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Broadening the choices, expanding the healing: we offer integrative therapies at any stage of treatment, remission and recovery.
Our various team strategies emphasize resolving the source of pain, not merely masking it.
Our integrative approach provides holistic, balanced and effective care to achieve tangible results in a way that feels fulfilling to the individual.
Assessing individual risk factors and making appropriate interventions in partnership with our patients, we strive to prevent disease and attain optimal health. Meditation, Yoga, Reiki certification, to name a few: Expand your knowledge, reduce stress and feel your best. An effective means of treatment with typically no adverse effects for a variety of conditions.
The Stram Center for Integrative Medicine , with two locations - Delmar, New York (just outside of Albany), and Bennington, Vermont - offers a holistic and empowering approach to your health.
Whether your goal is to lessen pain, reduce stress, find alternatives to prescription medicines, or simply improve your quality of life, your Stram Center practitioner will create a personalized treatment plan to optimize your health and wellness. Our integrated approach combines the latest advances in medical care to address all chronic illnesses, including Cancer and Chronic Lyme Disease.
Integrative Medicine is conventional medicine combined with scientifically supported complementary therapies. Our integrative team of practitioners is made up of medical doctors, naturopathic doctors and nurse practitioners, trained in integrative medicine, as well as licensed acupuncturists and massage therapists all of whom have been carefully selected for their skill and sensitivity so that you benefit from the best of conventional and complementary therapies.
We practice a team consulting approach to your care with the best of all therapies available, an integrated approach to healthcare not found at any other medical facility. The most powerful tool of the integrative, holistic medical approach is the foundational practice of preventive care. We offer a variety of cancer care therapies to boost the immune system, inhibit disease progression, enhance treatment efficacy, and reduce side effects, including IV therapies and nutritional supplementation.
Never is the need for an integrative approach more apparent than in the management of chronic illnesses such as gastrointestinal disorders like Crohn's and Irritable Bowel Diseases, Lyme Disease, Diabetes, autoimmune diseases and chronic pain. Our team of practitioners, working together for many years, understands how to combine their skills and knowledge in a variety of strategies to resolve the root cause of pain, both acute and chronic, and provide relief for our patients.
With effective integrative strategies from research and experience, we successfully address many women's health issues from fertility, reproductive health and hormone balancing, to pre and post menopause symptoms. The Stram Center for Integrative Medicine is a collaboration of medical doctors and licensed, multi-disciplinary practitioners combining their diverse expertise in service to the well-being of our patients, their families and our community. Doctors who practice this way realize that health is on a "spectrum." At one end, we have optimal well-being. When organs dysfunction, we get a whole host of symptoms that doctors see so often in their practice. One of the most important things that integrative medicine has taught us is to understand the concept of epigenetics, which is starting to be recognized by conventional medicine as well. In one important study, it was estimated that if every woman in America increased her levels of vitamin D, we would reduce the incidence of breast cancer in our country by 50 percent! This is why in my practice, I recommend that everybody in America take a vitamin D pill every day throughout the year, and less in the summer if they are getting some direct sunlight that will create vitamin D with their own skin. In my book, The Vitamin D Revolution, based on many scientific articles, I recommend that the average American adult take 2,000 IU of vitamin D per day if they are otherwise healthy. In integrative medicine, physicians have very sophisticated tests to evaluate organ function in the gray zone that I discussed before.
This list fits very well with a recent study that was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

