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Leave seeing multiple doctors behind and have all your family’s and personal healthcare taken care of at one place. At Wiseman Family Practice we practice integrative medicine that combines the best of alternative and conventional medicine.
At Wiseman Family Practice we recognize there is an increasing number of patients with symptoms of hypothyroidism. We offer a number of weight loss services that are safe and effective including HCG Weight Loss, medical therapy, and medical nutrition. Here at Wiseman Family Practice we believe it is important to be at the forefront of medical nutrition to fight and prevent disease. One of the most common complaints that we encounter at Wiseman Family Practice is the manifestation of seasonal and other specific allergies.

Wiseman Family Practice is an Austin integrative medical practice, offering our patients the best of both conventional and alternative approaches to wellness. We are excited to announce the opening of another WFP clinic in Central Austin that will replace our satellite office in Westlake, effective January 4, 2016. Combining both family practice and integrative medicine, Wiseman Family Practice provides a wide range of services including integrative pediatrics, allergy treatment, bioidentical hormone replacement, weight loss therapy, and hypothyroidism treatment. At Wiseman Family Practice, we focus on prevention by promoting healthy, sustainable lifestyle choices first. Austin Preferred Integrative Medicine- Physical Medicine, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, and Massage Therapy. Dedicated to treating the whole person and understanding the root cause of medical issues, Wiseman Family Practice offers primary and preventive care, including bioidentical hormone therapy, hypothyroidism treatment, weight loss therapy, allergy treatment, and medical nutrition.

Our family practice and integrative medicine clinic sees the whole family, including all children age 1 year and over and seniors. When intervention is necessary, our family practice and integrative medicine clinic focus on more natural alternatives when possible, while offering patients a number of medical services such as integrative pediatrics, bioidentical hormone replacement, hypothyroidism treatment, weight loss therapy among others. Read MoreThe Dangers of Drinking SodaToday’s soda drink has evolved since its introduction in the late 1700s.

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