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The Program for Integrative Medicine and Health Care Disparities is part of the Department of Family Medicine at Boston Medical Center.
Our research focuses on the effectiveness of CAM therapies for low-income minority patients as well as clinician education.
We promote medical education through both BMC’s Family Medicine and Preventive Medicine residencies. Kareo is the leading provider of cloud-based medical office software and solutions platform purpose-built for independent practices. A leading global eHealth provider - Our software and communications solutions assist doctors, dentists, hospitals, pharmacists, associations, networks and other service providers with workflow, diagnosis and therapy. Many recent estimates approximate the number of doctors remaining in private practice to be around 30 percent.
NOTE: The purpose of the buyer's guide is to provide a resource for members in their search for professional services.
Bachelor in Holistic Health Sciencesqualifies for the ‘HHP – Holistic Health Practitioner’ certification by the AADP.

Bachelor to PhD in Natural Medicine Trackqualifies for the ‘DNM – Doctor in Natural Medicine’ certification by the BNMDP. World CongressWorld Congress of Quantum Medicine is a conference featuring world-renowned speakers in health in Honolulu, Hawaii. Quantum World TVQuantum World TV is an online broadcast dedicated to educate, entertain, and enlighten with renowned speakers. World Summit 2015World Summit of Integrative Medicine is a online 7-day event with 49 world-renowned speakers on October 5 to 11, 2015. Sign Up for FREERegister to the online summit of the year with live broadcast and bonus media. Sign Up for PremiumUpgrade for only $50 and access all of the Keynote Speakers and Attendee Hangouts.
By learning more about various fields intimately related to healthcare, such as nutrition, massage, and acupuncture, we hope to educate students and staff about the benefit and risks associated with integrative medicine. We promote safe and evidence-based CAM therapies; as federal, private, and academic stakeholders invest millions of dollars into CAM research, it is imperative that we study the feasibility and effectiveness of CAM and integrative medicine in multicultural communities and vulnerable populations.

Our faculty also takes part in medical student education, lecturing and providing opportunities for integrative medicine electives. Qualification for listing in the buyer's guide is based on information furnished by participating firms, companies, and organizations and has not been independently verified by the AAFP staff. Since a significant percentage of Americans currently utilize complementary and alternative medicines, it is our goal is to furnish students with medically relevant information on these therapies so that our graduates are better informed on how to best serve their patients. Our core purpose is to pioneer a widely accessible, multicultural, cross-disciplinary, national model of integrative health for all through clinical services, education, research and advocacy. Inclusion in the buyer's guide does not constitute recommendation or endorsement by the AAFP.

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