I think adding vitamin D, as I do in my list, to the above study would further lower the risk of getting chronic degenerative disease.
In summary, I think the increasing recognition of integrative medicine and the role of lifestyle in our health will play a more and more prominent role in the future of health care in our country.
I literally wouldn’t have believed how insignificant of an issue it has been if you told me a year ago. So I just had my very first talk with my first girlfriend since I broke up with the ex who infected me with GSV2.
I met a boy a few weeks ago and I straight up told him about the possibility of me having herpes.
When i was diagnosed with HSV1 on my genitals a little over a year ago, I thought that my love life was doomed. Working together, they share their skill and knowledge so that you benefit from the very best in conventional and complementary therapies. Utilizing our carefully selected nutritional supplement therapies in combination with safe, and proven complementary therapies, such as acupuncture, naturopathic medicine, clinical nutrition, and therapeutic massage, as well as our many years of clinical experience working as an integrative team, all together gives our patients the best options for prevention, treatment and wellness.
The Stram Center utilizes a patient-centered approach to the care of its patients, which regards each person as unique, and focuses on the whole person, not just the treatment of disease. Working together for many years, our team understands how best to utilize their talents in an integrative approach.
Our practitioners spend time getting to know you so we can provide the best possible care. The best cure of all is a lifestyle geared towards prevention and with many common diseases being preventable, it is also the most logical. At the Stram Center, we strive to understand and nurture the person who is living with a chronic illness, while we utilize holistic therapies that are safe and effective. Our integrative approach to women’s health provides holistic, balanced and effective care to achieve tangible results in a way that feels fulfilling to the individual.
It is our mission to integrate the best of all therapeutic modalities in a safe, effective and respectful manner with the intent to nurture longer, healthier, happier lives. Doctors who specialize in integrative medicine study conventional medicine and realize its benefits.
At the other end, we have chronic disease, including cancer, heart disease and diabetes that we see so much in our society. Vitamin D is not really a vitamin, but is actually a type of hormone called a secosteroid hormone, which acts similarly as steroids but with a slightly different structure. Women who had higher vitamin D levels at the time of diagnosis of breast cancer did significantly better over the ensuing 10 years than women who had low vitamin D at the time of diagnosis. But getting your vitamin D from the sun is a tricky business, because too much sun can obviously contribute to skin cancer.
Newborns should be started on 400 IU of vitamin D at birth, and children over 1 year old should take 1,000 IU of vitamin D every day until they are of adult weight.
However, I realize that not everybody can afford or wants to go to an integrative physician, who is usually a fee-for-service type of doctor. People in that study who had all four of these factors (below) had a 78 percent lower risk of getting any chronic degenerative disease, including diabetes, heart attack, strokes, and cancer. The current system of spending so much money on pharmaceutical medications for problems that would be best addressed by lifestyle factors and natural therapies puts us on a course of self-destruction.
I hope with this transition we can truly migrate from a disease-care system to one of true proactive health care. And definitely make sure you know as much as you can about this virus because they will have questions.

He still talks to me and our relationship has been growing just like anyone else’s would have. My partner is well informed and has made his own choice not to worry too much about contracting H. Always consult your physician in the event of possible or certain HSV symptoms for professional assistance.
Integrative Medicine at the Stram Center utilizes natural and nontoxic forms of therapy for treatment and prevention of disease. From toddlers to our oldest seniors, we treat YOU - the whole, individual person, not just your disease or symptoms. During your first integrative medicine consultation, we’ll talk with you at length about your health history and concerns, and the health goals you hope to achieve. But they go on to study natural modalities of therapy including herbs, diet, acupuncture and homeopathy as a complement and supplement to traditional medicine.
What they have not told us in conventional medical school is that there is a "gray zone" in the middle, where organs are not sick or diseased yet. Some examples of these problems are digestive problems like gas and bloating, migraines and other headaches, neck aches and backaches, and menstrual problems, including premenstrual syndrome. Epigenetics is the science that studies how environmental influences, which include diet, pollution, herbal medicines and drugs, affect genes and turn them on or off to either help or hurt our health. Vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy and early childhood is now linked with our triple epidemics of juvenile diabetes, childhood asthma, and autism.
In fact, the sunblock that blocks the bad rays of the sun from causing skin cancer also block our ability to absorb vitamin D.
I also realize a regimen of acupuncture, nutritional supplements, and herbal medicines may be too rigorous for some people.
Something that used to feel so scary to have has dissolved into nothing more than a minor inconvenience. These holistic therapies may be sufficient alone or used in combination with the best of conventional biomedical therapies of today.
Because they combine the best of both of these approaches, they are called integrative doctors. In the gray zone, organs get weakened, rundown, stressed, or toxic, and we realize that they are "dysfunctioning" but not yet diseased.
All of these conditions point to dysfunctioning organs that are in this transition zone on the chart. Because of its hormonal properties, vitamin D is now known to interact directly with more than 200 genes in our body. Men with low levels of vitamin D had a 200 percent higher risk of heart attack than men with a normal vitamin D level, even with all other risk factors controlled for. We do everything we can to help, but we do not intend or attempt to take the place of your doctor. Vitamin D, when it's present in sufficient quantities, turns on or off these genes to bring us better health. The amount of vitamin D that is added to milk or found in fish, such as mackerel, does not in any way give us the desired levels of vitamin D that we need in our body.

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