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An interesting post for people with upper neck pain when carrying a bag in one hand or tension when wearing a heavy coat. This trigger point creates a focus of pain in the upper neck with tension down the side of the neck toward the shoulder.
People come in complaining about pain in the upper neck. The pain that extends down toward the shoulder is often described as tension. When asked when it bothers them the most, they may say that it bothers them while carrying a travel bag in each hand.
Less athletic people and people with sensory processing disorder, seem pleasantly surprised pleased when I ask them if a heavy coat bothers them. This pattern is similar to several other trigger points that create pain along the back of the neck; levator scapula, multifidi, longissimus capitis and other sections of trapezius. You can often get some relief by using ice and stretch, first along the upper neck and then along the middle trapezius. This entry was posted in For Clients, Haven't categorized it yet, neck, Pain Patterns, Sensory Integration, Sports Performance, Trigger points and tagged clients, neck, neuromuscular, pain, pain patterns, sensory integration, shoulder, soreness, trapezius, trigger points by Tony Preston.
Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Headache along the side of the head with a feeling of sensitivity in the upper teeth.  There are 3 or 4 patterns that come off the trigger points in the temporalis. It is associated to a trigger point in the middle trapezius at its high point above the superior angle of the scapula.
They may also complain that it bothers them while holding the shoulders up to type on a desk that is too high or hold the top of the steering wheel.
It is also similar to several muscle that create pain at the top of the neck, rectus capitis anterior, infraspinatus, the semispinalis muscles and other sections of the trapezius. This section of muscle is often chronically tight, leathery and part of a bigger postural problem. Each one has a band of pain that extends upward and associated sensitivity in the upper teeth.
There are several muscles that refer pain into the top of the neck at the base of the head.

Athletic people may complain that it bothers them when carrying dumbbells during exercises like lunges. Your therapist can offer lasting relief by mobilizing local joints and re-balancing posture. Like the bands of pain, the trigger points in the front create sensitivity in the front teeth and the trigger points in the back create sensitivity in the back teeth. This one is unique in that it creates and ache under the shoulder-blade and tension between these two centers of pain. People complain about their headache as they trace their eyebrow with their fingers. They consistently complain about the tension in the jaw when the trigger point is pressed but seldom report the achy jaw unless asked. Instead, they will focus on the area of pain at the top of the neck, which can offer some relief as it is often releases pressure on the nerve that feed the trapezius and re-balances the upper cervicals. People complain of a headache as they trace their hands up and down the side of their head. Temporalis is always working to support the jaw while we are awake, so this headache is often constant and really bothersome. They usually associate it with a tooth problem and something that dentist should address instead of the massage therapist. Rastus loved his kayak but paddling gave him a shoulder problem that was being addressed by another therapist. This pattern creates a headache along the upper side of the head, that has a focus of pain back near the crown but has a focus of intense pain in the eyeball.
It is also odd that this pattern is so different from the other patterns of the multifidi along other parts of the spine. This pattern is a thin band of tension around your head with a spot where the pain focuses on the side of your head, just behind your eye. He would ask me to work on it but I was reluctant as I did not know what the other therapist was doing and was concerned about creating problems. I have a particularly big head and would get these when trying on motorcycle helmets when I was younger. In most areas, multifidi trigger points create the local pain that many people associate with a displaced vertebrae.
The darker areas are darker because of how often they are a part of the pattern not because of the intensity of the referral.

This comes from the semispinalis capitis muscle where it attaches on the ridge (occipital ridge) just beside that bump at the base of your head (the EOP). This pattern extends from the top of the neck, creates vague pain through the head and creates a focus of tension in the eye. People complain of an intense headache that makes their eyes hurt. They will describe the headache near the top of the back of their head while gesturing to it with their hand when pressed but are mostly focused on the eye pain. With this trigger point people complain about pain at the base of their head. When I press for more detail, they may tell me about the tension in their neck and the sore shoulder. This is why the therapist may ask about other sensations that you have, even though the pain is less bothersome in those areas. That is especially good for stabilizing acute injuries as well as rehabbing strain and sprain. People come in and complain of pain in their temple(s) but touch the spot just above the temple. They describe this eye pain as making their eyes hurt instead of other headaches which seem to pinpoint in the back of the  eye. She came back on Saturday and was REALLY happy with her headache relief, but still had some problems. The trigger point is in the splenius cervicis muscle at the green asterisk on the side of the neck near C3. In her book, she treats trigger points by spraying a vapo-coolant onto the skin to disable the restrictive effects of the trigger point. This distracts the nervous system so that the muscle lengthens without the usual pain and referral.

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