sunblock that blocks the bad rays of the sun from causing skin cancer also block our ability to absorb vitamin D.
I also realize a regimen of acupuncture, nutritional supplements, and herbal medicines may be too rigorous for some people. After all, the American College of Cardiology and American Heart Association put out the recommendations.
Most controversial and embarrassing still, was the defection of 5 of the 14 members that formed the panel, each of whom came out in opposition to the conclusions after its release. Not for the lack in the ability to investigate, but for the narrowness of the scope of things it is willing to investigate.
Most of the men in the study consumed an average of less than half the amount required to keep a healthy heart.
Research is growing that fiber helps control heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes (by controlling blood glucose levels), lowers cholesterol, helps control diverticular diseases, gallstones and kidney stones.
Known as the DASH diet – Dietary Approaches to Reducing Hypertension – it focuses on consuming foods that are low in saturated fat, total fat, cholesterol, processed sugar, and sodium. The DASH plan contains recommendations for daily servings from several different food groups. However, a lot of foods and food additives contain sodium, so it is wise to monitor your food choices. The DASH diet, however, has helped many people control their hypertension and lead healthier lives.
With Healthcare Reform passing as of June 28, it will be as important as ever for patients to be knowledgeable about their own health.
While these are common in performance dogs I also see them frequently in arthritic dogs or dogs with cruciate disease.
N-acetyltyrosine and L-histidine are included to support dopamine, norepinephrine and epinephrine, and histamine, respectively. Because they combine the best of both of these approaches, they are called integrative doctors. In the gray zone, organs get weakened, rundown, stressed, or toxic, and we realize that they are "dysfunctioning" but not yet diseased. All of these conditions point to dysfunctioning organs that are in this transition zone on the chart.
Because of its hormonal properties, vitamin D is now known to interact directly with more than 200 genes in our body. Men with low levels of vitamin D had a 200 percent higher risk of heart attack than men with a normal vitamin D level, even with all other risk factors controlled for. One prominent cardiologist even wrote he was surprised at the standard therapy for those 75 or older, with no statin recommendation for primary prevention in the elderly. A process with little or no transparency, made up of experts from a diverse body of special interests whose goal it seems is self-promotion for himself or herself or the organization they represent. We need to start subsidizing organic produce and farming, stop the routine use of antibiotics and hormones in livestock, limit chemicals in our foods and improving the water supply. However, eating a healthy diet can slow the effects of old age and provide a lot of benefits throughout your life. All of these medical problems can be helped greatly by including the recommended amount of fiber in your diet. Getting enough fiber in your diet is important whether you follow modern medicine, holistic medicine or integrative medicine.
Examples of the kinds of foods included in the diet are whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish, poultry, and low- or no-fat dairy products. One month, participants received 3,300 milligrams of sodium daily, about what the average American consumes.
A partial list of such products includes processed cereals, soy sauce, baked goods, baking soda, and monosodium glutamate, or MSG. They will need to know about types of insurance coverage and the different policies that their physician will accept. Vitamin D, when it's present in sufficient quantities, turns on or off these genes to bring us better health.
The amount of vitamin D that is added to milk or found in fish, such as mackerel, does not in any way give us the desired levels of vitamin D that we need in our body. Others, including the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, are so opposed to the new guidelines, that they will not endorse or follow the new recommendations. We should have nutrition education that starts in elementary school and we should begin reinstating physical education periods. It can also help you lose or maintain weight by helping you feel full and it will contribute to your overall feeling of wellness. While members of both the second and third groups showed reduced hypertension, the reductions under the DASH were significantly greater. Be sure to read the labels on processed or prepackaged foods carefully to make sure you are not getting “hidden” sodium from these products. While taking medicine may provide a temporary relief, a more effective solution is changing the way we approach our health, as patients. He is helping patients with treatment and lifestyle changes that are empowering them to live a better, healthier future.
Fortunately, since Healthcare reform is such a hot-button issue the number of resources out there for patients is immense.
Bordenave is one of the most passionate and dedicated professionals in the industry and that is what AXIOM looks for in physicians.
This is what is needed, not more guidelines that push more drugs on a country overdosing in drugs. Participants on the DASH plan showed results as quickly as two weeks after changing their diets. He believes that knowledge is power and patients need to start educating themselves about different treatments that are available and lifestyle changes that can lead to better long-term health. AXIOM is dedicated to helping the best out there reach more patients and instill positive change in their lives. Even participants who had only very slightly elevated blood pressure, or prehypertension, showed great improvement under the plan.
Bordenave knows that as more resources become available for patients, more people will consider taking an Integrative Medical treatment approach for their ailments. Although there are many sites available on the internet dedicated to providing users with health information, Dr. Bordenave’s site is a great resource for patients looking to learn more about his philosophy.
The assistance includes a redesign of his current site, a development of an interactive blog and lead generation for his completed site.

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